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Comments: I bought two pairs of these for the great price, and loe them. I have a wide foot and no one makes tennis shoes for wide feet. These fit great and provide excellent ankle support. I'm going to order two more pairs. I not only wear them for tennis, I wear them all the time with shorts and jeans. They look great, feel great, and are priced right. What else do you want from a shoe? Sorry KSWISS, you've been replaced.
From: Joe, 11/12

Comments: I have been wearing Prince mid-cuts forever and these shoes are the worst. The fit is bad, the sizing is off and it rubs my feet in all the wrong places. Never again!
From: Gerry, 10/12

Comments: I found these shoes to be a little wider than most 11.5s in other tennis shoes. I use two pairs of socks with them and that problem is solved. This mid-height shoe provides noticably better ankle support than low cut shoes. I find that they are a bit heavier but not cumbersome at all. The additional confidence on movement makes up for any additional weight IMO. They are all leather so they may not breathe as well some other shoes. The outsole seems durable and provided good traction. At 50 some dollars these are a good buy for those who desire mid-height shoes.
From: Scott, 10/12

Comments: I love these shoes. I'm on my third pair, as these are great shoes at a great price. So all you people out there who want a $200 shoe for $50, this is as close as you will get.
From: Rick, 9/12

Comments: I like the way the viper fits and wears. If you buy extra pairs and store it for a few years and pull it out, the glue will fail and the sole will separate. Contact cement will fix it. I've learned not to buy a backup unless you are going to wear it in the near future.
From: Wayne, 4/12

Comments: I really like this shoe, especially the wide toe box. I switched to this shoe last year after wearing Nike for 30+ years because they (Nike) have all but quit making the 3/4 which I like because of support, as well as depth, to insert orthotics. The only problem I have with the shoe is the poor quality of shoe strings. Shoe strings narrow with use, then become frayed to the point I think they make break while lacing.
From: Joe, 10/11

Comments: Great shoes as long as you don't want to stop or make any sudden movements! I wore this shoes for my last match and slid and bounced off the court running wide for a forehand (in case you were wondering, yes, I won the point!). There was nothing on the court that caused me to slide, so it had to be something on these shoes that caused me to slip. I put my weight on my heel to stop and the next thing I knew I was bleeding from my knee and my knuckles and had a world class scrape on my brand new racquet!
From: Bryan, IL, USA. 4/11

Comments: I have bought many pairs of these shoes. They are wide, which is the only reason I buy them. I don't want any more because they wear badly on the top of the rear of the shoe. The bigger problem is they almost always split apart on the side, where they are connected to the sole. If the problem was corrected, I would buy them again. The seam splitting has been going on for seven years, that I am aware of.
From: Rich, San Francisco, CA, USA. 4/11

Comments: On my 4th pair. Great price, comfortable, good durability, and great for my wide feet. What more do you want in a shoe?
From: Sean, GA, USA, 03/11

Comments: Been using the higher end Prince shoe for two years, got these and they're great but short in length. Stable, supportive, a hair lower, great ankle support, good cushion, no difference in speed from heavy shoes to lightest for me. I'd recommend 1/2 size bigger, in this, a solid shoe for a great price.
From: LeeD, Berkeley, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I might hold the record for most purchases of this shoe from TW. I've had at least 14 pairs and still buy them regularly. Got them primarily for the ankle support and decent durability.
I'm impressed by the low price but it was not an issue with me. As a mid-50's ex-basketball player who now plays mostly tennis, this shoe is the best I've had.
From: Stan, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 01/11

Comments: Have owned 4 pair of these now. The NFS last fits my foot perfectly. I can still grind through a set of these kind of quickly, but the same goes for most other offerings as well. Agree that they are a little high at the ankle, but also agree that the shoes like good socks. Good bang for the buck.
From: Mike, Joliet, IL, USA, 07/10

Comments: I got these shoes a week ago and played already several times with them. Before them I used to play with the Prince T10 which are great shoes but since I got my ankle injured I had to find some shoes with ankle support. The Viper are great shoes if you have ankle problems. Also a great value for the price. Pair them with an ASO ankle braces and you won't regret. Indeed what other people are saying is true. Your ankle movements are limited (which is exactly the reason you will want them) but you'll learn pretty quick how to run in them.
From: MP, Toronto, ON, Canada. 6/10

Comments: I have had these for a few months, but only used them a 3-4 times. The high ankle support actually bothers the ankle, and doesn't give a natural feel of the low support ones. This is my third Prince shoes and I liked the previous ones. I am hoping these tear or wear out quickly - so, I can replace them without having to wear them too long.
From: RC, Atlanta, GA, USA. 06/10

Comments: Had shoe about 3 weeks when stitching ripped through on inside front top. This is the second problem with Prince shoes in a month. They are using cheap material on uppers which cannot handle the stress of tennis. NO MORE Prince shoes for me.
From: Dan, San Diego, CA 03/10

Comments: Had 2 pairs of prince namely Viper IV and MV, they are great in terms of comfort and durability. But this Viper II sucks. It's hard on the soles, very little cushion, lo and behold now I've got plantar fasciitis (sole pain in the morning upon waking up and taking a few steps). Guess you pay for what you get. Not recommended.
From: Anon, 11/09

Comments: After a few months of casual play with these shoes, I decided to play a tournament. It was only then that I realized I bought the wrong shoe. These shoes literally pounded on my toenails whenever I got on the balls of my feet.
From: Quinn, Iowa, USA. 10/09

Comments: I bought 2 pairs in early 2008 based on the comments. I enjoy playing scrambling, defensive tennis. Wearing these sneakers, I have yet to experience toe crash- that awful pain when you break or rip a toenail after stopping quickly on the court. So I just bought 2 more pairs. Love these shoes!
From: Dan, Worcester, MA, USA. 3/09

Comments: I have a wide shovel and very flat feet and a history of turning my ankles. I'm on about my 15th pair of Viper II Mids. I love the fit, out-of-the-box comfort, and support. I'm very picky about my tennis shoes - my feet are very hard to fit. I've never had any of the grommet problems I've read about here. Best tennis shoes I've ever owned. They are obviously heavier than many other shoes, but don't seem to slow me down. I do find the cushion to wear out a bit before the tread is gone, but at this price the longevity is not an issue. I'd be interested in a similar fit at lighter weight. Anyone with a wide shovel have experience with the Cobra mid?
From: Jeff, Round Rock, TX, USA. 3/09

Comments: No one shoe is going to perfectly fit everyone but for me I have never found one that fits and feels better than this shoe. For me I have tried many brands but keep coming back to this shoe. I am getting ready to purchase my fifth pair. They feel secure, are comfortable, reasonably durable and I like the looks. The only negative feature is that the shoe is too heavy.
From: Roger, Tampa, FL, USA, 11/08

Comments: I had to return these shoes as I was continually getting blisters on my little toe. I tried to break them in but was never able to get over the blister problem.
From: Bob, Novi, MI. 11/08

Comments: This is not a very good shoe. It is too narrow and very uncomfortable. other shoes from Prince are much better.
From: John, rochester, MI. 9/08

Comments: These shoes are great. I have had 5 or 6 pairs, and I think they might be a little heavy but provide better support than anything I have owned before or since. I would use no other tennis shoe.
From: Patrick, Northville, Michigan, USA. 9/08

Comments: Great shoes!! I just brought 6 pairs. I have worn viper 2 's for 8 years.
From: david, valrico, fl, us. 9/08

Comments: I have been hard on tennis shoes all my life. I have been wearing these shoes for over 4 years. I rave about them and many of my teammates now wear them. The midsole does not blow out like so many softer shoes. They fit a rather wide foot and provide good torsional stability, which is a great attribute for those who wear orthotic devices. It has helped quell my achilles tendonitis and fasciitis. Wearing a Smartwool sock helps cushion the foot from any prominent seams or eyelets. The price point is exceptional. The midsole does tend to blow out before the soles wear down, but then I use them as light practice shoes or walking shoes. The exceptional traction of the newer pairs is saved for match play. 4.0 serve and volley
From: pod4ski, Truckee, CA, USA. 3/08

Comments: I have worn these shoes for years. I think they are great. They're maybe a little heavy, but there's a lot of ankle support. I have really enjoyed them. I buy on average about 5/6 pairs a year. For the price, I think you will have a hard time finding a better pair. I play three times a week, and I am coaching at least 12 hours a week on top of that and teach P.E. in these shoes about three days a week.
From: Daniel, Saint Marys, GA, USA. 2/08

Comments: This is not the greatest shoe. It's very flat, and my feet are killing me after several times wearing them. I tried to break them in because at first the seam on the inside rubbed my foot raw. After break-in, the shoe was very hard, and the rubber wore off very fast.
From: Chris, Jacksonville, FL, USA. 12/07

Comments: I feel compelled to write about this shoe. For years I was a K-Swiss Preventor addict. Even with their fit and comfort issues, they provided the best support in tennis. 2-3 years ago the Preventor was discontinued. I play competitive tennis at sectional and national levels, and I need solid shoes at my age (50s) and weight (200+). The Viper II mids are the closest thing to the K-Swiss Preventor I have found. They are solid and inspire confidence on the court. For the most part they are comfy and cool. The only issue I have had was with the tongue digging a hole in the side of my ankle. I took a good pair of scissors and snipped the tongue corner away and voila, perfect comfort. They don't make shoes like this anymore.
From: Anon, 09/07

Comments: Boy do I wish I had read the comments before buying these. My comment is so close to one below, I have used Prince for a long time. I think I will try New Balance now.
From: Kendal, Auburn, AL, USA, 08/07

Comments: Really painful. The bend in the right shoe was over the joint in my big toe, and there was something horribly wrong with the construction of the upper. The next day was agonizing. Started to play with two socks on my right foot, which worked okay other than being a bit warm. Why not the left shoe? Quality control? I've tried out three pairs of Prince shoes in the last half-year or so, and none have been satisfactory. Now, should I blow 75 bucks on the Viper IV's? Having a hard time pulling the trigger on that transaction.
From: Peter, Coos Bay, OR, USA, 07/07

Comments: I wore these shoes once - very uncomfortable. I too had problems with the string eyelets digging into the top of my feet. When I put them on the following day, I couldn't even walk in them it was so painful. I had to buy different shoes at the pro shop since I didn't have any other shoes with me.
From: Anonymous, St. Paul, MN, USA. 2/07

Comments: I wore these shoes for a while, then switched when I couldn't find them for a while. They provide amazing support and stability. I have chronic leg problems, which were surprisingly alleviated by these shoes. The only major problem for me is their weight. I have noticed, and so have my tennis partners, a definite decrease in my court speed when I wore these instead of other shoes. They also have a durability problem. I could wear holes in these shoes in only 2 or so months.
From: Anon 06/06

Comments: They pinch and the string eyelets dig into the top of your foot. The eyelets cause great pain after 1/2 hour of use.
From: Pete Rogain, Marlton, NJ, USA 05/06

Comments: I just received two more pairs in the mail, bringing my total to five pairs (four mid and one low). I have not tried all the different court shoes but these are the best yet. I buy a half size large and wear two pair of socks to eliminate blistering. The NFS and wide toe box is great for my wide foot and the design holds my heel back in the shoe preventing toe jamming. They wear great right out of the box with a short mild break in period. I am a 3.5 player and play an average of 8 hours per week and wear them until the bottom is smooth but they still grab, but the inside cushion for the ball of the foot just begins to break down at that point. I prefer the mid for ankle support. They are a bit heavy but I'm in the sport for a work out anyway and my legs adapted quickly. These shoes give me one less thing to worry about on the court.
From: John, Colorado, USA 04/06

Comments: For over four years I have worn these shoes. Usually buy two pairs at a time, probably bought 6-8 pairs over the last 4 years. This shoe works for me. It's sturdy, wears well, it's good looking and fits my funky foot. I'm 6'1" and 180lbs and wear a size 8.5 so I need a sturdy shoe.
From: Mike, Powder Springs, Ga, USA 01/06

Comments: Great value at this low price! I've been wearing this model for the last 3 years and firmly believe they are the greatest shoes for practice, especially for heavier players. The only trick to appreciate the outstanding support is wear neoprene ankle sleeves or double socks. The sole will last about 4 months playing 3 times a week. Better stock up since the Viper III doesn't seem to be getting better reviews.
From: Phil, Corona CA, USA 01/06

Comments: These shoes are horrible. Pinch my mid-foot and make my little toe numb. I bought them due to the hype about ankle support but did not expect the "pinching" effect. Oh well. I played in them twice so now I can't return them. Guess I'll go back to my cheap Wilson Tour's.
From: JAH, Cleveland, Ohio, USA. 11/05

Comments: These shoes are OK, but the back support rubs around the ankles. I snipped the corner off, and it is fine - but I'd rather find a shoe that actually fits comfortably. Shouldn't have ordered "blind" - and should have read these reviews!
From: Sam, Fort Worth, TX, USA. 10/05

Comments: These are very good shoes overall, but I just blew the seam out of the right side of the right shoe this past weekend while playing. The shoes were relatively new, so perhaps mine was defective. Very comfortable and supportive shoes.
From: Chris, Mechanicsville, MD, USA. 11/04

Comments: I am getting ready to order my third pair of these shoes. My only complaint is they wear-out pretty fast. I play at least two hours a day five days a week though. They are comfortable and supportive at the same time. Get a pair.
From: Joel, Montrose, Colorado, USA. 10/04

Comments: These shoes are horrible. They are built like boots, stiff, hurt your feet at the small toe area, and all around the ankles. Try the Prince Scream Mid, much better shoes.
From: Chuong, Roseville, CA, USA. 08/04

Comments: This Prince Men's NFS Viper Mid Shoe had a design that really impressed me at the store. The immediate look, feel, sturdiness really made me feel like I had just found the "perfect" men's shoe. Yet, in play this shoe hurt my ankles so bad! I don't see how any person can compliment this shoe when wearing it was uncomfortable. I'm a 4.0 player, and play at least 5 games a week, and at 6'03" 230lbs I put a lot of pressure on my feet. You can't play your best if they are hurting. I cannot even wear them casually around the house.
From: Jerry, Cleveland, TN. USA. 7/03

Comments:I wore the old Prince NFS Mid Accelerators for years, these shoes had the tongue side bands that hold the shoe tongue in place, the best tennis shoe I have ever used - comfortable and very durable. This shoe was replaced by the Mid Viper II which I purchased. The Viper is durable and stable. The only problem, and it is a real problem, is the tongue. It seems to slip side ways or go down into the shoe, no matter how you put the laces through it. The tongue is to short, and does not stay up to protect your foot from the rubbing and irritation of the laces. Oh why did they ever replace the old mid Accelerator NFS. I am still looking for a NFS shoe that is durable and comfortable that has a proper tongue system.
From: Louis, Ocala, FL, USA.6/03

Comments: I have been wearing Prince tennis shoes since the late 80's and have always appreciated their commitment to providing a solid 'players' shoe. The NFS Viper II was a seemed to have all the ingredients of previous versions: toe guard, 6-month sole guarantee, NFS technology and plenty of cushioning. These shoes were a serious disappointment. Extremely stiff and wide, my toe nails bruised in my first match due to the movement of my foot hitting the inside of the toe box area. Worst of all, the upper plastic loop holes impinged on the inner part of my ankle causing severe pain. Bruising was evident in the area where the plastic loop hole was contacting my ankle. Thinking this problem was due to the Mid cut of the shoe, I sent the first pair back for the NFS Viper Low's. Same problem. Needless to say...I am now waiting for my pair of Wilson's to arrive.
From: Silvestre, Bay City, TX, USA. 5/03

Comments: I'm on my fourth pair of Viper II Mids in two years. Before that I developed neuromas on the balls of both feet during lots of summer hard court play. My tennis playing podiatrist suggested the Prince NFS line as a wide, forgiving platform with lots of cushioning. I opted for the Mid version of the Viper II due to a weak ankle. The added support of the Mid also has ended up promoting lots of confidence on clay. The shoes are unquestionably heavier than most tennis shoes, but the stability and comfort are big pluses. The shoes have a couple of subtle features that I also appreciate, such as the top eyelets that have reverse feed locking -- I rarely ever have to stop to touch my lacing during play. The lace up can be a bit involved, particularly with the Mid, but I have never had a problem with the eyelet loops in my methodically tightening as I go up; those who say they've popped eyelets must be trying to tighten the shoes from the very top. The outsoles have worn reasonably well, for a shoe with pretty good stick. I wore through one shoe at the seven-month mark, but by then needed to replace anyway as most of the tread had been ground away. My only complaint about this great shoe is that I've observed lateral support to start to breaking down after a few months, in two of the four pairs I've worn. With my last pair that I wore for eight months, looking at the shoe from the front shows the upper with a noticeable and pronounced bow or flare out, and this started after three months. I'm pleased that my current pair, at the five-month mark, are still firm, reasonably aligned and perpendicular to the uppers. I'm convinced that the Prince Viper II Mid has allowed me to continue to play. It may have even helped promote some general improvement with my neuroma situation. For stability and comfort, you simply cannot beat this shoe.
From: John, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 4/03

Comments: Overall, the Prince NFS Viper II Mid is a great shoe. It has great stability, decent arch support and it looks great, too. The only bad things about this shoe is the weight, and also due to the mid design, the shoe rubbed against the bottom of my ankle and seemed to irritate the skin. Though this was a very small price to pay for the excellent stability this shoe offers.
From: Robert, Vancouver, WA. USA. 3/03

Comments: Like most tennis players, I have tried many different tennis shoes and stumbled upon the Prince Viper II Mid's a year ago. If you suffer from any kind of foot problem, especially bone spurs, wide feet, or a pronated foot you might give these shoes a try, they have prevented me from having foot surgery (bone spur heel problem), and I now play tennis 5 times a week without pain. The heel protection is the best of any shoes I tried and are stable on the court. You do not need a break-in period; they are very comfortable right out of the box.

I did have a tear in the stitching along the outside of the shoes, contacted Prince, and was pleasantly surprised. They said the shoe have a six month wear warranty, and a 1 year stitch warranty. They replaced my shoes within two weeks. Great customer service!
From: Barry, Orlando, FL. USA 1/03

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