Tourna Poly Big Hitter Silver Rough String 16 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: It is a fairly good string. However it does not suit racquets that are sort of "flexible." I will try this on my Babolat APD in the future.
From: Peter, 7/15

Comments: Plays OK but my comment is from the perspective of a racquet stringer. This string is a nightmare to install. It kinks so much as you remove it from the reel that you end up spending huge amounts of time un-tying knots that are created by the tension that is created from the twisting method of construction that gives it a "rough" feel. I will not buy this string again simply due to the headache during installation.
From: Bob, 6/14

Comments: Good spin, power, control. Decent durability but that's where the feel comes from. Very soft co- poly. But I do recommend the blue over the silver.
From: Anon, 7/13


Comments: Very, very close to the power, spin and pocketing feel of ALU Power at 1/4 the price. That's a screaming buy. Forget Topspin Cyber Flash or Signum Pro Poly Plasma...
From: Bao-Luan Le, 8/12

Comments: This string plays like a dream for the first 2 sets. Unbelievable feel + good power + control. After 2 sets, the feel drops to normal string feel, it is no longer extraordinary, still very much playable. Have played close to 6 sets and still have same power and control and not dead yet and not harsh at all. The string description is true, this helps a lot for fast swings. I take big swings at the ball and I get great control and power out of it. I am playing full bed on Donnay 99 Gold.
From: Krish, 6/12

Comments: String holds tension well. No complaints with it and will buy again. I was using a Dunlop Synthetic Gut previously which is a great string but would lose tension after only 3 or 4 sets.
From: Rick, 11/11

Comments: This string feels a bit softer than the Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue Rough and the rough edge is not as profound as the Big Hitter Blue Rough, so I used this as cross string with the Big Hitter Blue Rough 16 on mains. This set up gave me a tight string bed with so much control. With hard fast swing, I get ton of power and spin every time. After 6 weeks the string has not broken yet. I strung this string for a few people and the all like it.
From: David, 10/11

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