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Comments: I have been hitting with this racquet for the past few months and have really enjoyed it. I came from the Prince Tour Pro 98 into this one and have been playing great. It's an all around winner for me as its great off the ground even against hard hitters with ample power but not too much. Precise and easy to maneuver. I'm a 4.5 lefty all- court player.
From: Mesa, 8/15

Comments: I found this racquet to be good without modification, but absolutely stellar with additional weight, especially at the 4.5+ level. I simply added 1/2 ounce in the handle and the negatives referred to in the TW review (slice/stability) disappeared. Having grown tired of the disconnected feel of the "Pure Drive" type frames, I was searching for the control and touch of a more traditional racquet, but with the easy power and spin of a modern "tweener" stick. This is it! The Textreme line is a welcome offering from Prince after they appeared to be wondering in the wilderness for the past decade. Welcome back Prince! This frame is the best I've played with in years.
From: Anon, 7/15

Comments: Simply the best frame in its weight class, no discussion about that. I think it's even a tad better than the TW review. Everything is good. If you find the right string combination, it's the best.
From: Jim, 7/15

Comments: This is a great racquet if you care to tinker slightly with the balance and swingweight. I just completed a five day demo on this frame and a few others. Out of 8 demo racquets, this was the clear winner. Everything, down to the subtle and classy paint job is spot on. A nice 62 flex keeps my arm intact. A 317 swingweight is close to my preferred 325 and easy to fix with some lead under the handle and in the throat. Great grip shape. Incredible sound when hitting groundies. The demo I got from TW was brand new with the shrink wrap still on the handle. A black multifilament Prince String felt pretty good and not too loose. It does everything well, feels great and looks very well manufactured. My only complaint is that the grip felt much bigger than the advertised 4-3/8ths. I think the butt cap was wrong as it felt just like my 4-1/2 racquets. I am a 61 year old, 4.0 doubles player.
From: Mark, 7/15

Comments: I have been using the Tour Pro 100 with traditional grommets for over a year and decided to purchase the new Textreme 100T based on the feedback of the Tennis Warehouse playtesters. To my absolute delight, I must agree with the feedback as this Prince stick is a couple notches above my current model. After some tweaking with the string I had it strung with Prince Warrior Hybrid Power. Mains at 52 lbs and crosses at 54 lbs. The racquet has great feel, stability and power. It even sounds better when hitting in the sweet spot. A tad stiffer index at 62 but plenty of flex so very easy on the arm. Highly recommend this to any Prince player as you will not be disappointed. My only complaint is that it is not offered in a #5 grip size so i had to build up using a shrink wrap. Thanks Prince -- this is an absolute winner!
From: Jeff, 6/15

Comments: I've just switched to this from the Rebel 98. I have a load of metal in my playing arm after a bad break so I am restricted to flexible frames, of which there are not that many to choose from these days. The 100T is a little crisper and has less flex, but a more solid feel, more pop and none of the "ping" the O-Port technology gave on impact. Still, a comfortable frame. I tried some extra weight at 3 and 9, but I found this to stiffen things up. I tried less weight but at 12, and this seemed just right to me -- it added to the flex, and the resulting even-balance gives extra pop especially on serve though still controlled. The color scheme is so so slick -- Borg Pro meets Pro Staff St Vincent (well, almost!). The two I bought came in at 305g and 306g off the shelf, which is very good these days. Strung with Signum Pro Micronite 1.27 at 53 lbs (the softest multi I've found).
From: Louis, 6/15

Comments: I love the solid feel of this racquet. Groundstrokes, serves and volleys are all great. I strung it at 54 lbs with an 18g poly in the mains and a 16g multi in the crosses. I'm a 4.5 level player with an all-court game.
From: Dave, 5/15

Comments: The new Textreme Tour 100T comes on the heels of the Tour100 and the EXO Tour 100. All of these racquets are very flexible and extremely comfortable. Because of their 16x18 string pattern, they are also known for being very spin friendly. I play with the Tour 16x18 which has replaced my trustworthy EXO Tour 16x18. I like all three very mich. Each new model seems to have a slightly stiffer rating. The EXO has a 52, the Tour a 56 and now the Textreme tops out at 62. I noticed how solid the new Textreme is compared to the other two. The comfort is still there but feels noticeably stiffer than the other two. This translates into a bit more power. The power is very controlled. This new addition to the Tour line of racquets is an excellent performer. It does pretty much what you ask of it. The Texreme is actually a replacement for the Tour 100T. The weight and balance is the same as the Tour T. The flex rating for the Tour T is 60, while the Textreme is 62. The extra stiffness plus the regular grommet hole system gives it a crisper feel. I happen to like the feel of both. I am looking forward to testing it with my regular string, the Tecnifibre XR 1. I will also put an overgrip on the handle as the demo is a grip size 2 and I play with a size 3 normally. Ground strokes, volleys and serves all felt great. I am really looking forward to more extensive testing in the coming days. The paint job is fantastic. If you get a chance give this new offering from Prince a test run. I am sure you won't be disappointed.
From: Hayward, 4/15

Comments: I have been using the Prince Tour 100 since it's first incarnation and switching back to a port-less racquet, the feel took a bit of getting used to. The weight was a little lighter compared to my previous racquet and initial hits felt hollow. However, this was rectified by adding lead tapes to the 3 and 9 o'clock area. After that, it was hitting like a dream. Easy access to spin, and the Textreme material gave it lots of stability. Highly recommend it to anyone considering a change in racquets.
From: Collin, 4/15

Comments: This racquet is very solid and offers good feel, just like what the TW reviewers mentioned. The Textreme material, I believe, makes a significant difference. I love it on return of serve, very solid, I did not feel my racquet shake when returning a strong serve. This resulted to confidence on my aggressive returns of serves. Very good control with decent pace. Directional control on my forehand was excellent. Easy access to spin. I had to dial in my backhand a little bit, but after some adjustment, I liked the results. I have used many racquets but the demo experience tells me that this stick is special and worth considering. I am considering switching to this racquet. I had the stick strung with Prince XC at +2 lbs from mid tension.
From: Jay, 4/15

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