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Comments: This is a very arm friendly racquet with a lot of control and enough power. It is remarkably maneuverable for its 11.8 ounce weight due to its extremely HL balance. It is also a very flexible frame that plays even more flexible due to its open string pattern, while still maintaining the solid feel of traditional Volkl Pro models.
From: Philippe, 7/15

Comments: I got 2 of them strung at 48 lbs, one with Cyclone and one with TourBite Soft. The feel is very nice, it is a hefty racquet so I need to keep up the speed. It does swing heavier than indicated as many have said before. Excellent volley racquet. I still need to fine tune my swing on serve to adjust to the weight and balance. Very happy with choice of going back to a mid racquet after a few years with 98 square inch racquets. Groundstrokes need more precision due to head size and can be some jarring but comfort is still there. On my next string job, I will try a few pounds less and see if I get better feel.
From: Jason, 5/15

Comments: Great feel and plowthrough on this Volkl Organix 10 Mid. The sweetspot seems larger than the 93 head size would suggest. There is decent access to spin - especially on slice backhands. If you can get this stick moving it is awesome on serves. Extremely stable on volleys and I liked that same stability on serve returns. WARNING: Power not included! You need to have good technique and know how to provide power on your shots to be one with this stick. This racquet plays heavier than the 318 swingweight that is listed on TW in my opinion. When I first hit with this stick I couldn't get it around on some shots. That, combined with the smaller head size, demanded that I clean up my strokes. I would not have stuck with the frame if it were not for some of the majestic ball strikes I manage to hit every so often when I got the stroke just right and just progressed from there. I am a 4.0+ player that hits flat on both sides with a one handed backhand and, for some strange reason, am a fan of heavier, smaller head size frames. I previously played with a Wilson Pro Staff Classic (still in bag just in case of emergency), Wilson K Six.One and Prince Graphite Mid. I strung this up with a full bed of 17g Gamma Poly at 48 lbs. I may try this at a lower tension. If you have clean strokes and like plowthrough, this may be a great option. If you like quickly whipping the racquet around with looping strokes, extreme grips and heavy topspin, this is not a good option for you. Also I'd like to say that Tennis Warehouse is a great place for tennis players!
From: Rick, 5/15

Comments: After playing with the PB10 Mid for over three years, I decided to pick up an X10 Mid due to the clearance pricing. I immediately noticed the X10 to have a higher swingweight despite the identical numbers of the PB10 printed on the throat. The X10 Mid also has a firmer feel, larger sweetspot and more consistent stringbed than the PB10. It took me about 3 hrs to adapt to the new feel and responses, after which I ordered two additional frames! I have been practicing and competing with the X10 for several weeks and absolutely love how I hit volleys with this frame. Also, I like the easy power and more even stringbed response for defensive play. I don't feel like I have to be on the gas pedal 100% of the time to win matches anymore, even though the X10 still rewards an aggressive style of play. The X10 lacks some of the feel of the PB10 but is still easy on the arm. I'm thrilled I made the switch!
From: D.C., 5/15

Comments: I bought two of these frames to replace my Power Bridge Mid. This is a fine frame, but it is nothing like the PB. I agree with most of the comments here. The frame feels much stiffer than 59 RA, the grip feels very different (bigger?) than standard Volkl grips, swing weight is fairly hefty, etc. TW should have said, "if you were NOT a fan of the PB, you'll love the Organix 10." If Volkl made this to "update" the PB, then what they did was completely revamp it to address complaints of the PB breaking down under heavy pace. This frame holds up very well to heat. Of course, I thought the PB did too but you just had to get used to the flex in the frame. I would recommend this frame for players seeking a rock solid mid that plays well in all areas of the court. I would not recommend this for players who long for a true PB replacement.
From: Sheridan, 5/15

Comments: As one of the dwindling number of small head size player's frames that has feel and is still produced (93"), the X10 Mid plays crisper than its 59 stiffness rating. The 16x19 string pattern on such a small head produces surprising spin for folks using semi or full western grips. Balance is fine for net play and the weight of the frame helps serve pace. Not as soft and buttery as the former corporate twin, the Becker London Tour 93, but still enough touch and feel for all court crafty types with the added bene of some extra power. However, let's not sugar-coat the limitations -- you need to supply your own power (this is not a frame for pushers), you need to be a clean ball striker to make use the 93" head, and the frame plays best strung with textured poly well below the lower tension range. I'm an over 50 year old 4.5 player and currently use a full bed of Cyclone Tour or Black Widow at tensions between 42 and 45 lbs. If you string within the recommended tension range, it's best to use a lively multi-filament syn-gut or the frame will feel fairly dead and powerless. While the frame weight places it in the 'player' category, the swing weight is reasonable (i.e, swings lighter than you would expect). For 4.0+ players who play an all-court (or serve and volley) game and utilize touch shots, and varieties of spin this frame at it's reduced price pt now below $60 is quite a steal. If you have grown up trying to imitate the current Spanish baseline game, and love light weight, hollow feeling, whippy, 100" frames, the X10 Mid is not the frame for you. For those of us who grew up using the softer, smaller head size frames, the X10 Mid is a pretty darn good performer.
From: Geoff, 3/15

Comments: This is a bewildering hulk of a racquet. Swings like a 2x4 and that's not an exaggeration. The handle is even more rectangular than any Volkl I've ever used. The cosmetics are great and that's probably it's only redeeming quality. For the record, I am a fairly fit 39 year old tennis coach and 5.5 rated tournament player in New England. I have a flat one- handed backhand and a western forehand with a decent all-court game. I played 2 weeks of doubles and singles with this X10 Mid and have never been so underwhelmed by any racquet (including the triuly awful Gamma RZR 98Tour). This beast (not in a good way) gives that infamous clunker a good run for its money! I know $59.00 seems like a no-brainer but even for free this racquet would crush your spirits!
From: Keith, 3/15

Comments: As someone said earlier, the specs on the racquet say 330 grams and 31 cm balance unstrung. Mine was 321 grams , 31.5 cm unstrung. If you have not played with Volkl, you will need to adjust to the narrow head shape. When I did find the strings the racquet supplied good stability, plow, and was maneuverable at net.
From: Anon, 1/15

Comments: I'm one of the people coming from a PB10 Mid. I tried a whole bunch of the new spin racquets: Prince 98 ESP, Wilson Blade 98 18x20 and Six.One 95S, as well as the C10 Pro. However, of my non-PB10s, I keep coming back to this one. The comparisons people have made of the X10 between the two are spot on in regards to feel. This one is crisper whereas the PB10 is more muted and soft. Until I started playing more regularly with this X10, I never really noticed the flutter of the PB10. This is especially noticeable on serve now. The X10 is much more solid and pinpoint on serves for me. Perhaps because it's cause of the less headlight balance? Whatever it is, it has allowed me to do so much more with such an important shot. The one area I have to disagree with everyone else is the swingweight. I don't feel as if it swings slower or faster; it feels the same. All in all, definitely worth a demo. Almost like the PB10, but not quite. Depending on your playing style and preferences, you may like this.
From: Ian, 11/14

Comments: I've now played with the X10 Mid for a few months and I'm pretty happy with it. I had been using a Wilson HyperCarbon ProStaff 6.1 and I demo'd the X10 mid, the PB10 mid, and a Head Prestige MP. The Prestige MP didn't have the plow through I was looking for -- I tried the Prestige Pro as well but liked the feel of the Volkl sticks better. PB10 was a little mushy for me -- if you really like that trampoline feel then definitely try it, but I preferred the X10. The X10 mid really rewards a clean stroke, with a really crisp, powerful and arm-friendly response. Now, my strokes aren't that clean all the time (haha) but I do prefer the mid-size head. I string Kirschbaum Spiky Shark 17 at 58 lbs and I get great spin and control (took me a while to get the string selection dialed in as I was trying to get used to playing at 5000ft above sea level again after being in GA for a couple of years). If you like midsize frames, definitely try this one -- not everyone is going to like it but I get the feeling that if it works for you, it's REALLY going to work for you.
From: Patrick, 3/14

Comments: I demo'd this racquet and was completely unimpressed. Compared to the C10 Pro, the swing weight seemed heavy, the response harsh, and the power/control mediocre. There was nothing remarkable about this racquet whatsoever. If you're curious, then go ahead and demo, but I guarantee you will put it down quickly in favor of something else.
From: JM, 3/14

Comments: I switched to this racquet in late February after playing with the PB10 Mid for two years prior. I loved the soft and plush feeling from my PB 10 Mid, but I felt like I was constantly getting "outgunned" by players using the Pure Drives or AeroPro Drives (league players will know what I mean). That's where this racquet really shines -- access to power is very easy. Especially on out-of-position shots where us average players need it the most. I've actually never played with a mid size racquet that has this much power. It's somewhat addictive. But at the same time, I'm still able to get a good feel with touch shots, especially the drop shot. It does swing slower than the PB 10 Mid so there is definitely an adjustment period. But after making that adjustment, I find I'm getting more bite on my backhand slice and more weight on my topspin forehand. Now I'm finding it more and more difficult to hit with my PB10 MId.
From: BC, 11/13

Comments: Been playing a Volkl for years back to the BB10, but this stick is strange. On contact, the racquet vibrates like, well, a vibrator. I'm talking about being able to feel it down your spin. I checked, the local pro checked it, and there is no structural damage. Contacted Volkl (customer service sucks), finally sent the racquet back to them and they returned it saying nothing wrong here. I'm playing with a PB10 right now and it's a great stick, no vibration, pure butter. Either I'm nuts or Volkl is, but if this is a standard issue, run from this racquet.
From: WR, 11/13

Comments: The Organix 10 Mid is crisper than the PB 10 Mid. It doesn't swing that easy, but I think my serve is better with this updated racquet. If you are looking for feel and control, use the previous model. If you want to have a quicker response from the sweetspot, you can switch to the Organix.
From: Jan, 9/13

Comments: I was looking for a comfortable midsize frame and this Organix 10 shows up with some decent specs. I asked for the heaviest one and it came in at 12.3oz strung with 18g Cyclone. Excellent power and that's about it. Unstable, uncomfortable and innacurate. Added some lead to the hoop but it didn't help much. I own many midsize frames and never have I ever been so disappointed.
From: Sander, 9/13

Comments: Awesome update! I've been playing with a very heavy customized PB10 Mid since 2009, and this new X10 Mid plays almost as well, stock, as my PB 10 Mid with an extra 40 grams of lead tape. I used only 10 grams on this upgrade to get the same ball quality, but I can swing the racquet much faster since it is much lighter. A stock X10 Mid is also really crisp, and doesn't flutter or move too fast as a stock PB 10 Mid does. If you want more spin and quicker string bed response, I would go with the X10. If you want more dwell time, stay with the now classic PB 10 Mid.
From: Elliot, 3/13

Comments: I have been demoing this racquet for several days. A few comments. First, I believe we have a basic miscommunication here. The weight of this racquet, as mentioned by TW in the most recent post and as I mentioned in an earlier post is 11.6 unstrung. (TW Spec on the web site reads 11.8 but that is a typo) Slap on some string and you are at 12.1 static weight. As far as comments of the playability of this racquet. I have used it for several days and like it a lot. For me the control is great, the power is ample and I found it maneuverable enough to handle some hard hitting shots. I have been desperately looking for something to replace the Wilson K Blade Tour. The current Wilson Blade 93 is not even close. I would definitely recommend this racquet to any one looking for a mid size that is able to generate their own power.
From: David, 3/13
*Note from TW* - we have reviewed our specs, and again, this is not a typo, however individual racquet weights vary.

Comments: I agree with David, I sent email to TW but they seem to refuse that they messed up, weight is wrong so the balance should also be wrong, and swing weight seems very low for a racquet this heavy.
From: Tor, 3/13
*Note from TW* - the differences in individual racquet weights is within the manufacturers tolerances and the racquet that we have at TW and have measured may be a different weight (and SW) than the racquet you have received. With that being the case, yes, the SW of your racquet (that may weigh more than the one TW has tested) is probably different. We are giving the SW at the weight of the racquet that we have and used which was 11.8 strung. You can email info@tennis- warehouse.com for further info/discussion.

Comments: I just received the Volkl Organix 10 for a demo but this racquet is heavier than quoted on the TW website. TW reports 11.8 strung. The racquet frame/manufacturer reads 11.6 unstrung and my scale (which is accurate), shows the strung racquet at 12.2 ounces. I think TW has an error on their site. So the question I have is, what is the SW? TW reports 318, but I'm skeptical.
From: David, 3/13

Comments: Is TW going to do a review on this one? I currently have the Organix 10 Midplus (98) and I want to get a smaller headsize racquet, but want to know if I should opt for the older PB Mid rather than the Organix.
(Note: TW is in the process of writing the review, it will be up soon! Check out our video review until then!)
From: Anon, 3/13

Comments: I demo'd one of these the other day and upon striking the first ball with it literally put a smile on my face. It hits the ball incredibly crisp, and just felt solid as a rock but incredibly comfortable. Served bombs too. I think it was strung with Volkl synthetic gut of some kind at an average tension. Can't wait to order a couple of these.
From: Brad, 3/13

Comments: I've been using the PB10 Mid for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. When the Organix 10 Mid came out, I immediately ordered two and strung them the same way as my PB10s (Solinco Tour Bite 17 at 48 lbs). After playing with the Organix 10 for almost a month, I switched back to the PB10s. The new Organix version has a similar static weight and balance, however the swingweight is much higher than the PB10s. I've always loved the maneuverability of the PB10 and the Organix 10 just doesn't have that. The higher swingweight gives the ball extra pop but seems to be at the cost of control. I had to alter my swing to accomodate this. I'm sure the Organix 10 Mid will work well with a lot of advance-level players. It's still a good racquet to play with. However, if you are expecting a familiar racquet to the PB10, then you will be disappointed.
From: Janard, 2/13

Comments: I have been longing for this racquet due to the outstanding feedback on the previous model PB10 mid, which I have been playing for over 1.5 years. Nevertheless, this version plays very differently in terms of its swingweight, because it's hefty. Maybe a leather grip will help to make it more headlight, or else it is quite disappointing to me.
From: Billy, 2/13
String type and tension: MSV Co-Focus 1.18 @ 52/50 lbs

Comments: If you like playing with the Federer's Wilson BLX 90 racquet or even the Head Prestige you will love this one! It's lighter and has the control all in one. It's sweet! I just switched from the Fed racquet to this! A true player's frame.
From: Brian, 1/13
String type and tension: Luxilon ALU Rough @ 50 lbs

Comments: Love this racquet. Just ordered it after playing with the PB10 for a while. I strung it with X1 Biphase mains at 60 lbs and Pro Red Code crosses at 57 lbs. After hitting with it for a few hours today I find that it has a bit more power than the PB10 with no compromise on control. Seems to have a larger sweetspot and more spin potential as well. Feels a bit heavier than the PB10, higher swingweight probably, which actually works out better for me. Very arm friendly as well. Only downside is that serves didn't have much pop.
From: Harry, 1/13

Comments: It plays just like the Power Bridge Mid 93, but with less precision. The swingweight is very hefty as well on this one. I do not agree it's 318. The specs are all over the place on different websites. Feels like 333 swing weight to me. It would be nice if it really was 318, because that's why I got this racquet.
From: Craig, 1/13
String type and tension: Volkl Cyclone 17g @ 50 lbs

Comments: I'm really excited about the Organix 10 Mid. I currently use the Organix 10 Midplus which I love for its comfort and the heavy ball it produces, but it's difficult for me to get the 325g around quickly when I'm under pressure. I also use the Technifibre 320 VO2 Max, which is a perfect weight but the stiffness hurts my arm after a set of singles. The Organix 10 Midplus actually makes my arm feel better! Like I'd just had a massage on my arm. I like the specs on the Organix 10 Midplus and the fact that it's a Volkl, which has a feel and grip shape that I love.
From: Martin, 1/13

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