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Comments: This tour version of the Volkl Cyclone string is overall very good. The new twisting pattern doesn't do much for spin potential, seeing as the original Cyclone provided more access to spin when I played them side by side. However, these strings offer more pop and comfort, as they're noticeably softer, almost plush, and the power level has gone up a notch or two. I was actually bothered by the increase in power because I was hoping for a low-powered string like the original Cyclone. But with my expectations aside, I found the Volkl Cyclone Tour 16g to have ample spin potential, increased power, softer feel, and the same other qualities of control and bite. I wouldn't say it's an improvement or a step-down from the original version. It's simply an alternative for those seeking more forgiving strings.
From: Brian, 12/12

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