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Comments: I have mixed reviews on this tennis racquet. The first time I used this racquet, it was okay. But, as I used it more, then that's where some negative reactions began to set in. First, I wasn't getting any power. When, I would go for a big forehand, the tennis ball would fly way out. I have a big one-handed backhand. For some reason, I couldn't get any power or pace on my backhand. I was getting bullied around on the tennis court with this racquet, especially in doubles. I'm a 3.5 tennis level, but my serve is 4.0 level. I was unable to achieve any power, variety, or consistency on the serve. I was double faulting a lot with this tennis racquet. My net shots were sailing out or going into the net. So, I changed the string setup twice,The results were the same, if not worse for me. The situation was so bad that the person I played tennis doubles with one night felt this racquet was turning me into a beginner. I just gave the tennis racquet away to someone and interestingly he seemed to really like it a lot. The positives I noticed with this racquet was it was arm friendly, very nicely designed, had a nice color, and well balanced. Plus, two other tennis players who are 4.0 level I was speaking to have this racquet and they really enjoy playing with it. This racquet just wasn't meant for me. Opinions will vary especially when it comes to tennis because there are so many factors involved. In my opinion, I would highly recommend this tennis racquet to 4.0 and above level tennis players. I really like Volkl tennis racquets as they are well designed and arm friendly.
From: Anonymous, 12/16

Comments: I've messed around with much heavier sticks the last years, but I keep coming back to this one. It is easy to use, quite stable for its weight, and rather precise. It has a crisp feel without being harsh (with a wine you would say it is dry but not sour). It is definitely made for a modern topspin game, but still has good potential for some nasty slice and stops. Serves are best with a lot of spin, flat serves are not as fast as, e.g., with a Wilson 6.1. I string with a poly hybrid (Head Gravity) at mid tension and have a leather grip/overgrip installed. This racquet is best suited for someone who has sound technique and wants an easy to wield stick. It's not one that helps you out with power and makes up for bad strokes. I don't think that it is only a junior or woman's stick; in fact I consider it one of the best items offered by Volkl/BB (having used PB Mid, X10, V1, BB Melbourne).
From: Andrew, 5/15

Comments: I am an adult male 3.5 player using the Volkl Super G 6 with Babolat Origin mains (string at 57 lbs) and Kirschbaum ProLine X crosses (at 53 lbs). This racquet quickly became my main racquet. The racquet is very stable and plays heavier than its weight. The comfort level is superb yet I still feel the crispness of this string setup. Good power level, resists twisting, and is maneuverable at the net. I even like the shape of the hoop better than that of the Volkl V1. Going from a heavier Dunlop 500 Tour racquet I was concerned about the low weight of the G 6 and being able to return hard serves. Not an issue. This racquet is not just for juniors.
From: David, 4/15

Comments: Got this racquet for my wife so she could learn to play, and I have to say it is a great frame. I strung it up with Cyclone 16g and my wife plays great with it. I took it out when I went to go play with the guys and as a 4.0 player I could drop bombs as server and plow through some groundstrokes. It has great feel and a good amount of pop and I recommend it as a demo if you want an easy racquet on your arm and great access to power.
From: Zach, 9/14

Comments: I am a ten year old junior and play 3 to 4 times a week. I chose this Volkl after demoing many racquets. I like this racquet because it gives me great control, a lot of spin and it feels comfortable on my arm. I string it with Volkl Power Fiber II at 54 lbs.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: By far the best female junior players frame. If you play on clay, this one rewards you with above average spin and a soft feel, so you can stay on the gas for a longer period without hurting your wrist/elbow/low back. And if you can practice longer, you can get better.
From: Jan, 1/14

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