Volkl Cyclone Tour 18 String Anthracite Customer feedback

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Comments: This is the sleeper of all polys if you are looking for feel, spin potential, easy on the arm, and value. Buy a set and try it even if you are reluctant to use "stiff" poly. A full set is fine. A hybrid with Gosen Micro Sheep 18 g is scary good. I am rated a 4.5 and am a 68 year old male.
From: Jose, 1/17

Comments: This string plays amazing if you string it between 45-55 lbs. I have it set in 3 Wilson Blade 98s at 53 lbs each (the 2013 model) and the spin potential is unreal. The durability is also great and considering I live on the island of Molokai all the way in Hawaii, that's saying something. I switched over to this from RPM Blast, due to better comfort, and just as much spin potential and durability while saving your wallet a whole extra 8 bucks per set. A definite win!
From: Kaipoi, 6/15

Comments: I was glad to have come across some of the reviews on this string because it gave me the confidence to try this string; and I am glad that I did. Volkl Cyclone 18 gauge (grey color) strung at 48 lbs on Wilson 6.1 95S (open pattern) works very well and is comfortable compared to the 17 and 16 gauges. Even at 48 lbs tension, this string is hard to move using finger tips; but you can feel it bending and snapping back on topspin. Not as stiff or crisp as the 17 gauge, of course, but much more comfortable on the arm, and provides longer dwell time at the same tension. This is the first 18 gauge that I have used in my string machine (drop weight). I find it very easy to use in the stringing machine; although I have to keep adjusting to get the drop weight level (because the string is noticeably more elastic than the larger gauges and it takes time for the drop weight to level off). I really like stringing and playing with this thin gauge string, though, and I highly recommend it. It imparts lots of energy to the ball, and seems also to absorb hard shots well, especially at net. I would be interested in seeing if I could bring out some of my older frames with tighter string patterns (e.g., KFactor Pro Tours 20x18) using this thin gauge at very low tensions (below 40 lbs).
From: Kimbal, 11/14

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