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Comments: My first trial with this and strung my PS97S with this in Mains at 47 lbs with Origin crosses at 50 lbs and wow! Way too much power! Yes, the spin, comfort, and pocketing is excellent, and feel is good, but this setup played far too lively, powerful and unpredictable! I definitely should have strung it higher, but I was coming from Luxilon ALU Power 16l which is much less powerful and deader, and so more predictable. Liked this much better than ALU Power though for reasons above. Just gotta find the right setup. Going to try Cyclone 16G next with a bump up in tension.
From: David, 2/6/17

Comments: Lively and comfortable. More comfortable than RPM Blast and Luxilon Alu Power, also a little more lively. In fact, a little too lively. I did string it at 55 lbs, the same as I do for RPM. Perhaps if I had strung it at 57 or 58 lbs, it would have worked better for me. Highly recommended.
From: Philippe, 12/16

Comments: Plays just like RPM Blast at a fraction of the price. Love it.
From: Bob, 7/16

Comments: Warning: String at 52 lbs at the highest, it definitely needs to be strung about 5 lbs less then multifilaments. Also, this string was extremely stiff for me for the first few hours. After my first hitting session, I wanted to cut it off. My buddy talked me into giving it a little more time, and I'm glad I did. After a few hours, it really settled into a comfortable string, which a few people are calling dead. Unless you're a 5.0, you don't want it to feel how it does right off the bat. I recommend serving some flat serves for a while to speed up the process. The string feels great still after a few weeks of hitting, no sign of fraying on the string at all, and I hit with legitimate topspin. Great price, spin, feel, everything. And only $8. I highly recommend this string.
From: Dakota, 5/16

Comments: I have been using Babolat Pro Hurricane 17 for almost two years and just switched to Cyclone 17. Definitely love it. I strung it at 53 pounds on my Pure Drive 2015 and felt a little bit stiff at first. After several hours, the tension was a little lower and the string bed became better and better. Great access to spin all the time, and control is still pretty good after the tension drops down. It is a lower power level string, and also because of the stiff feel, I will suggest to string around 48-52 pounds and put the string on a powerful racquet.
From: Russell, 9/15

Comments: I used this string with both closed string patterns (Wilson Pro Tours) and open string patterns (Wilson 6.1 95S) with great satisfaction, stringing at low tensions 45-51 lbs range. The snap back on the mains is very good, and you can feel it best on medium long strokes. If you do not use a dampener, you will hear the snap back on a big swing or serve. Then the ball dives downward very fast.
From: Kimbal, 7/15

Comments: This becomes my go-to main string! I have tried poly mains (Kirschbaum, Wilson, Topspin, Luxilon, MSV, Signum, Weisscannon, Tourna) over the last few years and found that this Volkl Cyclone 17 (and V-Pro 17) as the main with any soft multi cross gives me the best results. I string it at 51 lbs on my Wilson PS 97 and it doesn't feel harsh or stiff on my arm (I am in my 50s). It provides feel and ball pocketing, enough for me to guide the ball and feel the ball on the net. On groundstrokes and serve, it gives a great control, spin, and decent power, so that I can swinging aggressively, and also I can manage to pick up the ball in hurry by simple wrist action. Even though I can feel the tension drop, it still gives me a plenty of time to play. This combination performs much better than other hybrid set ups.
From: Jake, 6/15

Comments: This string is really good, lots of power and control, a little less feel than Black 5 Edge, but I still would choose this one over the 5 Edge because of the higher power and comfort. The price is good too and the durability is better than the 5 Edge, it breaks in 1.5 -2 days instead of 1 day with the Black Edge or other poly.
From: Jim, 11/14

Comments: This is a great poly for a more than reasonable price. Does anything and everything the more expensive polys do but for less money and tons of comfort in my opinion. Great pop, great spin, great comfort, great durability and reasonable tension maintenance. I have lowered tension by more than 6 lbs and still gotten great performance from this string. Tried black and yellow, just ordered some orange. This is a great string!
From: CF, 3/14

Comments: When it's fresh, it has tons of feel and spin. This string goes dead fairly fast. It really did wake my racquet up (Yonex VCore Tour 330). If you think this string is harsh, try it under 50 lbs. I'm a big hitter, so power is not really of concern for me. This string has tons of control because it really bites and pockets the ball. Cheap too, my new string.
From: Alex, 1/14

Comments: Very good control, spin and comfort for the price. But not durable at all. They feel dead after about 3-4 hours of play. If you you don't like to string often, I would recommend something else, but it is well worth the price.
From: Dor, 1/14

Comments: This i the stiffest, harshest string I have played with. I cut it out after 45 minutes and won't be using it again.
From: Ulrich, 1/14

Comments: So far I have to say I am a little disappointed with this string! Compared to Gosen Sidewinder it feels harsh and unstable. You can get over this a little with a nice multifilament but again it's nothing close to the security and feel of the Sidewinder! With the superb 3 for 2 offer though this string is a steal! I would purchase again and use as a budget durable string option for adult clients!
From: Paul, 4/13

Comments: I play with heavy spin but little power and I only use pace when I want to put the ball away or control the point. I typically use a full western forehand grip and have a two handed backhand. I am currently using the Babolat Pure Drive Plus. As soon as I hit the first ball with this string it felt solid. I could feel the strings grabbing at the ball and ripping up the back of it to gain tremendous spin with a ton of feel. It felt like the string was keeping the ball on the string bed a lot longer than any other string. It is great from all areas of the court -- I can get a lot of spin on my forehand and backhand with ease; at the net I can drop the ball within inches of the net and can place it any corner and am able to use my power and touch. On my serve, I can hit my slice serve and put it into either corner of the box with little effort. It creates a ton of side spin on my slice -- the more you cut at the ball, the more it amplifies it. The ball pocketing of this string is amazing along with the incredible feel and spin. It is also very soft on my arm. This is a great choice for a heavy spin player. This string would be great in the Aero Pro Drive or Babolat Pure Drive. Spin: 9.5 Comfort: 9 Power: 8 Durability: 9
From: Anon, 2/13

Comments: This is a great string, especially for the price. The ball pockets well and it's a softer poly. The good thing about it is that it doesn't feel muted like Black Code. It's livelier, the spin is good, it's comfortable and it has decent pop. Seriously, I can't believe how less expensive this string is compared to the usual suspects that all have their own flaws.
From: Chris, 12/12

Comments: This is the right formula for me. It offers very good control, spin and comfort. I have tried many textured polys and this one is my favorite. I string it a little on the high side in my Volkl C-10 Pro. This string has plenty of power with a full swing. I also like Tour Bite. However, Cyclone has a soft feel for a poly at an excellent price. It's a must- try if you like textured polys!
From: James, 12/12

Comments: This is a great string, has an excellent blend of control, spin, feel and comfort for a poly. This is right up there with RPM but the ball pocketing found in the Cyclone 17g gives it a very slight edge in my opinion. AND it's half the price, nice!
From: Mike, 11/12

Comments: Amazing string! It's the second best string I've ever used. It lasted me 3-4 days. I'm using the 17G black, and it looks amazing and feels amazing. If your wondering, my favorite string is Solinco Tour Bite. I find these two to be very similar. Overall, it's a great string that I would recommend for everyone!! It's also soft on the arm.
From: Shane, 9/12

Comments: I think this string is one of the better polys out there. I use it as a full bed at 48 lbs in my Radical Pro. It plays better than RPM, and while not quite as grippy as Tour Bite, it produces great spin. It just has a really great combination of feel, comfort, power, and spin. It finds that middle ground really well, allowing you to focus on your game, which is all you can ask of a string.
From: Max, 9/12

Comments: I love this string. I strung it with my Head YOUTEK Speed Pro at 60 lbs. This string provides a lot of top spin. But it lacks power.
From: Daj, 6/12

Comments: Really Nice strings, similar to Dunlop Black Widow, although this lasts a little longer than the Black Widow, but dies faster.
From: Kevin, 3/12

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