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Comments: I have a Yonex Ezone AI98 and have put Cyclone 16 at 54 lbs and Yonex Poly Pro16L at 56 lbs in the two racquets. Initially i gravitated towards the Poly Pro as it had a better feel and softer, similar control levels, but the Cyclone was hard on the wrist and the elbow but better spin. I have a habit to switch the racquets mid session to confirm the feedback and the feel, after around 4-5 sessions i completely stopped using Poly Pro and stuck to Cyclone. I like it when it goes dead, it gives me better control on depth. Cyclone was unplayable for the first session but once it lost some tension it was the better one. But I would suggest it for people who can generate their own power and you will be rewarded with better control and spin. The Poly Pro changed more consistently -- might be able to produce better results but I don't change that often. I have used the Cyclone for at least 10-12 sessions and it has been exceptional performance but hard on the body initially. Next time i am going to try Cyclone 17 at 52-53 lbs and Cyclone 16 at 51 lbs to check which works better for me.
From: Aditya, 12/16

Comments: Not bad for 8 bucks. In a full bed at 50 lbs in a Dunlop Biomimetic M3.0. There's a nice crisp feel. I can swing out for 10-12 hours good for 1 week before it bags out.
From: David, 11/16

Comments: This is honestly the best string I have ever used, and I am not just saying that because of the price. I have tried every big name brand there is, Luxilon ALU, RPM, Solinco, HEAD. My go to string before this was Head Sonic Pro but it was too powerful for me and didn't bite the ball nearly as much as Cyclone. If you are a higher level player I would definitely recommend these strings, they have power but it is very controlled. For me, every stroke feels locked in and very comfortable, TW said it was a "dead" feeling string but it doesn't feel dead to me, it feels very plush. I strung it up at 50 pounds in my APD.
From: Nate, 11/16

Comments: Tried this in both the yellow and black on my Yonex Ai100 at 52 lbs. Loved the yellow but hated the black. Just felt like the black was too dead for my liking. Didn't have any feel or control with the black. The yellow, on the other hand, worked perfect for my game. Loved the spin and control and pop I got from it. I did experiment with a couple different tensions with the black but just didn't work out for my game. Since I switched to the yellow I always string it at 52 lbs and it works out perfectly every time.
From: Jackie, 7/16

Comments: I recently got my Volkl Organix V1 Pro strung with this and unfortunately I am not too happy with the feel i am getting.The string feels dead and has absolutely no control. I strung the string at 60 lbs. Not sure of that if that is the correct tension to string at, plus not really sure if the racquet is string sensitive and I made a mistake stringing it at 60 lbs instead of at much lower tension. I really loved the crisp feel of Volkl Cyclone Tour Red on my Prince Warrior.
From: Girish, 6/16
Note from TW: Hi Girish, Yes, we would recommend dropping the tension, we find the optimal tension for that racquet to be 55 lbs -- so we would suggest starting there.

Comments: Unbelievably comfortable, spin-friendly, reasonably priced, and a durable poly. I strung it in my Babolat Pure Strike at 52 lbs and played 7 matches in a doubles tournament (12 sets) and it felt great! Had massive bite on the ball, didn't change in feel, and was surprisingly comfortable. I've officially found my favorite poly. I can see why the Tennis Warehouse playtesters love this string. Thanks Volkl!
From: Jared, 6/16

Comments: I'm a long-time multi user that loves the comfort and power they offer. Recently I strung my Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid with these Volkl Cyclone 16g at 48 lbs. I must say that I was very pleasantly surprised. After a brief break-in period, these strings felt almost as comfortable as my favorite multis but offered increased spin potential and control. My serves were spot on and my splice exceptional. I'll be ordering some more, 17g this time, and really look forward to experimenting a bit with tension.
From: Jeremy, 3/16

Comments: I am a habitual string sampler -- love trying different brands and different tensions. But I think I'm done with all that. After all the positive reviews concerning this string, I put it in my Prince Tour 98 ESP (16x16 string pattern) end it feels like a pillow with teeth! Someone earlier said that he thought the grooves in the string were a gimmick. That's crazy! There is literally tennis ball fuzz stuck in the string because it bites so hard. And it is so comfortable in my open string pattern racquet, it's really hard to believe that it's a poly. At 50 pounds, the control, power, and spin, spin, spin! I get spin like no other string I've ever tried with the exception of Black Widow (which breaks quickly and goes dead within 3 hours of play). But not Cyclone. It's cheap, awesome and durable -- you can't beat that!
From: Chris, 1/16

Comments: I have tried a few good co-poly strings to date. But I always seem to play my best tennis when using the Cyclone yellow 16 string. Once again, it has fantastic directional control and spin and is not bad on touch and drop shots either. Strung in the Donnay Pro One 97 at 57 lbs.
From: Joe, 10/15

Comments: I just started playing Volkl Cyclone. I have previously used Babolat RPM Blast. I switched mainly due to the price of $7.99. I also think the yellow strings make my Babolat racquet rock with the yellow/black paint scheme. I was impressed with the spin power and control. I like the feel of these strings and will put them in my racquets from now on.
From: Tom, 7/15

Comments: I started using Volkl Cyclone 16 a few years ago after playing gut and multis for years. Since then I've tried many others including Champions' Choice, Weiss Canon, Luxilon, etc. out of curiosity rather than dissatisfaction with Cyclone. While many strings feel good for the first set or two, most fade quickly. Cyclone feels good from the start and stays playable for weeks. For me, it has the best combination of power level (not too high), control, spin, feel, consistency and durability of any string I've tried regardless of price. There is a reason more of the Tennis Warehouse racquet playtesters use it more than any other string. Cyclone worked best in my Blade 98s, my Volkl PB10 mids, and now in my RF97 Autographs (at 56 lbs.). If my budget was unlimited and I could restring every 7 games like Federer, I might use a gut hybrid, but even then, it would be a close call. Cyclone is excellent.
From: Robert, 6/15

Comments: After watching the reviews, I was pretty curious to try this string. I had it strung at 48 lbs on my AeroPro Drive. From the first hit I was impressed. Topspin was great and the amount of control that I got was superb. I've tried Luxilon strings and RPM Blast, but for the price I would definitely go for the Volkl Cyclone.
From: Shaun, 4/15

Comments: Strung this up at 48 lbs in my PS 97. I've been experimenting since December with various strings and for the price I think it's a no brainer. Honestly I've tried various Luxilon types and I think I prefer the Cyclone. My match results quantify my gut feeling.
From: Chris, 3/15

Comments: I was curious about this string so I tried it on my Pro Kennex KI-20 PSE racquet. Wow, it performs with power, stability, crisp volleys, serve -- you name it. I strung it just a little lower than usual (3 lbs lower), a good choice. I chose the pink string, very wild and fun. Pro Kennex KI-20 at 60 lbs, and I'm a 4.0 level of play.
From: Patty, 11/14

Comments: I tried this because it was on sale and I heard it was comparable to Head Hawk. That hasn't been my experience, but I'll review the string anyhow. First of all, the gear shaped edges I think are a complete gimmick. I didn't notice much more or less spin than from other polys because I think so much of spin comes from the stroke/form. The good thing is that even worn down, I felt the string performed the same. There's definitely solid control from the string, I know I like it at net even though others didn't. The ball goes where I want it to go, and I feel more confident going for the line. All in all, I still think Hawk is better, but I'd string with this again on an old frame I don't care as much about, instead of my main racquets.
From: Nicholas, 7/14

Comments: Tried 2 sets of Cyclone 16 in my Pure Storms at 52 lbs and 54 lbs but neither set clicked with me. I'm surprised to read so much praise for this string. I found it to be sluggish and unremarkable. And the gear-shaped edges wore down quickly. It's not a bad string, it's just average.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: Volkl Cyclone is legitimately a huge contender in the best poly category. Not only does it supply enough spin to play consistent, aggressive tennis but also power to finish points. Control is excellent due to the spin potential. Serves are easy to kick and volleys respond well. It's very arm friendly simply complements an all around game very well. You can't go wrong coupled with its unbeatable price!
From: Sigourneth, 7/14

Comments: Read a lot about this string, but found it rather underwhelming. It's ok, but produces a lighter ball than TB or even BHBR. No way is it in the same solar system as RPM Blast. Of course, it's half the price of RPM but so is BHBR.
From: Al, 11/13

Comments: If you want all around good spin and pocketing from your string, this is it. It doesn't have the most spin, or the best pocketing, or the best power, but it is very good at all of these. Plus, it is friendly on the arm. If you want more bite, then go with a hexagonal shaped sting. However, these are usually stiffer strings and can lead to elbow issues. I found gear shaped strings have good pocketing, but not as much grab as hex shaped strings.
From: Brian, 10/13

Comments: I'm a 5.0 player and I have tried a lot of strings. My most recent setup was RPM/VS Gut at 56 lbs. The RPM gave a little more spin, but has only a fraction of the control of Cyclone. Cyclone is the best control string I have ever tried. Try it, but string it lower and you will be a convert. Mine is strung at 50lbs on my PSTGT with a leather grip.
From: Patrick, 9/13

Comments: Definitely a lot of spin. A decent amount of power. Not exactly the most feel on the volleys, however, I got used to this. Serves didn't have a ton of pop on them (I felt like my top speed went from 115 to 110). Very soft on the arm. Definitely a wonderful string for aggressive play, but a little difficult to be defensive with. Overall a much better string than the synthetic I was using at 61 lbs. It's not a perfect string, but it is pretty damn good. My top choice out of about 8 different strings. Definitely a good choice for collegiate players because of how much power and spin it can generate.
From: Anon, 6/13

Comments: I tried this in my 2012 PD Roddick. It was like I had gone to tennis heaven. Spin and kick were abundant but only for about three hours. I was like Cinderella who missed her curfew. They died so fast! I'm a little too tired and lazy to restring every session, so I will continue my quest for a solid 10 hour poly.
From: Mark, 6/13

Comments: Strung the yellow at 55lbs tension in one piece on Prince Diablo Mid frame. Lost tension badly after only a few hours of doubles. The strings were very spongy and foam-like similar to a rubber band. The strings either absorb all the motion energy from the ball and stick to the strings or it restores far too much motion energy from the ball and the shots fly way too long. No additional spin from the geared profile for kick, top spin or cut. A disastrous troubling string on this frame. Very slack and sloppy string. Not recommended from my experiences. For this price, I feel like there is far better string. I wasted my money paying for a restring with this string. Used Kirschbaum Pro Line II 16 (1.30) previously and that wasn't too bad overall, considering it is a free stringing choice for most frame retailers. Certainly the Kirschbaum Pro Line II 16 (1.30) is at least three times better than the Volkl Cyclone 16.
From: Dave, 4/13

Comments: Phenomenal string. I used it on my Babolat Pure Drive 2012 GT, Head Radical MP, Volkl V1 Classic, Volkl PB7 and Wilson Kobra Tour. Typically I use Cyclone at 54-56 lbs in the mains and Luxilon ALU Rough at 56 lbs in the crosses, or Pro Hurricane Tour at 54-55 lbs in the crosses. Deadly combinations. Absolutely the best hybrid I've tried. I am an old timer and use a continental grip. Cyclone gives me just enough spin to keep the ball from over-shooting and landing right on the baseline when I range my swing properly. Slice serves - oh my! I tried both 16 and 17 gauge cyclone, 16 gave me a bit more because it protrudes more. There was almost no tension loss. And you have to remember, the crosses hold the mains-bed together so add a few lbs to Pro Hurricane and the mains will hold forever.
From: Joseph, 13

Comments: I've had these strings in for a little over a month now. I found some tension loss but it didn't make the stringbed soft like a set of RPM Blast would do after a mere two weeks. I did notice that the octagonal shape has worn off and now it is a smooth string. Unlike other players though, I didn't really feel it affected anything. I did have to put a little more effort to put massive topspin on the ball but there really wasn't any change in my average groundstroke. After trying many types of string, I think I have found my racket's soulmate, Volkl 16g Cyclone.
From: Tom, 2/13

Comments: These strings are the best I've ever played with. They are great on all attributes and just an overall beast string. These strings have so much spin with the perfect combination of power for a poly. I can really rip on either a forehand or a backhand and be completely confident in that the ball will land in the court or on the line. So much control on these strings as well, along with touch and feel. It's true that like all other polys it will lose tension, but this is nothing that even a mediocre tennis player can't adjust to. Just an amazing amount of durability also. I've had these in for nearly two weeks and they are just now starting to bite in. On serve, it offers a great access to spin and allows to me to use my kick serve as both my first and second serve with how much pace i have picked up on my serve. I can hit the same speed with the most shallow angle with these strings. Just an awesome string. If you like RPM Blast, then you will love these because these play the same if not better than RPM Blast. I strung them at 55 lbs on a Head Youtek IG Speed Elite.
From: Tom, 1/13

Comments: I consider myself a racquet and string experimenter. This poly is now one of my top 5 favorite poly strings. It's the best all-around poly for me. It's comfortable for a poly and has great tension maintenance. I like to string it at 54 lbs in a full job and at 58 lbs as the mains with a 58 lbs multi when I am practicing serves and ball machine.
From: Josh, 1/13

Comments: I put this in my C10 Pro, and even with the colder temps of December this string is comfortable. I strung it at 54 lbs but I may move up to 56 or even 57 when it warms up. It's the best poly I have personally tried. Better than RPM or Savage in my opinion.
From: Larry, 12/12

Comments: This is awesome strong! I changed from RPM Blast.
From: Robert, 11/12

Comments: I put this string in my Head Youtek IG Prestige Mid, and I hated the feel. Sure, I can put spin on my groundstrokes, and I can put bite on my serves and volley, but this string is so stiff that I can't feel the ball pocketing. I can't feel the ball on the strings. It is a punishing string to play with. I prefer the softer feel of the Sonic Pro or French Open Xcel. I don't care if the Cyclone lasts 2 months because I wanted to cut the string out immediately.
From: Anon, 10/12

Comments: Really like how crisp and controlled this is. Put it in my Volkl V1 midplus after reading some of the playtest reviews!
From: DG, 7/12

Comments: Great control, great durability! Just switched from Luxilon and I'm totally happy.
From: Paul, 6/12

Comments: I had been using Prince or Gosen synthetics before, but this Cyclone 16 is much better. More power, great control and spin, and more durable. The strings don't move around on me and they last more than 2 months (the synthetic gut strings used to last me 3-4 weeks). Great value, great all around string. I would highly recommend giving it a try.
From: Mike, 6/12

Comments: Great string, lasts a long time (2 months max.). Allows a lot of power, spin and control. I love this string and I totally recommend it! This is the thinnest version of the cyclone! Love this string and will always play with it.
From: AW, 4/12

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