Wilson US Open Regular Duty Tennis Balls 24 Can Case Customer feedback

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Comments: I play almost exclusively on Har-Tru clay. Until recently I had always played with the Penn Regular Duty ATP ball. The two balls are different in a couple of ways so you might want to ask yourself what is more important, longevity or playability. The Wilson ball plays better. It is a bit softer/fluffier and reacts to spin better. Bounce is consistent and you can get a couple of matches out of them on clay. The ATP ball lasts forever. I have actually played three matches with six balls (not three) over three days and they do no lose their bounce or much felt. The problem with the ATP ball in my opinion is they are too lively when you first pop the can and all of my teammates agree. They actually play best if you open them a day early.
From: Mark, 4/14

Comments: The Wilson Us Open Tennis ball has a great feeling and is one of the best in the world.
From: Kent. 08/11

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