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Comments: Perfect grip for me. My hands don't sweat when I play. I was looking for something soft and cushy without being super tacky to the point to causing my hand to blister. Used Yonex Supergrap previously, which is great for 1-2 sessions, but the extra tackiness was causing my hand to blister. I also noticed that the Supergrap would shred rather quickly and didn't hold up much when playing 2-3 times a week. Have to agree with the previous comments about this grip being a hybrid between the Yonex Supergrip and the Tournagrip Original. Compared to the Tournagrip, it is not as slippery, and it also has more "squish" to it. Good durability compared to other overgrips that I've tried.
From: Jeff, 4/16

Comments: I love these overgrips. I used to use the Wilson Pro Overgrip but I bought these randomly one day because they were a great deal on TW and now they are my go to overgrip. The super soft and smooth feel is my favorite part of the grip. It also does a good job of keeping dry. It's not very tacky (which is a plus for me) and it's way more durable then the Wilson Pro Overgrip. Looking forward to buying more of these.
From: Alexander, 10/15

Comments: Bond pretty much hit the nail on the head with his review. It's like a hybrid between Yonex Super Grap and Tourna Grip. It has the soft feel of Super Grap, and is almost as absorbent as Tourna Grip, but has a better feel than Tourna.
From: Alex, 9/15

Comments: If Tourna Grip and Super Grap had a lovechild, it would be V-Dry! Best of both worlds -- soft, absorbent, dry feel, great durability. Works great, even here in triple digit Texas!
From: Bond, 8/15

Comments: These are now my go-to grips. I've used the Babolat Pro Tour and was a devout user of Yonex Super Grap until they started causing blisters. The V-Dry is plush/soft, absorbent, and just enough tack that it won't rip the skin right off your palms. One grip lasts forever! Far and away the best quality grips I've ever used. The durability justifies the price.
From: Paige, 8/14

Comments: I've been a long time user of tacky overgrips. My tacky overgrip of choice is the Kimony Hi-Soft EX Ultra thin (0.3 mm thick! Very minimal build up and very durable for its thickness!). Tried dry overgrips in the past (e.g. Tourna Grip, Dunlop Viper Dry Grip), but didn't like them. The Kimony grips are excellent grips, but quite expensive. So, in my hunt to find a less expensive grip with good playability and acceptable durability I tested the Volkl V-tac and threw in the Volkl V-Dry as a filler. I actually am quite impressed with V-Dry overgrip. So, much so that I will buy the 12 or 30 pack if/when they become available at TW.
From: Jevon, 8/13

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