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Comments: If you do not break strings this is a great setup. I let it sit in my bag overnight after stringing and played doubles the next morning. Wasn't impressed. From the second day on, this has been an insane setup for me. The gut is now fraying (after a couple hours) but it is still playing great. I put the gut in the mains and Cyclone in the crosses. Just a great setup. It's not cheap, but I may be done trying setups, because this is way more comfortable than full poly, and just better in everything else. Life is short, treat yourself. It's $23 to experience natural gut, and a poly in a well thought out combo. I am going to string up some Babolat VS I have, to see if I like it better. But, if I don't I will be buying 10 sets of this stuff, it is that good (for me) I put it in my Textreme Tour 100 T, and strung the Gut mains at 56 lbs, and the Cyclone crosses at 52 lbs. The look on my opponents faces when they think a shot is going out, only to have it dive in, is priceless (and definitely worth more than $23)!
From: John, 10/15

Comments: Playability-wise, they are great. Unfortunately, durability-wise, they just aren't good. The gut notches way too quickly. The first time, the notching prevented the Cyclone in the mains from moving which severely reduced the amount of spin I could generate. The second time, I strung the gut in the mains. Less than a week later, I broke the gut. I wish these had better durability because I would play with them.
From: Huy, 8/14

Comments: These strings are my babies. Had them for 2 months and they still have not broke and are barely frayed. Play-ability and spin is good, great spin too. Beside the price, they are great.
From: Bob, 4/14

Comments: The price is good but I could not tell it was real gut. The yellow coating on the gut totally ruins the gut qualities and ends up playing more spongy like a good multi. I put gut in the mains and was hoping for a feel like Babolat VS/co- poly hybrid, not even close. I would not recommend for a gut in main hybrid. On the flip side, it probably would be great with the poly in the mains but I'm going to move on.
From: Steve, 9/11

Comments: This string is very lively, very good ball pocketing and grip! Great kick! Go for your shots with this string and you will be rewarded! Very good control too. I found it to be more than Babolat Hybrid with gut! Top notch string for sure!
From: Mark, 9/11

Comments: I strung up my racket with Volkl V-fuse 17 yesterday. I actually used Boris Becker champion's choice Gut on the crosses because I had an unused half set lying around. The gut that came with this package was still secured with the cinch tie, so I thought it'd be easier to use the already unwound natural gut. I highly doubt that this would change the characteristics because Volkl is the parent company of Boris Becker brand rackets and strings. So, I believe Volkl Natural Gut equals Boris Becker Natural Gut. Anyways, I strung the poly on the mains and gut crosses. after about ten minutes, it appeared the gut was fraying. but upon closer inspection, all fraying was superficial and didn't really get worse over the next hour. The poly main felt very soft for a poly, it really pocketed the ball well. Also, the shape of poly did result in quite a bit of increased ball bite and topspin. Durability would be an issue if you are a frequent string breaker. I had significant notching in the poly mains after less than an hour and a half of play. I would be surprised if they lasted me another 20 minutes of solid hitting. (Keep in mind, I usually break 16 gauge synthetic gut in about 2 hours, 17 gauge in about an hour. A good poly will last me about 6-8 hours.) So, durability wise, it's not much better than your average Synthetic Gut. I can't comment on tension maintenance. If you are looking for a sting with a lot of give and topspin potential, or if you've got shoulder and/or elbow problems, this would be a great option.
From: Tyson. 6/11

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