US Open 2010 Final- Nadal v. Djokovic DVD Customer feedback

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Comments: This rivalry will be as good or if not better than Nadal/Federer when they both hang up their racquets. They have played 24 times already and are on course to beat Agassi/Sampras 34 times played and Llendl/McEnroe 36 times played if they remain healthy enough to play for about 3 or four more years in 1000 events and majors. It is a pleasure to see them play at the tour finals in 2010, Indian Wells 2011 and Miami Masters 2011. They may even play in Davis Cup and what a treat that would be if it would be in the Final for their countries. Man I love this rivalry right now because they are both playing very well and have established themselves as the 1 and 2 players in the world. No disrespect to Federer but I think his reign over these two guys has come to an end. Nadal and Djokovic will compete in my opinion for the French Open this year and the US Open again. Wimbledon I give to Murray and Fed in the Final.
From: Brian George, Houston, Texas, USA. 03/11

Comments: What an epic match! Both players wanted to win and gave it their all. The shots for winners were unbelievable! I love how both of the players were gritty using power, finesse, guile and great footwork to give us a very entertaining match. The match was very similar to the match in Madrid last year. These guys could a have a rivalry of their own brewing together very nicely.
From: Brian, Houston, TX, USA, 11/10