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Comments: I bought 2 Volkl Organix 10 295g after demo'ing many racquets. I like the control and feel. Of course, I like the discounted price offered at TW. The racquet generates good spin and allows me to swing a little more than most other racquets. I have played with Volkl Cyclone 17 and Dunlop Black Widow 17. I prefer the Cyclone setup.
From: Jay, 1/16

Comments: I purchased this racquet recently and love it. I am a long time Head Radical player and still love it, but find it a bit stiff in hand, also a lack of spin, but great control though. I was looking for more of an arm friendly stick for very long time. I played with the Yonex RDS and all was about perfect apart from its square shape. Also, Yonex makes very thick beams, which make that shape even worse for me. I still consider Yonex as the most comfortable sticks. Plenty of spin at least after the Radical feel, very fun to hit with. The thin beam makes it for easy swings and pinnacle slice. Easy on the arm, extremely maneuverable. The stick is more powerful but that led me to harder serves with better control than the Radical. But on the other side, balls sail quite longer. Worth a try definitely.
From: Denis, 3/15

Comments: The TW Review doesn't do this racquet justice. It is an old-school frame, better suited to flat, under- spin (nice slice on backhands -- just short of filthy), and modest topspin, as opposed to massive topspin. It is, in short, the antithesis of anything from Babolat. Better suited to 4.0+ players (I'm a senior 4.5 player). A very good volleying stick and produces great slice serves. It's also a very comfortable frame (strung in synthetic gut), and is easy on elbows and shoulders. Haven't strung it in poly or a hybrid yet, but would expect it to still remain fairly comfortable (it is a thin beam frame). It is light- ish in stock form, but should offer great modification possibilities for those wanting a heavier frame. Definitely worth a demo.
From: JJ, 3/14

Comments: Demo'd the Organix 10 295g from TW and liked the way the demo was setup. Exceptional ball pocketing and control. But after buying this racquet, I was unable to re-create the same touch and feel of the demo. This racquet is too string sensitive and requires a fast swing to generate any power. Though many have improved the stability and power by adding lead, I wasn't as fortunate. I've since switched to an entirely different make and model racquet with a wider, stiffer beam.
From: Jason, 7/13

Comments: Before I tried this racket, I was playing Power Bridge 8, which was good for me as it gave me a lot of spin. However I was lacking power, I could hardly hit a really fast ball from the base line. When I tried the 10 295g, it was as if the backhand is playing it self. I can hit winners and at the same time generate a lot of spin, not to mention second serve, which has amazing impact. It's also very maneuverable at the net. I love the racket, I'm ordering it as we speak.
From: Kris, 6/12

Comments: Coming from Head Prestige MP and have been looking for and trying rackets with less weight for mobility and less fatigue. Challenge has been to get low power, not a stiff frame, carrying the characteristics of Prestige in lighter form. Well, Organix 10, 295 was best match so far. I have tried Prince Exo 100 tour which never provided me with sufficient control, Babolat PureDrive which was like a stiff trampoline, Blade 98 BLX, which was sluggish and stiff and also over powered, Tecnifibre VoMax 320 which gave me elbow problems big time. Org 295 feels well balanced, easy to control and giving very good feel for the ball. Power is really low and I can whip the ball without worries just like Prestige. I had little bit of challenge to find pace to my serve which was easy with Prestige. But after couple of weeks it is there and also better consistency in second serve as spin is easy to generate with lighter stick. I am keeper with this and I feel this racket manages to be exception in the rule that light rackets tend to give shoulder problems.
From: Joonas, 6/12

Comments: This is an amazing racquet for anyone needing a lighter and mobile stick, with plenty of spin potential and power to boot. I read the TW reviews and as usual I took it with a grain of salt, because it played much better than the review it got. Using a poly/multi blend this stick really came to life.
From: Shannon, 4/12

Comments:I switch from the Head Radical MP to the Volkl Organix 10 295 and I keep getting the same comments from guys I play with - that I'm consistently hitting a significant heavier and more accurate ball. I demoed this and fell in love straight away with the feel and the way I served and hit groundstrokes. Against an open level player it isn't up to the 325, but that is to be expected and nothing a little lead tape won't fix. Easily the best 295g control racquet available.
From: Graeme, 4/12
String type and tension: Luxilon Savage in mains, Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex Black in crosses, at 54 lbs

Comments: This is my 2nd review entry for this racket. I have played it for about a year now and think this racket is one of the best platform rackets for customization on the market. It does play well stock but is a bit underweight for higher levels. I have mine customized to 12 oz, 335+ SW, 5 pts HL with lead at 3,9,10:30,1:30, and 12 o'clock (3,3,1,1,1 grams respectively)and several grams under the grip to bring it to 5 pts HL. With this setup, it is one of the best playing rackets I have ever owned. Been playing about 34 years and have owned or demo-ed a lot of rackets. Power is plentiful, control is probably the best feature, comfort is outstanding, and spin potential is great. The racket has a crisp feel but it still has plenty of flex and a soft feel. Crisper than a Rad or Dunlop 300 but softer than a wilson 6.1 95 or wilson blade. I tried loads of rackets in the 11-12 oz category and this is the pick of the litter in my view.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: This is an excellent control racquet that allows me to take big swings at the baseline with confidence. This frame is not too light, and it provides enough strength to return fast serves at a high level. The frame is also very maneuverable at the net. Definitely one of the best racquets I have ever played. This has also been easy on the elbow. I strongly recommend it.
From: Marc, 10/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X One BiPhase 16; 56 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I purchased this racquet after demoing the following: Boris Becker Sportster and Delta Pro, Babolat Pure Storm, Pure Storm GT, and one of the Aero Storm models, Volkl G9 and PowerBridge 7, and Prince EX03 Red. I had been playing for a long time with an old Prince Response 710 that I felt was good for my tennis elbow, but it was heavy and unwieldy. The summary for the Organix 10 (295) in the Tennis Warehouse description was accurate, but I don't relate to the Tennis Warehouse playtester remarks. I was playtesting all these racquets and unfortunately my tennis elbow returned after all the overuse and abuse I subject my arm too. After healing up a little, I continued play testing and found that the Organix 10 (295) clearly was more comfortable without sacrificing feedback from hitting the ball. It also improved my game. The Pure Storm racquets played very similarly, but without the vibration dampening, and I would have bought one of those if I didn't try out the Organix. The other Volkl racquets were not comfortable for me, although they use similar construction. I also liked the Delta Pro, but its balance didn't fit my the way I serve (which is poor), but it shares design knowledge from Volkl, and this may be a good choice if you don't like the way the Organix handles. It is well worth the extra time to playtest a lot of racquets before you buy, they really do play differently. And if you are like me, and just want to play for fun and exercise without injury, this racquet should be on your demo list.
From: Frank, 9/11
String type and tension: Babalot Addition 16
NTRP Rating: 3.5

Comments: I was looking into replacing my Babolat Pure Drive, for something with more control, and less of an arm killer. Still trying to decide between this and the Wilson BLX Six.One Team and so far the Volkl is winning. I have better serves, backhands and volleys. It also has a larger sweet spot and is better at handling heavy balls. My only gripe is I sometimes still find it hard to generate as much power, but am slowly getting there.
From: Maria, 8/11
String type and tension: Tecnifibre X-One Biphase56 mains 53 crosses

Comments: This is the only graphite stick that I have ever hit with in 30 years that plays well totally in stock form. The precision and plow-thru in such a light stick is remarkable. It really adapts well for those with quick hands, such as topspin lobs and short-angle cross court passing shots/winners. The bite on serve is also the most I've ever experienced. Both X10s are really a different type of tennis racquet-- the directional control is amazing.
From: TennisMaverick, 8/1
String type and tension: Gripper 60M/56.5C
NTRP Rating: 6.5

Comments: What a great playing racquet. Perfect weight for a little customization if you like, but also ultra playable in stock. Was a super stable racquet for the weight and was hands down better than equivalent racquets. Only drama for me was it was so yellow!! Awesome stick, and highly recommended.
From: Chad. 7/11
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: This is a nice playing racquet but I think it falls a little short compared to other racquets in its weight class. After hitting with it for a week, I agree with TW's review and marks for this frame.
From: Phil. 7/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I demo-ed this racquet when I was just getting back into the game and playing with soft hitting players. I enjoyed the feel and light head, but as I evolved into playing with harder hitting players (4.0+), I found the light head to be a detriment. The racquet head was being pushed back by the higher velocity balls. I customized the racquet with lead tape to the head and the racquet has been adjusted to my evolving level of play. Even with the heavier head, I am again very pleased with the shot making capabilities of this racquet. For me, the Organix 10 has a nice smooth feel, nice pop, and gives me the ability to hit sharp wide angle shots and nice deep shots from the net and the baseline.
From: Hal. 06/11

Comments: I agree with the other reviewers, this is one awesome player's racquet. I first tried the Organix 10 325G, and while I loved the feel, it was just too heavy for me to play 3-4 hours at a time without arm fatigue. I found this racquet to be quite comparable to the Becker Melbourne (which I also loved), however, I have decided on the Volkl because of its excellent dampening ability without compromising on feel. With a quality poly string, I have found excellent access to BOTH power and spin from the baseline. *****Serving and Volleying****** Wow!!!! Unbelievably fun to serve with - again EQUAL access to power and spin - practicing my serve has never been so much fun. I feel so confident serving with this racquet, which is something I have been looking for a long, long time. Touch at the net also shines. Must demo for anyone looking for a player's racquet with some pop that's also easy on the arm.
From: Joe. 6/11
String type and tension: Gamma Zo 17 @ 55lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

Comments: I agree with Mike from MN, his comments are spot on. The Organix 10 demo I played with this weekend felt a lot like a Prince and nothing like my Volkls (PowerBridge10 Mid, PowerBridge 10 MP, and PowerBridge 10 Light). Not a bad racquet but nothing special either. The plush PowerBridge 10 series is truly unique. The Organix 10/325 is just another racquet (stiff by comparison). Maybe since of my three PB10 Volkls I most enjoy the PB10 Mid by wide margins I just couldn't get into the Organix 10/325. But even if compared to the MP and Light, it simply lacked that special Volkl feel we've all come to know and love. It seems the Organix series is a significant departure from the PB series. Perhaps that's good for those seeking to switch from other manufacturers (eg Prince) but for hardcore PB/Sensor Tour fans (like me!) I just don't see the attraction.
From: Timothy. 5/11

Comments: Extremely easy to play with. Coming from a Prestige Tour Mid, and comfort is off the charts. Have Fun!
From: Steve. 5/11
NTRP Rating: USTA 50's

Comments: Bought 2 racquets a month ago. These are really super racquets. I have customized with lead and it plays great. Very solid feeling for such a low weight racquet but still comfortable. It is crisper than older Volkls but still extremely comfortable. New handle seems results in no vibrations. With customization at 12/3/9 o'clock, the sweet spot gets bigger - wider and higher areas on the frame have more stability and power. I play all court tennis, and this racquet does everything well with customization - generates great topspin off the ground, slices well, and generates adequate power. I would say control and spin are the best features. This is just my opinion. You may like it stock. I tried several 11 oz racquets and did not like any of them without customization to increase stability, power, and sweet spot.
From: Anon. 5/11

Comments: This light player's stick has good plow-thru and the 16 mains generates massive spin. It is highly maneuverable--really wrist quick at the net--and sharply precise while volleying. I found it to be exceptionally stable, while played stock at 295 grams, with or without the vibration dampener, and can easily handle 6.0 pace and above. This is a totally new and different tennis racquet, just like its big brother. It is stiff to the ball, but not to the hand, and there is NO VIBRATION. I did not have arm problems what-so-ever while using it. The stick is crazy precise, whether I drive the ball or use spin. This stick also produces ridiculously acute spin while serving, seriously. IT'S. JUST. SICK. I had to adjust my aim big- time over the net, because the ball came down into the court with so much spin, SO FAST.
From: TennisMaverick. 5/11

Comments: This is a nice racquet for those looking for a player's type racquet in a lighter package. Racquet head speed is extremely easy to achieve given the very light weight and thinner beam. I found topspin to be plentiful, although slices had a tendency to float for me and didn't seem to have the bite I would like to have. It's not the most powerful racquet by any means, but I had no real issues with pop, although there does seem to be less weight and plow behind my balls (not unexpected, given that I normally hit with a much heavier racquet). If anything, I found some trampolining off the stringbed at times, especially when trying to flatten out balls for putaways. Otherwise, control was pretty good. Despite the light weight, I found the racquet to be fairly solid. That said, a little lead in the head did make the racquet play even better against harder hitting (especially at the net volleying against harder struck passing shots) while not substantially slowing down the swing speed of the stick. The sweetspot is decent sized, although I found a little lack of stability and a pretty big drop in performance when striking outside the sweetspot. The racquet in my opinion felt stiffer than the 62RA that is listed on TW. It's not uncomfortable by any means, but it definitely plays more firm than soft. It also does not have the traditional soft feel of Volkl racquets, or something like the Becker London which is pretty comparable spec-wise. Balls struck in the sweetspot feel nice, but it's more of a cushioned and muted response than the flex of prior Volkl racquets. Balls struck outside of the sweetspot don't feel as nice, but overall, despite the firm feel of the racquet, I think this would be a pretty arm-friendly racquet for most people.
From: KD, CA, USA. 4/11
String type and tension: Prince Syn Gut Duraflex at mid tension
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: I demo-ed this racquet and liked it the minute that I first held it in my hand. It feels much lighter than the 11 oz. strung weight estimate and the thin beam makes it feel more compact than other same weight or lighter racquets. That said, I found it was unforgiving when I didn't hit the sweet spot and that the ball died when trying touch and drop shots. I think it will take some getting used to but right now it's at the top of my list to replace my Wilson Pro Team FX racquets, which I love but are a little too light. This Volkl really does require you to set up early and take a full swing.
From: Arlene, VT, USA. 03/11
String type and tension: Gamma Professional 58 lbs.
Headsize: 100 sq. in.
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Demo-ed this and really liked it. But, I did add about 8 grams to the head and 10 to the handle after the 1st day. With the weight, it plays much better. Great spin and control with just enough power with the weight. Without the weight it seems lacking in power and stability but very stable with the customization. There's a bit of flex in the shaft, which I liked for comfort and control. The new grip system seems to work too as there are practically no vibrations. This racket is now on the top of the list to replace my current racket, which is much heavier and stiffer than the customized Organix 10 295G. I recommend you try this if you like Volkl rackets and want a thin beam, flexible frame with great feel, comfort and control.
From: Anon, 03/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0+

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