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Comments: I'd compare it to a slightly heavier Pure Drive but with better feel and arm friendliness. Serves great, rock solid on volleys, and excellent backhand slices. This is an excellent doubles racquet and a potential killer singles racquet if you can control the power with good amounts of topspin. Volkl's Super G racquets are easily the most underrated out there right now.
From: Luxinterna, 3/15

Comments: I recently demoed and switched to this racquet. What a pleasant surprise -- this racquet has been given a high stiffness rating. It plays nothing like its numbers and is very comfortable and easy to play with. It has very good access to spin and volleys are amazing. The feel coming off the string bed is very good thanks to the super grommets. Overall, a very good all around racquet that is worth demoing. I went one step further and purchased one.
From: Hari, 12/14

Comments: Love this racquet! I'm 46 and recently started playing tennis again. I have an original Volkl Quantum v1 midplus that I played with back in 2000. I started having some tennis elbow issues so I thought updating my racquet would help. I read many reviews on different racquets and decided to demo the Super G8 (315). I couldn't be happier! This racquet has a lot of power. I don't I have to swing as hard to generate good pace. Control is awesome. I can pretty much put the ball anywhere I want now. My serves are more consistent and I can put more spin on a ball. Best of all, my tennis elbow has gone away. Needless to say, I ordered a new Super G8 before I sent the demo back! I'm a 3.5 player now and with this racquet, I should to be a 4.0 soon. I highly recommend this racquet!
From: Bruce, 8/14

Comments: Really liking this frame. I have played with the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick for the last 7 years and was looking for something new with similar specs. This racquet is very maneuverable. I'm a 4.5 aggressive baseliner with a topspin serve. I can serve and volley, but tend to work my way to the net with ground strokes. Spin production is very noticeable and I play with a lot of topspin anyway, but this took it to the next level. Seems very controllable -- especially on my 2 handed backhand. Still working on the forehand side as the lighter swing weight (from PDR) is taking a little time to adjust to and I might add some lead, but debating this as the racquet feels great in your hand without and I'm hesitant to change the balance. Volleys are a joy and serves are good as well. The red with bright yellow graphics looks super -- one of the best looking racquets I've seen in awhile. Stiffness rating is high, but it doesn't feel stiff and there is no arm issues. I strung mine at 52 lbs with Cyclone and took the dampener out -- in my opinion it doesn't need a dampener as the built in handle system seems to do the job just fine. Also, without the dampener I got great feel. Will play test this a while longer to see if it works for my game, but overall I'm impressed.
From: Jeff, 6/14

Comments: I have been playing with Babolat Pure Drive for the last 8 years. I got a tennis elbow in the last months and the Volkl Organix 8 Super G (315g) was recommended to me by the guy at the club pro shop. I demoed the racquet and found a lot of similarities with the Pure Drive with a very clean sensation when hitting the ball. It is a Pure Drive with more power especially on topspin and slices. I feel that it is slightly less forgiving than the Pure Drive when you hit a ball that is not centered. Smooth on the arm as I felt less pain after playing than with the Pure Drive. All in all this will be my future racquet.
From: Stephane, 3/14

Comments: I have been playing with the Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid the past 4 years, but I am now 47 years old 5+ player and my vision and eye-hand coordination isn't good enough to handle the fast pace of the heavy hitters I often face; so in the past two years I have being hitting a lot more frame shots than usual and I have being trying to block a lot more balls, which is not what the 10 Mid is for. One of the pros in my club told me to go for a racquet at least 98 in. with an open string pattern and after quite a bit of research I bought this Volkl Organix 8 Super G (315 gr). I have it string at 55 lbs to let the racquet do the talking, but with a soft and control oriented string since the frame is rated as stiff and powerful. All can I said, after just a month playing with this racquet, it is a game changer; you can hit with power, control, top-spin, slides and even propel some nice flat shots, it does it all. The only thing you cannot really do is go all the way full force with the flat shots like I do with the 10 Mid, but you can go for control flat shots to change the pace and then rip a top spin in your next one and see the face of surprise from your opponent after it. I have been tempted to increase the weight but I don't want to mess-up the near perfect balance; and to tell the true, I played with a couple of heavy hitters and none have made a dent on the racquet, I block balls back effortlessly and kept them in the back of the court, so this frame needs no additional weight. I will come back in 4 to 6 months to comment about this racquet after I can really get used to it, I am also planning on reducing the string tension a notch or two since the control is amazing taken in account the power it has.
From: Fernando, 3/14

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