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Comments: My 12 year old tried this string at 53 lbs (open pattern racquet), after just 20 minutes of hitting, she complained about a funny sensation in the elbow, not painful, but she knew the string was not for her. She plays tournaments regularly and we are looking to find something best for comfort/spin/durability/power (in that order of preferences), She's been using "Sensation" for a couple years now (good comfort, but not easy to generate heavy spins). Might try to lower the tension to 49 lbs to see if that makes a difference.
From: App, 12/16

Comments: I have used various polyester strings for about 10 years. I am 60 and have to protect my elbow, so the tension keeps going down and the gauge gets thinner. This time it was Cyclone 18 at 45 lbs. in an old Volkl Quantum V1. It feels good and I can generate heavy topspin that my opponents comment on. Last night, I hit several deep shots that dropped in, even though I thought that I had hit them long. I feel that I have a advantage using this string. Very nice. Keep the tension low on polyester string and it works much better.
From: Mike, 10/16

Comments: I tried this string with hopes it would be similar to Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18g just to save some money. But it was a completely different string. It's stiff, with no power and average spin. Lux Ace is much, much better -- more spin, more comfort. Unfortunately it lasted me only 1.5 hours in a 16x20 Prince. Cyclone might last longer, but in my opinion it is a terrible string.
From: Martin, 4/16

Comments: I also tried different colors of Cyclone 18g. I totally agree with M, that orange 18g and pink 18g are the best power and comfort-wise. Black 18g is very stiff and dead-feeling, which is not for me. Orange and pink 18g doesn't lose its liveliness after 20+ hours of hitting, they simply don't feel dead when they get a little looser. I strung it in a Head Microgel Prestige Pro at 45 lbs in the mains with Forten Sweet 17g at 53 lbs in the crosses.
From: C, 5/15

Comments: I tried this string for about 3 weeks. The string was very stiff, spin was fine and the power was low. I don't recommed this string -- for those who love spin and power, I would recommend Tecnifibre Razor code 17 gauge.
From: Anon, 4/15

Comments: I have been trying various strings in a hunt for a new reel of poly mains, since I've run into shoulder problems over the past year. Most recently, I've tried Cyclone 18g in both pink and orange, Kirschbaum Super Smash Orange 17g, and Tourna Big Hitter Black Zone 17. Super Smash Orange I found to be too stiff, causing some shoulder pain, but otherwise a great string and Black Zone was just way too lively for me. Cyclone in both pink and orange have been my favorites thus far, as I've tried them in yellow (too lively) and black (too stiff) in the past. I've found pink to be on the lively side as well, much like the yellow color, but the orange seems to produce the power and spin you put into it, which is exactly what I'm looking for. It has less pop than pink and a little less control than black, but has yet to cause me any kind of shoulder irritation whatsoever. Overall, my findings for: power: pink > orange > black control: black > orange > pink comfort: orange > pink > black spin: orange > pink > black I wish I could include yellow in the mix, but I don't remember exactly how it compares to the other 3 colors, but I'd say they are very similar to pink, if memory serves me correctly. I just thought I would give my findings on the colors from personal experience, and thought I'd note the differences between pink and orange are slight. In all honesty, black is my favorite of the 3, but I can't use it because of my shoulder. I suggest trying a set of each, strung identically to see which is your preferred color. Strung in my Head Youtek IG Radical Pro at 46 lbs (mains) and I'm a NTRP level 4.0/4.5 player.
From: M, 2/15

Comments: Strung the black color at 52 lbs in a Head Prestige YouTek IG Mid (93 square inches; 18x20) -- it was absolutely fantastic! Razor like slices, incredible angles, and no shoulder irritation (often attributed to poly strings). Tried V- Star in the same racquet at 53 lbs. After a few hours/days it dramatically changed. Cyclone is an under the radar effective string. Simply fantastic!
From: Rob, 11/14

Comments: This is the first string where I actually noticed a pronounced difference in spin production. I had been using various polys. Also, the string movement was minimal up until it broke. This is in a 16x20 frame. Feel is ok, nothing like gut, but when all is said and done this string has better control, it enables me to take a harder swing at the ball and still land in. That fact is important to me psychologically as with gut in the frame the worry will inhibit me to an extant. Going to test out Kirschbuam Spiky Shark yellow next!
From: Tyko, 9/14

Comments: A word about the color diference here -- I was using the yellow version of this string, then tried the orange. The orange felt less springy with better control. So, even though they claim to be the same string, there is a difference. This was confirmed by the Volkl rep here.
From: Johnny, 8/14

Comments: I strung this at 48 lbs and the spin was impressive at first but I've had a few arm pains since. I'll be going back to RPM Blast as I've never had problems with that. If you can handle something a bit stiffer, I would recommend this because it's such a good price on TW compared to the RPM.
From: Tom, 8/14

Comments: I have this in a Wilson K Six.One 95 at 45 lbs and love it! Freshly strung, it feels great -- I am able to maintain reasonable control (at that tension), increased power, and boat loads of spin! If you are a club player, do not disregard this 18 gauge string. Try it, you'll like it!
From: Rob, 6/14

Comments: I have been a big fan of the spin and control of the Dunlop Black Widow strings. They allowed me to improve my game so much that several of my teammates have switched to it because they saw what it did for my game. Now, after trying the Cyclone and Cyclone Tour, I found that I get extra power. Not as much spin as the Dunlop Black Widow, but still more than enough. I am now hitting the ball deeper in the court without having to change my strokes, which has helped my confidence in matches. In my serves, I am seeing 4-6 mph speed improvement over the Dunlop Black Widow strings. Even my coach noticed a change in my game that he looked at match video and noticed my stokes didn't change, but I now have the spin, control and power that fits my game. Volki Strings with my Babolat Pure Drive racquet is a great combo.
From: Joseph, 5/14

Comments: Been using Cyclone 18 since it came out. Full bed and I love it -- it's hard to beat for the price and performance! All the features of RPM Blast except that it lasts longer and costs half the price!
From: Willard, 3/14

Comments: Control and spin -- 2 words to describe this string. I get so much control by just putting the string in the mains. I will be switching to a full bed of this string soon.
From: Hari, 2/14

Comments: Strung at 54 lbs in the Biomimetic 200 Plus. Compared to my previous strings, Genesis Typhoon, Volkl Cyclone does generate the level of spin and power as the Typhoon string but more than compensates for that with slightly improved control, comfort and feel. When it comes to shot placement or directional control, Volkl Cyclone strings are outstanding. I am sending opponents to the far corners of the court more often than before especially on serves. I think the Cyclone strings would suit an all court player more than an out and out baseliner because the power is a tad low and the strings are good for drop-shots and touch volleys.
From: Joe, 11/13

Comments: Wow! I've hit with many different polys over the years from brands such as Prince, Luxilon, Genesis, Topspin, Gamma, etc. I've recently switched over from Adrenaline and must say I'm very pleased. This string is very responsive, has great spin potential, is soft on the arm, and seems fairly durable for an 18g string. I haven't noticed any huge drop in tension, and think this will be my go-to string for quite some time!
From: Nick, 9/13

Comments: This is a great string because the combination of power, spin and tension maintenance is great. I have a string gauge and this string loses a couple of pounds at the beginning and than stays the same until it breaks. If you have an 18x20 string pattern try this string. I'm an all-court 5.5 player.
From: Marty, 9/13

Comments: I just tried both Cyclone 18 and the MSV Hex 1.10. I strung both on my Pure Storm Tour at 50 lbs with a syn gut at 55 lbs in the crosses. Cyclone seemed to perform better than the MSV but I think the MSV needs to be strung tighter than 50 lbs because it is a lot more elastic.
From: Alan, 8/13

Comments: The biggest issue with these strings is the tension retention or lack of it. I think it is the worst poly in this regard that I have tried. Tension drops significantly over the first few hours and within days it has dropped so much you have to cut them out and start over. I did try a hybrid (syn gut in crosses) to help with this, but this didnt help either. Great bite from the 18 gauge, great price at $8, but doesn't retain tension long enough to make it worth it.
From: CF, 6/13

Comments: Fantastic strings. Used the Tourna Blue Rough before and loved those, but these are much better. Strung on Dunlop 4D 300 Tour at 52 lbs. They go dead after 8 hours max. Not sure if that's expected.
From: Nik, 3/13

Comments: I absolutely love these strings. I originally tested it in a Head Youtek Prestige Mid and chose it over my usual (back then) Pro Line II 18. I went on to try other strings but something always brought me back to Volkl Cyclone. After I switched to the Yonex V-Core Tour 89, I automatically knew I had to have Volkl Cyclone 18 on them. I never looked back. The strings play amazingly. For a thin string they are very durable. I have yet to pop a set of cyclone. What I like most was the combination of power, control, and most importantly spin. The only string that comes close to the playability (for me at least) is Kirschbaum Pro Line II 18. But for the price of Cyclone it can't be beat! I don't think I will switch to another string in a long time!
From: Duy, 3/13
String tension: 52 lbs

Comments: I have played with the Timo 18 Lux strings in the mains for the last 5 to 7 years, and I loved the crisp feel of those strings and the stiffness, but they quit making reels, so that opened the door for me to try a new string. After trying around 10 polys I was told about the Cyclone 18. It is an extremely soft poly and feels just incredible. I thought I liked the really stiff string but after playing with this (with syn gut in the crosses) I have fallen in love with it. And it holds tension extremely well. It is somewhat similar in feel to the WC Mosquito Bite, but I think this has more pop. And the price, it's an absolute steal. I also liked the RPM Blast, but that's a little stiffer, doesn't hold tension quite as well, and is double the price. If you like polys, you absolutely must try this string.
From: Brian, 2/13

Comments: I love this string on a hybrid set up. I tried this string on the crosses at first to see how well it worked with my BLX Juice 108 along with the Volkl Classic syn gut 18g on the mains. While it felt good I didn't get the heavy topspin I was looking for using this configuration, so I tried the Cyclone on the mains and it felt very responsive producing massive spin! I also lowered the tension from 50 down to 49 on the mains and 54 on the Classic synthetic crosses. Overall, I was very pleased with the results and there was no break-in period at all.
From: Ferdie, 11/12

Comments: I started to play with full poly 20 years ago with Kirschbaum SuperSmash. The next step was SuperSmash Spiky. After that, MSV Focus Hex 18g was another step forward (more comfort, no string movement) and now Volkl Cyclone 18g is even better. Nice feel, power, tension holds well and the main thing for me it doesn't shrink in cold weather!
From: Jan, 9/12

Comments: I was really surprised by how soft (in a good way) this string is. In my quest for improved control and greater spin without sacrificing power, I've tried several thin-gauge Luxilon strings, and although they improve control, they reduce power too much. They also feel tinny and brittle, causing unpleasant vibration in my wrist and arm. The Volkl Cyclone 18g is like a big comfy down pillow in comparison, right from the very first swing. No break-in required. I get quite a lot of pace and depth without any trampoline effect. It also seems to enlarge the sweet spot, so even off-center hits travel cleanly off the frame and cause no inordinate arm vibration or jarring. My former go-to string was Genesis Twisted Razor, but this is a bit softer and costs less. Why pay more for less? Volkl offers a great price on a great string.
From: John, 9/12

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