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Comments: I'll have to second David's review concerning this racquet. As stated in his review, the racquet definitely lacked plow through, and the string (couldn't tell what it was) seemed to be at maximum tension for the racquet. That gave great control, but I felt I had to work a little too hard to get any pace. Perhaps it was due to the string, but I wasn't getting that crisp feel I desire for my game. While it's a great looking racquet, I'll have to pass on this one.
From: Steve, 2/14

Comments: Just got a demo and will be playing with it tomorrow, however this stick is supposed to weigh 300 grams unstrung. The demo strung with 16 gauge string weighs in at only 306 grams strung. It should weigh in around 315 grams strung so that's a pretty big disparity. TW -- is this typical of Volkl rackets to be off in weight by such a large amount?
From: Tim, 1/14
Comment from TW: This is actually fairly typical of all racquet brands, and if you have the multi string in the demo, it will weigh a lot less than if you have the poly in the racquet. When purchasing a racquet, if you are looking for a heavier or lighter one from our stock, just call in and we can help you find the ideal weight.

Comments: I have not tried the prior versions of this. Overall, I felt it was very ordinary and nothing stood out. Compared to a number of Volkl sticks, I found this not to be as comfortable as a number of others. For an open string pattern, I found it to be still very low powered even when strung with a multi at mid range. Lacks plow through and plush feel such as a V1 or even the pro version. Serves were better but once again other MP rackets by Head, Wilson and Babolat among others. The grip is less square so this helps. The major plus is this is a platform to customize and the cosmetics are the bomb, just not for me.
From: David, 1/14

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