Volkl V-Maxx 17 String Customer feedback

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Comments: Tried this Hybrid with the V-Pro in the mains and V-Pro in the crosses on my Yonex VCore Tour 89. I get more spin, power, and touch with the V-Wrap in the Mains and decent durability. V-Pro in the mains has better pinpoint control, better "bite" on fast swings, but less inherent spin than Multi-in-the-main setup, still pretty comfortable and very good durability. V-Wrap Main strings move a lot, but are nice and slippery and do not notch as quickly as Volkl Power Fibre 2. V- Wrap is a synthetic gut with soft feel, low power, good spin and durability. V-Maxx has less spin and power than Psycho but with better durability and very comparable comfort and control. A nice pre-packaged hybrid set for those looking for low power, great control, good comfort and durability.
From: Jaron, 9/15

Comments: I just strung it up and I am satisfied with its power. But it moves significantly and I thought poly wouldn't move, at least not every hit.
From: Arthur, 5/15

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