Volkl V-Feel 17 (Black-Silver) String Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: I've never been inspired to comment on a string until I tried this one. I absolutely love the power, control, and the accuracy I get with this string. But my goodness -- it's definitely not for people with a history of elbow issues. It's listed as a multi, but it's the stiffest multi I've ever hit with. I'm guessing that's due to the helix coils. It's a shame I'm not able to have a future with this string, because I definitely love how it plays.
From: Larry, 10/15

Comments: Nice String. Very good ball pocketing and feel. Only downside is durability. Played with a full bed at 58 lbs on a Dunlop Aerogel 200 16x19 and it just lasted for 2.5 hours. Then strung it in a hybrid as a cross at 54 lbs with Volkl Cyclone on the mains at 50 lbs. Was able to get just close to 3.5 hours but feel and control with this setup was extremely good
From: Aaron, 9/15

Comments: Very good string! Holds tension very well until it breaks (after 10 hours of hard hitting). I enjoyed it very much on flat shots, there the control was great. I was using this string in my Volkl PB10 Mid as a mains in a hybrid with Kirschbaum ProLine II. Strung up at 25/23 kgs. I definitely recommend this string to people with arm issues.
From: Nio, 9/14

Comments: Not too bad of a string. Good pop and feel. They lasted two and a half sets strung at 57lbs in a Wilson Steam 99S. Strings did move around that quite a bit. I was straightening strings after every point. Going to try the second set in my AeroPro Drive.
From: Stephen, 10/13

Comments: Phenomenal string! Holds tension extremely well; I've played with a set for 40+ hours at least and I don't see any difference from the day I strung it at 54lbs on my Pure Drive GT 2012. Here is the best part: I noticed that as I hit, fibers from the balls attach to the string and I realized the steel braid flexes and sort of creates a tiny gap between it and the polyester string, and grips the balls for some amazing spin and control. I wish I could upload a picture. This string rips the balls apart, like plucking a bird. Phenomenal!
From: Joe, 7/13

Comments: This sting has a firm feel with good spin, but feels a little too solid for me. After hitting 2-3 days, the stings in the mains and crosses lock together that make it more solid. I strung a full bed at 54 pounds.
From: Tong, 8/12

Comments: This string lives up to the name. Three days later, my elbow and shoulder still hurt after using it for 30 minutes. I definitely feel it. The string play like a cheap poly. I strung it at 55 on the pb 10. For 18 bucks, it plays nowhere close to the Power Fiber 2. I also bought a 16g, not looking forward to it.
From: Thach, 11/11

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