Volkl Cyclone Tour 17 String Reel Red Customer feedback

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Comments: Please take my review with a grain of salt. I only use polys for the durability and because I can't stand the strings moving all around during and after each rally. The control and spin they provide are a bonus but I already get great control from my low powered flexible racquets and already get great spin because I'm blessed with a live arm and good racquet speed. Those who are looking for maximum control will find better strings elsewhere -- but at the mercy of their joints. That's what led me to this point. Black Code and regular Cyclone have been my go to strings for years. But even in flexible frames, my wrist and forearm have been hurting more and more from polys. Coming from a regular poly, you will notice a few major differences with this Cyclone Tour. First, it is noticeably softer. Secondly, it has more power. Third it has a little less control. Fourth, the tension drop is more severe than in the standard cyclone or its comparable peers. I hear terms like "modern racquets" and the "modern game" a lot and what they are describing are stiff frames that need equally stiff strings to reign in the power. In my opinion, this string doesnt compliment a "modern racquet" very well. Sure the soft feel would be welcome in a stiff jarring "modern" frame. But the higher power level of Cyclone Tour and the springy feel due to all that tension loss after a few hours, will prove to be a bit too lively for most players who seek ultimate control in a string. Perhaps a stiffer modern frame that has an overly dense pattern could find a good partner in this string, like the Pure Strike Tour. Overall I feel like Cyclone Tour plays like a string that's 80% poly and 20% multifilament. If that's the type of feel you want, give it a try. Im a 5.5 player.
From: Matt, 11/16

Comments: If you like regular Cyclone, you'll appreciated this softer version too. I added this as a cross in my hybrid setup with Cyclone 17 mains. All the spin and control of Cyclone with the added comfort/feel of Cyclone Tour in the crosses. Try it out and see if it works for you!
From: Stanford, 11/16

Comments: To echo what many others have already posted, I have tried the red version in both 16 and 17 gauge and in my opinion, it is an amazing combination of comfort, pop and decent spin. Durability is good but not exceptional but that is to be expected since this is a soft, powerful poly to begin with. It will lose tension faster than stiff strings. It looks similar in texture to Snakebite that I have used in the past and while that certainly produces more spin is much stiffer, more like Tour Bite. Overall, i really like it and have used it in a full bed without any issues so far.
From: Partha, 10/16

Comments: Best string I have ever used! It has a perfect blend of power and control for me. The spin is about average. The most impressive feature is the comfort and the feel; I feel extremely connected to the ball while having a soft, smooth ride. Perfect string for me! I strung Cyclone Tour Red 17 in my Pure Drive 2013 at 53 lbs. I can't say about the playability duration and durability yet since I only played with it for 5 hours. So far, so good!
From: Kevin, 10/16

Comments: As a long time multi string user due to tennis elbow issues, I decided to try the Volkl Cyclone Tour 17g for added spin, based upon reviewers stating that they haven't experienced any arm issues. I usually string my multi set-up at 60 lbs for control, so I initially experimented with a 50 lbs set-up and the ball seemed to travel too far -- trampoline effect. I next tried a 53 lbs set-up and that seemed to be the sweet spot where it's tight enough for good control, yet soft enough for some nice ball pocketing. I have definitely noticed more spin in my forehand and on my backhand, I'm able to get some nice bite on the ball where it stays nice and low. I've played about 6-8 hours with this set- up and so far, the tension maintenance seems pretty good. Of note, the red string seems to play a little softer than the grey version. For those arm sufferers, you should give the Cyclone Tour a try. I'm a 4.0 baseliner.
From: Eddie, 8/16

Comments: I ordered a reel of this sting in 17 gauge, and I could not be happier. I'm a 4.5 baseliner and my game is centered around kick serves and heavy topspin groundstokes. Current setup: Babolat Pure Drive with full bed Cyclone Tour at 59 lbs. I was looking for a new string after using Signum Pro Poly Plasma for the last few years. The Cyclone Tour feels soft, but not spongy like the Signum, thus, no arm problems for me. Also, it is very easy to string, unlike the Signum. The texture provides excellent bite on the ball, as well. I feel as though I can really swing out on the ball with this string and have the confidence that it will land in the court. Durability has been excellent, as I have already played 10 sets without breakage or noticeable loss in tension.
From: Mark, 11/15

Comments: Not even close to the original Cyclone. Played with the string for one set and could not generate nearly as much pace or spin as Cyclone. Cyclone Tour plays like a soft synthetic gut if that's what your looking for. Definitely not a sequel to Cyclone.
From: John, 11/15

Comments: I was at that tournament in Indian Wells last year and was approached by a sales rep from Volkl who happens to use this string. I explained to him what I was looking for, what frame I played with (V1 Pro) and my style of play. He pointed me to this string and recommended to string at low tension (low 50 lbs) to enjoy the string. I followed his advice and strung at 51 lbs. Result: I love it! It gives me the spin I needed, the power I needed, does not hurt my arm and boost my confidence in my shots. Perfect match but I must confess, I am the kind of guy who likes to try different strings every once in a while just to see what's out there in the market but this string is a keeper for sure. I've already bought a reel. Highly recommend. Sounds like a sales pitch but it is not. Try it out once then put your review here. I will come visit this page every once in a while. My skill level is between 4.0 and 4.5 (depending on a number of factors) and my style of play is baseliner/serve and volley.
From: Gino, 8/14

Comments: I have been using this string for just over six months now. Before that, I used Luxilon 4G or ALU Power Rough as a cross and Wilson NXT in the mains. I have had elbow and wrist issues in the past so I usually tend to stay away from a full bed of polys. Even some of the softer ones at low tension feel too stiff on my elbow after some hours of play, say RPM Blast and 4G rough. The Luxilon and Wilson NXT combo plays great but money goes away quickly as I have to restrung three of my racquets on a weekly basis. I tried Cyclone Tour in a full bed and had no elbow issues at all. I got great string bed response, great comfort, good power and awesome spin out of it. I got added kick and extra 5 to 10 kmh on my serve. Durability is similar to the Luxilon/Wilson combo. Plus the price is less than one third once I get the reel. I have also noticed that the red one plays better than the black version for some reason. I would recommend this string to anyone looking for a hybrid alternative.
From: Jon, 7/14

Comments: I started using this string around 2 months ago. Durability is great as of now, and I play very regularly. I'm not someone who really needs a lot of extra power, but it's definitely there. No arm problems since I started using these. The spin I get is just great. There's really nothing bad I can say right now. I highly recommend these strings, and the price is great. Best I've ever used.
From: Matthew, 4/14

Comments: Like Jan said, the Cyclone Tour delivers the most power and if you're an offensive baseliner like me and generate your own power, you might like the low powered feel of the V-torque and Cyclone better. I strung it at 55/53lbs and it breaks in very quickly compared to Cyclone and has a soft, almost trampoline feel. I would say the spin level is almost as good as Cyclone but less than V-torque. I've played 4 sets with it now and durability and tension is holding quite well for a soft string. I would recommend this string for people that would like a powerful string that is easy on the arm without sacrificing durability.
From: Ken, 11/13

Comments: As far as Volkl poly strings go, VTorque delivers the best spin, Cyclone Tour delivers the best power and Cyclone has a solid low powered feel. So it's up to you what you need. 1.25mm poly lasts me about 5 sets. When I string with Pacific XForce, the strings last more than 10 sets.
From: Jan, 11/13

Comments: I have used the original Cyclone for over a year and tried out the Tour. First of all, you must string it slightly tighter than the original Cyclone. I could not keep the ball in the court stringing it at the same tension as the regular Cyclone. I tried it slightly tighter than the original Cyclone and did not find it better than the original, nor did I find it any softer. Also, I found stringing with the Tour more difficult, I guess due to the twisting of the string. I will stick with the original Cyclone.
From: Anon, 11/12

Comments: I would have to disagree with Luke. Compared to the original Cyclone it breaks in much faster and has a much softer feel. The fact that it is twisted is what makes it softer, not to mention the fact that is it also easier to string in comparison to the OG Cyclone. Maybe the color also makes it softer too. The only downside is that it drops tension quite fast (about 4lbs) when I string it at 62lbs. Other than that, I got tons of pop, feel, and spin.
From: Jay, 11/12

Comments: Not a bad string, but I couldn't tell much of a difference between this and the regular Cyclone. The red color is a nice touch and the twisted shape reminds me of Solinco's Barb Wire which I really like. It does seem to add a slight bit more bite to the ball. but as for feeling softer than Cyclone I'd beg to differ. Overall, it's the same solid performance as the original Cyclone with a touch more bite.
From: Luke, 11/12

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