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Comments: Here's an update from 7/16 -- I strung the Prince Tour 100 16x18 at 54 lbs and the strings notched quickly after an 1 hour of hitting. Previously I strung it at 52 lbs and the mains haven't notched but the crosses did after 6 weeks in.
From: Anonymous, 9/16

Comments: Strung in a Prince Tour 100 16x18 at 52-53 lbs in a full bed. It pockets the ball with control, has nice pop and is softer then Lux Big Banger. And the price is right. Tried the reel because I'm new to stringing. If you want more control, string the crosses 1-2 pounds tighter than the mains. Sweet hitting. Easy on the arm.
From: David, 7/16

Comments: This has become my basic go-to string. Inexpensive (especially by the reel) and just a great all around poly with a nice mix of spin, control, comfort and tension maintanance. Works very well in softer racquets like the Yonex DR 98 or older Radicals (in 17 gauge) at 40-50 lbs. Good as a hybrid cross as well.
From: Anton, 3/16

Comments: I string for myself and others and I absolutely love this string to work with. It is a soft poly, that said, I found it too soft to play with (I prefer Topspin Cyber Flash over this), but my doubles partner loves this stuff! Very similar to Lux ALU Power -- very playable, recommended!
From: Pete, 11/14

Comments: I've use Luxilon Big Banger before but it's just too pricey. Eventually, I settled with the 18g version of this string with my Head Radical Youtek MP at about 58 lbs and was very happy with it. However, needed more pop as I'm getting older, I switched to Head Radical Pro IG recently and the 18g just didn't work out. After cutting many strings later, I found that the Big Hitter 16g at 48-52 lbs seem to be the magical setting, with right amount of control and power and tensile stability. Reading the previous comments, I highly suggest folks to try it with lower tension value and see what happen next. At one point, I had it at 39 lbs but it was just out-of-control for me.
From: Ken, 6/13

Comments: It feels great at a high tension (16g@ 65 lbs in Extreme Pro) string bed was still comfortable and not "boardy" and very controlled. On the downside I popped it in the middle of the racket within 4-5 hours - a record for me.
From: Anton, Staten Island, NY, 09/10

Comments: I recently tried this string. I was initially impressed by the spin generation and power strung at 60lb, however it quickly lost tension which made it unbearable for my play (tension wise), after a week of heavy hitting my elbow was starting to get sore (I'm 17 by the way). Pro Hurricane Tours held up the tension better and was easier on my elbow, but this string definitely played better for cheaper.
From: Matthew, Andover, MN, USA, 07/10

Comments: I am a hard hitting competitive junior. This string is really nice overall, and very hard to break. The only problem is that I find it losses it's tension very fast and feels lose after about 8 days of hard hitting.
From: Stephen, IN, USA. 05/10

Comments: I recently tried this string after seeing all the good reviews and due to the fact that I like string that has good control and bite. and I gotta say, this string is really good! I use to play with ashaway crossfire and loved the bite and control I got with kevlar but its just too dead and stiff for my 41 year old arm. I found this string to be much softer but it still delivers on control, spin, power and touch. in fact, power is really amazing strung at 56 in my Wilson k tour 95. Brought my racket back to life and I'm popping serves and groundies again. no break in either! very easy to string for a poly due to the fact that it is pretty soft, doesn't kink, and has plenty of extra string to tie knots. I also have played with Signum ppp pure 16L and its about the same. sppp has 10% more control and better tension maintenance but unique big hitter is about 10% softer and has about 10% more power. so it comes down to do you want a softer, more powerful string that's also easy to string (big hitter) or better control and tension maintenance but harder to string? (sppp) I play them both right now and couldn't be happier!
From: Nate, Kettering

Comments: I string racquets and have been using this string for over 5 years it is as good if not better than pro hurricane or Luxilon for comfort spin and playability. I play in tournaments 5.0 to 5.5 level and practice one hour a day every day
From: Jack Ont. Canada 01/10

Comments: This strings might be great for others but as for me, it isn't so great especially if you use a midsize racquet. Why? If you occasionally frame at 12 o'clock while playing with a midsize, it's just a matter of times before it breaks. I already broke mine after only 8-10 hours with a 16g and 17g. I strung hybrid so they are quite comfortable for your arms and joint. Playability is good but nothing spectacular.
From: Albert, Montreal, QC, Canada, 10/09

Comments: I love the feel of this string. My arm problems are gone. Do yourself a favor and try this string. Best value for the price.
From: Nomo, Cal, USA 08/09

Comments: I wish they would produce this string in 16L but all I have to say is WOW! I was truly impressed with the feel and spin. The the price is right. I am 5.5 player and used luxilon alu power for the longest time. I have found my new string!
From: Nick, PA, USA 08/09

Comments: I string my own racquets and also string racquets for high school kids and other players in my town and have been trying this string for about two months now. I have been using it to replace Luxilon Alu Power in varying hybrid combination (usually with synthetic gut) and have to say that I (along with others) cannot tell a discernible difference between the two in terms of overall playability. In fact, whereas the Luxilon starts going dead after a few hours of play, the Unique Tourna Poly Big Hitter maintains its tension and playing characteristics. Compared with the cost of Luxilon, the Unique being about half the price, anyone wanting the feel and playing characteristics of Luxilon while saving money would be better off using this string. A great deal for the money!
From: Jeff, NC, USA, 07/09

Comments: I really don't see the point of dropping the tension like it says. Maybe a pound, but I didn't need it at all.
From: LK. 7/08

Comments: This is probably the softest of all polyester strings.
From: Kenneth, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. 6/08

Comments: I've had the string for a few weeks now, and it has been working great. It is a softer string, but power and control have been fine. It is a great deal, and I've liked it better than more expensive strings out there.
From: Lk, USA. 4/08

Comments: I am a Division 1 tennis player for a school in the Midwest, and our team uses the Big Hitter as our string. I love it. It is extremely similarly to Luxilon's Big Banger, but I feel it is actually more forgiving on the arm, in addition to having a little more feel. It's also extremely durable and takes a very long time to lose tension. Great bargain.
From: Brandon, Sheboygan, WI, USA, 11/07

Comments: I recently switched from Gamma Fusion to the Luxilon Big Banger which was an excellent choice for me. I have tried multiple strings and tensions for a blend of power, control and tennis elbow relief. As a big fan of all Unique products, I bought the Big Hitters to try them out. What an awesome string! Fantastic comfort, power and control and like the big bangers the strings don't move. The two advantages are cost and in my opinion they seem even more durable than the big bangers.
From: Tarek, Mission Viejo, CA, USA, 05/07

Comments: This string is awesome. It gives you a good deal of power and control at the same time. The strings are also quite durable and hold tension very well. If you're looking for a good quality poly string.
From: Thomas, San Jose, CA, USA. 2/06

Comments: This string is basically the first version of the Big Banger ALU Power! This string is also much cheaper. This string is an amazing string in terms of durability. For some reason I think that the Poly strings are much more playable after they are freshly strung, and this string holds tension very well.
From: Vince, Toronto, Canada, 12/05

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