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Comments: I'm a 4.0-4.5 player and I have been long overdue to transition into a modern frame. I was using the original Prince Graphite 107 for a couple of decades, and the newer versions of the frame were not quite the same. In order to get a matching pair of frames, I had no choice but to move on. Demo'd everything, from Yonex to Babolat in the 100-107 size. The Yonex Ai series were similar, but I had a very difficult time hitting shots out of position. Until I tried the Volkl Super 4G. The longer frame and lighter weight in comparison to my previous frame, made up for some of the lesser physical abilities I used to have in my serve. Forehand feels effortless and controlled with good power avail, same can be said for the one handed backhand. Spin is definitely accented more with this frame without depth sacrifice. This frame offered extras to my previous with the least amount of adjustments. I'm so glad to have found a comfortable frame that I can probably use for the rest of my life.
From: Ray, 12/14

Comments: Update: I loved the demo but the swingweight of the racquet I bought was much higher, and the feel was inconsistent. It does feel a lot like the Organix 4. I'd like it better if it had a lower swingweight.
From: Carolyn, 9/14

Comments: I have been playing with the Volkl "4" racquets for 11 years. I currently play with the Volkl PB 4. The Organix 4 was ok, but I am demoing the Super G 4 and love it. Very quick through the air; light swingweight, and a little more power (I think, maybe, my 5 year old PB4s are dead). I will be swittching. I'm a senior player at the 5.0 level.
From: Carolyn, 7/14

Comments: I completely agree with Anon 2/14. This racquet does exactly what it says on the tin. I have the V1 OS and now this one but much prefer the 4. There is more control and better spin by comparison. The power is down which is much better. Don't really notice the smaller 105" headsize compared to the V1's 110". Feel is better yet at the same time less vibration. Volleying and groundstrokes are great. Good kick on topspin and drops well into court. Will try some lead tape but pretty good so far -- comparable swing weights. Quite light but not noticeably different to the V1 OS. It's probably that is got more technology under the hood than the older V1 OS which just makes it more playable. Suits my attempt at an all round game. Although there is no TW review, Chris Edwards mentions how it performs in one of the TW video blogs on YouTube. I'm a 4.0 using hybrid strings -- Tecnifibre Ultimate at 54 lbs mains/52 lbs crosses which provides a good mix of control/power.
From: Steve, 4/14

Comments: This racquet is exactly like the Organix 4 that came before it. The only difference is in a change from white paint to red paint. This isn't a bad thing since all the Volkl 4 series are very arm friendly, great playing, plush feeling racquets. The Regular Organix 4, now at half price, is a much better bargain. The Volkl 4 series is a very popular racquet in Atlanta and is seen at almost every tennis practice.
From: John, 2/14

Comments: Great stick! I normally play with an Organix 8 and really like the Super G version of the 8 (315g). A buddy of mine convinced me to try the 4 and I'm glad he did! The overall weight is a little light for my taste but the swingweight is what really matters and the one I hit was 312, not too far from the 315-320 that I normally prefer. I've been considering using an extended length frame for some time as I no longer generate the heaviness that I used to (Note: 47 years old, 5.0 Nationally ranked player). The thing I've always had a hard time adjusting with the extended length frames is the sluggish feeling getting through the hitting zone. The lighter weight of this racquet solves that issue. Extemely solid on forehands and has helped my OHBH and increased my pace noticeably. Serves were the brightspot here; absolute bombs with tons of control. The open pattern allowed plenty of spin to keep my groundies in the court and the stiffness of the frame was just right. I felt like I could take even the hardest hit balls from my opponent and stay offensive with my reply. For those of you at the 4.0-5.0 level give this one a try and I promise you won't be disappointed! This racquet is not just for senior pushers!
From: Anon, 2/14

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