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Comments: Only plus about these is that they sell replacements as opposed to buying a new tool/replacement kit. But, everything else isn't great. These last about 2-3 hours max before being completely useless. I genuinely wonder why they even bother with this product. It doesn't even do it's job after a day or two of hitting. They are a waste of money and time to install. I would suggest the Babolat ones.
From: Jay, 1/15

Comments: I am yet to try the Bablolat savers, but I was told they are different as they allow strings to slide over them, where the Tourna saves locks strings in place. The Tourna Savers firm up my older string bed by about 4 lbs, though I know the tension really didn't change, just the feel and control. Also, after 1.5 hours of heavy spin hitting, it holds up, none came loose. I just put about 20 at the sweet spot. If you want more effect you can put more, I am sure the string bed will feel even firmer. I think this works best for a string bed with a tension drop already. I am guessing the Babolat savers will work better at a higher tension, where you want the string to slide a bit more, where the Tourna saves will work at a lower tension, where the snap back of the string could be a problem.
From: St, 8/14

Comments: After 30 minutes of play they are completely worn. When I removed a few (after 30 minutes), I found holes in them. This means that after playing, the strings no longer rest on the elastocrosses but rest on each other -- as if there were no elastocrosses at all. It is easy to believe when you feel these elasto-crosses -- they are soft as rubber. A complete disaster. In contrast, I also used some old elasto-crosses (20-30 years old) and these are very stiff and durable and work very well.
From: Bartosz, 5/14

Comments: Tourna Cross are inferior to Babolat Elastocross. Tourna Cross are too soft and stick to one another after trying to disengage causing the next few to fall out of the applicator. Bottom line, you get what you pay for!
From: John, 1/14

Comments: The string savers do protect the strings efficiently. I had no problem with installation. The plastic installation tool is not durable but it is still ok to use, even if it's broken. I would get an installer individually (made of metal or some strong polymer). This product is worth attention.
From: Bedrock, 10/12

Comments: I found the Tourna Cross to be very easy to install, and they have improved my spin control considerably. I've noticed that others claimed they were hard to install, or that they came out in bunches. There's a simple explanation for that. As soon as the spacer is in place between the strings, I bring the handle up to 90 degrees, and the spacer snaps off. You'll hear the little click as it breaks loose from the others. Once you get the hang of it, they are very easy to install and you'll have no trouble wasting spacers.
From: Kevin, 10/12

Comments: I tried this string saver because it is cheaper by $3 compared to Babolat Elastocross which I am currently using. Conclusion; I would stick with Babolat Elastocross and pay the extra $3. The Babolat ones generate more topspin than Tourna. Babolat is significantly easier to re-use than Tourna. Babolat has a much higher quality than Tourna, which can get squashed by the strings. Babolat is much easier to install. Each string saver snaps off easily while Tourna sometimes snaps off 2 or 3 string savers at a time which is very inconvenient and time consuming to fix. I will never buy Tourna again. I will just use what I bought and that's it.
From: Charles, 8/12

Comments: I was very upset with the new material because the string savers were falling out. I increased the tension and the savers work fine.
From: Zoli, 8/12

Comments: I used this string saver for 4 years and I absolutely loved it. It saved my strings and it stayed between the strings. It used to be an excellent product but ever since they changed the material it became worthless. The new string saver material is so soft it does not stay in place. The new material is so soft the strings are deforming the savers and it is falling out from the strings. Playing just one set I have to replace 6-7 string savers. It is very frustrating! Using same racquet, string and tensions!
From: Zoli, 7/12

Comments:These are a tiny bit more time consuming to use than the Babolat Elastocross. But if you are using a lot of them in your hybid stringbed to prevent notching of the softer gut or multifilament by the poly, they will be more economical as can you buy Tourna Cross refills.
From: Charlie, USA, 11/10

Comments: Works well. Stays in place unlike the Gamma products which pop out while playing.
From: Paul, Burbank, CA, USA, 08/10

Comments: I found these string savers to be much more difficult to use than the Babolat. I tried them because they were less expensive but they were more time consuming to install and many were wasted as groups of 2 or 3 at a time would break off together while I installed 1 string saver. This was frustrating. I've gone back to the Babolat.
From: Eric, Saratoga Springs, NY. 6/10

Comments: I have tried them all and these are every bit as good as the Babolat and cheaper. I actually like them better since they are smaller and seem to be more durable. These are VERY easy to install, I put them in 2 racquets in under 10 minutes.
From: Nate, Suwanee, GA. 5/10

Comments: I bought both the Babolat & Unique Tourna Cross String Saver tools and I actually prefer this one. In my opinion they're just as easy to install compared to the Babolat model, so it comes down to the fact that this model offers refills, which makes using them more economical to use.
From: Larry, Papillion, NE USA 01/10

Comments: This works. Looks very nice and keeps the string life long. The insertion tool's quality is not as good as the Babolat Elastocross'. But it is easy to use and does its job.
From: Jim, Palo Alto, CA, USA 08/09

Comments: There are some give and takes with this string saver. Because it's more rounded in design compared to the square design of the Babolat Elastocrss, it doesn't bite into the ball as much. BUT the Babolat's develop a hole in them after 5 outings. The Unique string savers are built tough and I recycle them again and again. Sure it is a little tedious to put in the dispenser one at a time, but it's worth it. I've already been using the same string savers after about three string changes.
From: Patrick, Federal Way, WA, USA, 10/08

Comments: Comments: Not worth the meager savings over the Babolat Elastocross. These are frustrating and time consuming in comparison. The plastic pieces stick to each other and you have yank them off with the tool after insertion between the strings. They're also impossible to reuse, they slip off of the strings due to their circular shape.
From: Mark, Tampa, FL, USA. 3/07

Comments: These are difficult to install. The tool is not very sturdy. They did prolong the life of my natural gut.
From: Mark, Fayetteville, AR 08/06

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