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Comments: I love these things. They're definitely a nifty little invention! The durability is decent. I have abused mine, so I can't say how it'll hold up under normal use. (I have used it for target practice and sent it crashing to the court at least 5 times -- it is broken at a couple places, but nothing a little Mueller tape or duct tape won't fix). The top bars get jammed fairly often when opening and closing them, but the more important function is the bottom bars for picking up balls -- and it works fantastically. In short: I absolutely recommend these. (Sampras' name isn't on it carelessly).
From: Nick, 6/15

Comments: Got this recently and have used it everyday for a week while on vacation. It works well, and I'm pleased, although I can't comment on durability. My only complaint is that the opening at the top is relatively small, so I scratched my hand a few times reaching in and out of it. Just need to be more careful I guess. Otherwise I like it, and the price is certainly good.
From: Duke, 3/15

Comments: A bottom bars is easily repaired by replacing with a top bar cut to size. I've never had a problem until a 1st grader tried to squeeze 50 balls in my 36 ball carrier and popped out a bottom bar. To keep the rollers tight just squeeze the sides together before re-inserting the "lost bar." Again this is a very durable and light "machine."
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: Fantastic. I've had mine over a year and use it for serve practice and teaching. I think the quality is very good. I got the smaller one because I don't use dead balls. The rollers on the bottom is ingenious and the top useful. I am getting a 2nd so students can pick up on both sides of the net. 5 Stars!
From: Alan, 7/14

Comments: The weight is OK but with the basket fully filled it gets a little heavy. I have used it for less than one year. One day one of the bars at the bottom dropped out (and was lost) without me noticing. I can't replace it with a bar on the other end because the length is different. So now it is not usable. I am planning to get the 80 ball one because of the wheels. I hope the bars will be secure.
From: Kelvin, 9/13

Comments: I own two of the large Sampras ball hoppers and one of these small them. First of all, I honestly think both the large model and the smaller Sampras/Unique plastic ball hoppers do NOT hold what is stated. Probably get 33 balls in the smaller one and 70-75 in the larger one (that's fine with me - who honestly is counting and perfectly getting every little ball in there). The balls will jam up a little bit if you try to cram every little ball in there. The company does need to re-design the interior of the basket. It's not smooth, so the edges can grab a few balls as you fill up the basket, and can scrape your hand a little bit as you reach in and out. I love using the smaller 36 ball hopper because I can bring this one with me at all times. If I'm playing a friend, we have plenty of balls to hit with and do a few drills. Going through more (say 60 or more balls) gets very tiring and probably a little boring for the one who is doing all of the "feeding" during the drills. 30-36 balls seems like a good number to get thru a drill quickly, pick up the balls, switch and get going again. The main reason I really like the smaller size is to always have in the trunk and use for serving practice. Again, getting through 30-36 balls seems like a good number to practice serving into one box, before taking a break, picking up, grabbing some water, relax for a few minutes and then switch to serve over into the other box. I haven't had any problems with the plastic breaking or splitting. All of mine are not abused, but they have been in and out of trunks a lot and fallen over plenty of times on the courts. I only used my larger ball hoppers for dumping 75-150 balls into my ball machine. Otherwise, the smaller model is my bread-butter and go to basket for everyday use. The only other model out there that I would personally recommend is the MasterPro 72 or 50 (or larger).....if you still need a basket that picks up and flips over to stand up. Those are very well put together too, but more on the traditional powder-coated steel construction model.
From: Michael, 7/12

Comments: Bought 2 of them. Design is very good. However, can't recommend it. Plastic material is of incredibly poor quality. Will, I mean, will BREAK. Plastic will crack and after a while, it won't even hold any balls. Too bad, if wasn't made with better material.
From: Mike, 3/12

Comments: Flimsy Design. Used about 20 times and it has two cracks. Very light weight but does not last. I did not want the larger hopper because I did not think my young son would stay focused enough to go through 75 balls. The small size also causes a problem of the balls jamming when the hopper gets about 3/4 full. I have to reach into the hopper and "stir" the balls around so that it will get completely full.
From: Allen, USA, 1/12

Comments: Amazing! I have the bigger version and this thing is LIGHT, Iíve used it for over 2 months now and its still going strong. Itís a breeze to pick up balls since the bottom bars rotate. I just love the lightweight!
From: Alex, Irvine, CA, USA, 04/09

Comments: Not well made. Very flimsy. Balls come through the the openings between the bars.
From: Charles, Hubbard, Ohio, USA. 8/08

Comments: Definitely one of the best ball pick-up baskets on the market. Easy assembly, a closeable top and low price... Highly recommended for a lighter workout.
From: Alan, Toronto, Canada, 05/07

Comments: I MUST SAY PETE SAMPRAS WAS ALWAYS A GENIUS! This design is really quite awesome! It picks up the balls and does the job really well.
From: David, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 06/06

Comments: Itís great! I get to practice tennis with lots of balls when Iím not in the tennis season. It picks up the balls great. I love it!
From: Hillary, Minnesota, USA. 8/05

Comments: Pretty easy to put together, easy for ball pickup. Light because its plastic, overall a pretty good equipment if you are not planning on having 75 balls. But the fact that its plastic might hurt its durability.
From: Don, Canton. MI. USA 07/05

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