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Comments: I would not recommend this. I live in Atlanta and my hands usually get quite sweaty and this grip would constantly slip during strokes. There are much better options out there.
From: Drew, 7/15

Comments: This makes a great intermediate layer between a racquet's grip and overgrip. It's basically a waxy gauze that sticks to itself so tenaciously that it practically welds in place. I find it adds a little bit of padding and lots of absorbency to a grip, as well as providing a tacky surface that makes the overgrip stay in place better and easier to apply. It does develop some "memory" of your hand, too, which I like. If you want to build up the thickness of your grip, this is far better than multiple overgrips. The fact that is it very thin allows for easy control of the thickness applied. It takes a bit more time and effort to apply, but I think it's worth it. Careful initial application and later removal of the overgrips allows this stuff to survive several overgrip replacements, but if you tear it you'll likely have to completely remove and replace it. TIP: Cut this with very sharp scissors and put a bit of masking tape on the end of portion left on the reel otherwise you will NEVER find the end again when you want to use it.
From: Wade, 8/12

Comments: I love this product. My hands get very sweaty during long tennis matches and I've tried also every brand of absorbent over-grip. I've found that this product- on top of my absorbent grip- really allows me to have a textured, tacky, AND absorbent grip.
From: Maxine, 4/12

Comments: Used it many, many years ago... Forgot about it with all the overgrip hype. Just came back home again... just the best for me. Thin (that matters), grippy, and hard to explain but I play with a loosened (more relaxed) hold on the grip with this great stuff - A winner, not ever to be forgotten again...
From: Frank, Fairfax, VA, USA, 09/10

Comments: I was looking a long time for a good alternative to athletic tape to protect my fingers from chaffing. I needed something that was less gluey but would stay in place. I tried many self-adhesive tapes, but this over-grip is the best.
From: Neville, Corvallis, OR, USA. 5/10

Comments:It's an old product. It's out of fashion. It's not pretty. But my hands sweat a lot, and it's the best tacky grip tape at any price. I do not find it that difficult to apply. And after trying at least six other products, I keep coming back to this one basic one.
From: CG, Southern California, 12/08

Comments: Application isn't great, but it's durable and for someone like me, who likes the different colors, I enjoy it. I use Tourna Grip and to save them, it's good to have this stuff for practices so I don't waste Tourna Grip. It's great and cheap.
From: Anon. 9/08

Comments: OMG application is a pain, but it's a good buy and good grip. :]
From: VTEC, wesminster, CA. 6/08

Comments: After using the Tourna overgrip I have found that it is superior to all other grips. While others gets slippery when your hands get sweaty, this grip never disappoints. I recommend it for all players!
From: Leroy, Australia. 3/07

From:This is the only product that I have found that still gives a decent grip on the racquet during hot steamy weather, especially since I sweat a lot. Al, Port St. Lucie, Florida, USA, 11/06

Comments: Mixed feelings. It is difficult to apply, sticks to itself, and crinkles during application. It feels much rougher than other grips and the superior tackiness is short-lived. The rough feeling is nice for me, but others might not think so. The cost, however, is unbeatable $2 for 30ft = 10 grips. Don't forget to buy the grip finishing tape from this site, two reels for $3; the tape lasts forever. So if you're willing to overlook the difficulty in application and the low durability, the price justifies the entire deal.
From: Anon, 10/06

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