Volkl Cyclone Tour 18 String Red Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the sleeper of all polys if you are looking for feel, spin potential, easy on the arm, and value. Buy a set and try it even if you are reluctant to use "stiff" poly. A full set is fine. A hybrid with Gosen Micro Sheep 18 g is scary good. I am rated a 4.5 and am a 68 year old male.
From: Jose, 1/17

Comments: This string plays amazing if you string it between 45-55 lbs. I have it set in 3 Wilson Blade 98s at 53 lbs each (the 2013 model) and the spin potential is unreal. The durability is also great and considering I live on the island of Molokai all the way in Hawaii, that's saying something. I switched over to this from RPM Blast, due to better comfort, and just as much spin potential and durability while saving your wallet a whole extra 8 bucks per set. A definite win!
From: Kaipoi, 6/15

Comments: I've been using Volkl Cyclone 18 for 6 months and I really liked it. When I heard that Volkl Cyclone Tour was softer and has more power, I wanted to give it a try. The Tour version is softer but it doesn't last as long as the original. The original version lasts me about a month. The first time I used it, I strung this in the mains and used Gosen OG sheep as a cross and it only lasted 2 weeks. So I tried using this string for mains and crosses, and it lasted me a match. It's a great poly and very comfortable, but if you are frequent string breaker, I would suggest going with a thicker string.
From: Chris, 4/15

Comments: Excellent string! My previous favorite was Tecnifibre Black Code 18. I liked how Tecnifibre Razor Code 18 played a bit better, but it was also harsher on my arm. Volkl Cyclone Tour 18 has the crispness and power of Razor Code plus the softness of Black Code with even better feel. I hybrid this with Forten Sweet 17.
From: Ron, 11/13

Comments: Lots of spin and power, but quick tension drop.
From: Marty, 5/13

Comments: Using this on a 16x18 6.1 95 Amplifeel and Donnay Pro One 16x19. The string does give excellent spin and power. The feel is a bit above average for co-poly. I string it @ 40-43 lbs in the mains and 36-40 lbs in the crosses. It works pretty well for an all court game like mine. I do have a bit of problem with drop and angled volleys but that's more due to the tension than the string. The durability is excellent for 18g. I play about 6 hrs a week of doubles. My NTRP rating is 5.5 level and this string survived for a month. Playability left after the 12th hour.
From: Drew, 2/13

Comments: Great string, but 18 gauge on this string was way too thin for me. I felt like I was hitting with thread.
From: Brendan, 1/13

Comments: I played with the original Cyclone for many months before Volkl came out with this new variation. I would call this string an improvement overall. It is softer with a lot more pop. I took the advice of the Tennis Warehouse testers and strung it a few pounds higher than my normal tension. If you play with a tight string bed, as I do (Head Microgel Radical MP 18 x20), I recommend the 18 gauge. The feel is amazing and I am not getting any negative vibration or arm pain. It simply does not feel much like a poly. The durability is excellent even when you hit a heavy ball. This string is now my string of choice.
From: Joshua, 1/13

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