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Comments: Nice grip, but nothing special in my opinion. I prefer the TW grips over this one, they cost less as well. Babolat leather is also very nice, shame about the huge logo. This one installs easily, and feels a bit softer than Wilson leather to me.
From: JH, 2/16

Comments: This is the second leather grip I've tried on my racquets and I won't use anything else from now on. Like some users have said there are a couple of flaws in the grip: 1) The sticky portion on the inside is narrow and I was worried to start with, but it worked just fine. 2) This leather grip doesn't have a lot of tack. That's not to say that it is slick or slippery but it doesn't stick to your hand either. For me this isn't a true issue because I use supergrap in the colder months and tourna grip in the summer. Overall, great looking and feeling grip.
From: David, 12/14

Comments: My favorite leather grip, the TW grip is way too stiff for me. This Volkl leather grip is the softer and a thicker leather grip compared with the TW one, it's the most comfortable leather grip. I have no problem putting on the grip, nor any problem about the low tack the other people complaining about (since I use overgrip).
From: Jack, 3/14

Comments: Well, this is the first leather grip I have ever tried, but I love it. Wish I had done it sooner. I wasn't aware that the sweat absorption is high with these. I assumed they would be slippery. My hands sweat a lot, so that's great. The leather is also very high quality. Not sure if it's heavier than average, like some say, but I have zero complaints. Plus it has Volkl written on the middle of my grip now, which you have to admit is a cool word!
From: Nick, 1/14

Comments: I agree with those who say this grip has low tack, but the feel is great and I use it with an overgrip, so the tack isn't really that important to me. Bevel feel is awesome. Weight is perfect for making a racquet a little more headlight, or as a counter-weight to lead placed in the head of a racquet. Also, I thought it was very easy to install. It's a pure leather grip with no fabric backing and if you wrap it tightly and properly, the double stick tape on there works just fine. I certainly haven't had any problems with mine.
From: Kurt, 4/12

Comments: This is the best leather grip I have ever used. Great weight and perfect feel with the V-Tac over the top on my X10 is heaven.
From: Chad, 4/12

Comments: Terrible leather grip! No tack on the leather and lousy double sided tape on the rear. Tape is too narrow and not sticky enough. Went immediately back to the TW brand leather when the grip started unraveling during a set. Never had that happen to ANY of my leather grips (and I've installed many). Will never buy again.
From: Bud, 3/12

Comments: I believe the Volkl is the heaviest leather grip on the market. The trimmed weight of the grip I installed on my Becker Pro was 30 grams, 14 grams heavier than the stock grip. By contrast, the Babolat leather I installed on another Becker Pro was 21 grams trimmed. With an overgrip, it turned an 11.2 oz/3 pts HL racquet into an 11.9/7 pts HL racquet, which is perfect for me. The Volkl is also very supple, stretches easily around the handle, and even has a nice leathery smell.
From: Matt, Chapel Hill, NC 01/10

Comments: All I can say is that this leather grip has the most amazing feel out of all the leather grips that I've tried. i love this grip because of its tackiness that most other leather grips don't have. If you're looking for leather grips, give these a try, won't be disappointed, I promise.
From: Anon. 11/09

Comments: Great grip! I'm so glad Volkl brought these back to TW-- they really are one of kind on the market today in terms of reproducing that classic leather feel. Thickness, great feel, decent absorbancy, and even a slight tack (If you use it without an overgrip), make it my favorite leather on the market today. Kudos to Volkl!
From: Michael (Mdubb23 on TT), Chicago Suburbs, USA 08/09

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