Tourna Poly Big Hitter Silver Rough String 17 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: This string along with Big Hitter Blue Rough play terrible for the first 30 minutes or so. After that, they are quite nice but the break in period is so bad in terms of feel, control and comfort that its better to go elsewhere. BHBR has more spin than BHSR. I am using Black Zone 16 which plays excellent from the first hit. Smooth, slick strings can produce the same spin as textured for clean hitters and does not lose its edges.
From: Parth, 1/15

Comments: I like the feel of this string and it allows great access to spin. However, I broke this 17 gauge poly in 3 hours of hitting! I strung up another and the same thing happened, it broke within 3-4 hours. I wouldn't recommend this to string-breakers such as myself.
From: George, 7/13

Comments: This string is definitely similar to the Topspin Cyber Flash in the newer formulation. Immediate Dynamic Tension (DT) on the ERT 300 after stringing was 39 lbs, and overnight it dropped to 38 lbs, which is pretty good. It's down to a DT of 36 lbs after one match. Hopefully it'll stay there for a few more matches. The spin and control were quite good, but it was a little bit lower powered than I thought that it would be. Overall, it seems to be an excellent poly and a very good value.
From: Jack. 1/12
NTRP 4.0

Comments: This is horrible stuff. I found no power or control. It is a softer poly but I didn't like it at all. It did generate good spin though. I can't recommend it.
From: Jethro, 9/11

Comments: I'm about 5'8" and play a mega-topspin baseline game at the 4.0 level ... I own two racquets, a Fischer M-Speed Pro One 105 and a Dunlop Vision. For years I've played with full beds of "softer" co-poly, with Kirschbaum Competition 17 and WeissCannon MatchPower 16 being my favorites. I threw this new Silver Rough 17 on the Dunlop @ 57lbs. For the sake of comparison, I left the Fischer strung with MatchPower @ 59lbs. Played a full set with each racquet against a big-serving buddy ... here's the deal: The Silver Rough 17 is a *lot* stiffer/firmer than either of my "usual two" ... so much so that I put a dampener on a few games into the set. The dwell time is less, which offers more "pop," *AND* the textured surface of the string increases spin to the point where my buddy let a few drop on the back of the baseline without even swinging. I found it tougher to "overhit" the SR17 than the MP16 as well, which was a pleasant surprise. On the service return, I found that I liked the performance of the SR17 against spinny/medium-paced serves where I could really wind up and whack it, whereas the MP16/Fischer combo performed better vs. flat bombs that I was only able to "stab" at ... On serve, the SR17 threw down some SERIOUS spin that surprised both me AND my opponent ... I'd say speed was decreased slightly but % went up, and boy did my slice serve skip sideways on the line, WOW. ... The MP16 is definitely more comfortable on the arm, and lasts forever (don't know about durability on the S R17, but it did show a fair amount of wear after the one set). I'm impressed with the string ... not sure I'd use it against all types of opponents, but I'd definitely buy it again if it stays at this price point.
From: Damon. 8/11

Comments: First off I did not have much trouble stringing this onto my racket which is a Ksix one 95 16x18 (this poly is easier to deal with than pro hurricane). I strung it at 51 lbs using the UKRSA around the world pattern developed by Liam Nolan. One important feature of this string is you need to have a good long and fast swing to achieve the best playability. Spin: I use a grip that's in between eastern and semi-western but more towards eastern for my forehand and an eastern 2 handed backhand and getting topspin was not a problem. You can get more spin than blue rough. Good for getting that kick on serves. Overall 8.5/10. Control: Very good control from this string. I was able to get deep ground strokes and could hit the ball where I wanted in a tight situation or while on the run. This gets an 8.5/10. Comfort: No complaints here. Played 5 back to back sets with these and no arm problems. The blue rough was a little softer than this string, so this gets 8/10. String Movement: Strung my other Ksix one 95 16x18 with blue rough at the same tension as the silver rough and noticed that the silver rough moved slightly more than the blue rough. However, the movement is still very minimal. It usually only occurs after really hard topspin serves or rallies on 1-2 main string. This deserves an 8/10. Durability: Not sure about this as I'm not a string breaker. I have played with syn gut for 2-3 months before breaking them. Power: Less power than the blue rough so swing away. Even at 51 lbs I could swing hard and the ball would drop in front of baseline. I could definitely get more pop on serve with the blue rough. The low power warrants a 7.5/10. Overall, a good string that's not too harsh on the body while enabling competitive play.
From: Anonymous. 6/11

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