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Comments: Used as a cross string with Babolat VS Touch Gut 16, Klip Legend Gut 16/17, Tourna Quasi Gut Armor 17, and Tournafiber Irradiated 17, in a Wilson Blade 2015 16x19. The mains in all cases were strung at 51 lbs and Tourna Black Zone 16 was always strung at 45 lbs. I'm a 4.5 that hits hard, heavy topspin but flat when warranted. In all setups, the Black Zone offered a soft, plush feel, with extreme spin, control and power. Tension maintenance is outstanding, at the top end of the spectrum. I have used Genesis Black Magic and Wilson Revolve as crosses using these same strings and Black Magic by far offers the best feel as a hybrid. In each case, mains have broken first, thus durability is exceptional. Gut and Black Zone work the best as Tourna multis I tried broke after 7-8 hours. Black Zone in a gut hybrid works and lasts the longest. One of my three setups still plays and feels like it did after breaking in the strings, almost 2 months later and with little fraying on the gut. Absolute best setup I've tried in a Blade. Black Zone is soft and very easy to string. It reminded me of Tourna Big Hitter Black 7 but in a round smooth option. Since Black Zone was released long before BHB 7, it almost seems like it is the same string except for one is shaped and the other isn't, but Black Zone lasts much longer, again, perhaps because it is not shaped. Though not offered by TW, Black Zone reels are cheaper than Genesis Black Magic, and plays relatively similar, with more feel and power. The lower price point and string quality makes this a super value.
From: Vascao, 11/16

Comments: Only tried this as a cross with Revolve and Big Hitter Black 7 and I have to say, it is a great cross. It is round and smooth, so the mains can really slide around freely. It holds tension well, feels comfortable, and offers decent power and great control! It really lets the personality of the main strings shine through surprisingly well. Revolve was pocketing well with lots of snap back and spin. And the BHB7 was very grippy, spinny and powerful. Not sure about this string as a full bed but as a cross it does everything you could expect or want.
From: Nate, 9/16

Comments: The best thing I can say about this string is where do I buy a reel? I've tried it in a full bed, in a hybrid with Kevlar mains, and in a hybrid with Cyclone Mains (my current favorite setup). It's super slick so it provides a great surface for your mains to snap back (which equals more spin). It provides great control. Yet for a black poly I would say it's only medium firm. Tension maintenance is good (I always pre-stretch). I haven't felt the need to cut it out before it died. Finally, it's probably the most comfortable poly I've ever used. Spin production for a round poly is excellent but I do hybrid it with Cyclone to get a few extra RPMs. The only thing I would change is to make a shaped version. 16g, as suggested, does look like a typical 1.25mm string to me. I didn't measure it but it looks very similar to my 17g Cyclone. If you're looking for a firm poly with good spin production, great feel, good tension maintenance, and bonus comfort look no further. One more bonus for a poly it strings really easy too!
From: Alpinenut, 7/14

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