Tourna Poly Big Hitter Black 7 String 17 Reel Customer feedback

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Comments: There's not much to dislike about this string, for my setup that is -- on a Wilson ProStaff 97. I strung it at 53 lbs, the spin potential on this string is just absolutely crazy. Better than Solinco Tour Bite, better than RPM Blast, Big Hitter Rough, etc. It's one of the best in spin production and really only a few other strings are better. Power is on the low-medium side, it's not extremely powerful but at the same time, control is quite spot on. What I do not like though, is the tension maintenance. The TWU numbers are true, the BHB7 does drop tension like a deadweight in water, the first 2 hours of play was amazing. But after that it just goes downhill, although that does mean more power in the shots, control does tend to suffer. I needed to adjust my strokes and hit with even more spin that I usually do (I'm more of a flat hitter). Don't expect this string to last long interms of tension maintenance, at most a good 2 weeks of 4 or 5-2 hour sessions. That said, the price is a quite an important factor and Tourna definitely did price this at the low side which is always a good thing.
From: Anon, 9/15

Comments: Since I, and others, use these reviews to help decide how to spend their money, I will try to give the best review I can. My regular set up, which I have been using for many years, is Signum Pro Poly Plasma mains, at 45 lbs, and Forten Competition Nylon crosses, at 47 lbs. I use a Wilson BLX tour 90. I am a 4.5+ player. Very comfortable, long lasting, and very spin friendly. I saw the Big Hitter Black 7 in the Tennis magazine and after reading the other reviews, decided to give it a try. I strung it at 48 lbs in the mains, and used my usual crosses. This string definitely provides more spin but that is where the positives ended for me. It was tough to string. The crosses were very difficult to pull due to the sharp edges on the BHB7. I believe this may have contributed to the lack of snap back I would experience in playing with it. I played a match that was just over 2 hours, including warm up. The string had a very "tinny" feel and a metallic sound on contact, even at 48 lbs. I hit with big spin so I have a considerable amount of travel in my mains. I often had to manually return the strings to their original position. I did not feel that the string allowed as much pocketing as my normal set up, which made me feel really disconnected from the ball and made the string bed feel "boardy." As for comfort, it's not there either. For a few hours after playing, I could feel this match from my wrist all the way to my shoulder. They also had much less power than I expected and less power than my usual rig. I used the comparison charts on TW before buying these. By the numbers, this string should have outclassed my Signum in every way. The Pro Poly Plasma "settles in" after about an hour or 2 of play, then really plays like a dream, and lasts a very long time -- weeks. The BHB7 seemed to peak at about 1 hour of play, but died quickly after about an hour and a half. It took me an entire summer of testing, and at least a dozen+ strings to arrive at my current Signum set up. If I had not been coming off of such a comfortable and capable combination, this string may have felt better to me. I have a little over 2 hours on this set and can't wait to cut them out! Hope this review was helpful.
From: Bill, 8/15

Comments: Love these strings! I string my own (4.0 level player), my son's (high school varsity,) and my friend's racquets. I was using Tourna Poly Big Hitter Blue Rough String 17 until I tried the black. I string 10% under in the mains, and + 2 lbs with Gosen 17 sheep in the crosses. In my opinion, every shot is improved. I look for the most bang for the buck, with control and power. This is it.
From: BF, 3/15

Comments: This string is amazing! I have played with Luxilon ALU Power, Luxilon ALU Power Spin, Luxilon Savage, Head Sonic Pro and RPM Blast. This string is absolutely the best of all the strings. The strings do not have the spin of RPM Blast or the feel of Luxilon ALU Power, but at the price point you never get a better poly! The power, spin and soft feel really gives you a good and aggressive style of play on the court! Loved it!
From: William, 11/14

Comments: Easy on the arm, but not nearly the spin of Tour Bite. Not even close. A good substitute if Tour bite is tearing up your arm. Much more powerful than TB as well.
From: Paul, 9/14

Comments: Strung mine 5 lbs under. It was stiff for a couple hours then broke in nicely. I'm getting the topspin that others have mentioned and the power is as good as the Tourna Big Hitter Blue that I've been using. If you like strings that don't move, don't break, and are easy on the arm, you might want to give it a try.
From: B, 7/13

Comments: I am new to polys, but as a 4.5 player it was time to try. I was afraid of arm issues so picked BHB7 because it is listed as one of the softer ploys out there. I strung BHB7 in the mains at 53lbs and Gosen Micro 18g at 55lbs for more softness. Now I have only played twice with it but oh my! I could take full, big swings off both wings and the top spin would drop the ball in. I cannot speak of durability issues yet, but as of right now I am buying more!
From: Blair, 6/13

Comments: This is the best string ever! It feels like a multi, yes like a multi! Offers great comfort, power and tremendous spin. I am a 13 year old ranked 99 in the state of Colorado and this has definetly improved my strokes. I strung it on my Head Youtek IG Speed MP 300 at 56 lbs.
From: Kacey, 3/13

Comments: I really like this string. Excellent spin, control, and feel without sacrificing power. It's easier to string than most polys. It's certainly one of the best I have tried and will certainly add it to my stringer's list of highly recommended.
From: David, 1/13

Comments: The string feels really good. The comfort and spin are nice, but durability is really bad. I demo'ed this string on 3 Head Speed MP racquets, and it only last 2 hours. I used to play at a 5.5 level with heavy topspin.
From: Andres, 1/13

Comments: I have to say these strings are pretty amazing. I strung these up on my Head Youtek Prestige Mid at 52 pounds and I was getting tons of spin still. I wish I strung a little tighter, like 55 pounds. I got massive amounts of spin, very comparable to Volkl Cyclone 18g. I could definitely feel the strings biting into the ball. I also had tons of control with a good amount of power. I would definitely try it again at a higher tension.
From: Duy, 1/13

Comments: I agree with David's comments below. I wanted to love the string based on all of the hype on the boards here. It is decent but nothing special. Another poly with great spin but lacking feel. I'll take the BHBR over this for the price. There are also many other strings that offer as good or better price/performance. MSV Focus Hex is one.
From: Jerry, 11/12

Comments: Tourna Big Hitter Silver Rough is my favorite to date, so I had high hopes for this string. I strung it at 57 lbs in a Kblade and in a Prince Ozone. I give it high marks for being arm friendly, and it had very good spin as well. It also felt good on serve. The downside for me was that it lacked control, and I had trouble keeping the ball in the court. If you tend to hit softer and need spin help too this could be worth a try.
From: Jack, 9/12

Comments: I would agree with the comments below. This string had a lot of hype on the boards and here, but it is really average. Great spin, but like a number of polys out there it has poor feel and is rather stiff. Cyclone and Black Widow are much better with spin and touch at the same time.
From: David, 8/12

Comments: I bought 3 sets of this string for the first time and got it strung in both my racquets. At first glance I did not think the string was going to last very long because of how thin it looks and feels. I was right, as the first time it broke in 6 days and was not a miss hit. The second time it broke in 2 days and again it was not a miss hit. This string seems to be similar to Signum Pro Tornado which also did not last long. I have used a lot of strings since I last used Babolat RPM Blast and have now gone back to it. However, Big Hitter Black 7 has massive potential for heavy spin and gives a little extra on the kick serve. Overall it is not a bad string and I would happily use it again if it didn't brake so often.
From: Tom, 7/12

Comments: I have been playing with Black Widow for the past several months. Thought I would give this a try because it looks identical and is almost half the price. Strung it up at 55 along with a stick with Black Widow at 55 for comparison. It plays identical to Black Widow for about the first 3 hours or so and then it goes completely dead. String movement with the BHB7 was off the charts. Every main was out of place after each point. I had to switch back to the Black Widow stick right after the 3rd hour of play. The feel and comfort of Black Widow are a ways above this string. I would really consider the switch if the strings didn't move around so much so soon.
From: Eric, 6/12

Comments: This string looks and feels almost identical to Dunlop Black Widow. I was a bit perplexed to have strung it at identical tension in my 2nd racket to compare to the black widow and found this to be more powerful. I solved the riddle by figuring out that this string is 3mm thinner than the 17g black widow thus the added power. I've cranked up the tension 2 more pounds and it is playing better - still no arm pain for double poly setup at 63lbs quite impressive. I've been a fan of the Tourna's blue string for years and found the bite of this string with the blue in the crosses to be a really nice combo at 63lbs. Again, no arm pain. I've had 18g Lux Ace at 52lbs and got elbow pain, same racket. That's how playable this setup is. I did not like this string in a full setup - too much bite and trampoline effect.
From: Lucky, 6/12

Comments: Durability is definitely an issue with both the 17 and 16. 16 lasts longer than 17 but I am now debating on whether to make this my string. Compared to RPM blast, it lasts about half as long, but it costs about half the price. But with the cost of stringing, I am still not sure if RPM blast is the better choice or not. It is very stiff, maybe that is why it breaks so much faster.
From: CF, 5/12

Comments: I really love this string! It is a great string, but especially for the price. Very reasonable! I have to say that I am not a string breaker, so my comments on the durability is that it works fine for me. I hit flat, but this gives me so much access to spin that really comes in handy for control. I went with the 17g because I wanted to get more pop and it has plenty enough pop for my liking. My son is an respectable junior who loves rpm blast so I am waiting for him to break his strings so he can try it. If he likes it, we will be buying a reel. Way cheaper than rpm blast! I use the wilson ncode ntour (love that racquet) and strung it at mid plus 2 which is about 57 58 lbs. Perfect!
From: CF, 3/12

Comments: Stringing: Strung on a Alpha CP Drop Weight (6-Point). Coil memory was not much for an issue since I was working from a reel and only using 20 feet. Knots were a easy to deal with since the string was a 17G and on the softer side. While stringing there was some play in the string but I had to make only a few adjustments on my dropweight to obtain proper tension. The edges of the string were a bit on the sharp side and you could feel the 7 sides. Overall stringing experience was quite easy and unremarkable. Power: Really enjoyed the power level of this string. While the power was available it did not cause balls to fly like other higher powered polys. I loved the fact that I could really swing out and get a very true power output based on my swing speed. I tested this string for 12 hours and the power level more or less remained the same. Feel: Feel was not really a strong point of this string for me. I am not much of a feel player in any case as I do not hit many drop shots or drop volleys. Slices and topspin lobs seems to go where I intended them to go but I did not feel overly connected to the stringbed. Feel was average at best, but then again I am not the best judge of this feature. I get a somewhat better sense of feel from BHS 17. The next time I use this string I will drop the tension a few pounds to see I can obtain a little softer feel. Spin Production: Nice tight spin production with this string. Very much a driving, tight heavy spin with wonderful directional and depth control. Compared with my regular set-up and increase of 20% or so. The spin really made the balls hug the court. On serve, balls seemed to explode off the court and pick up speed on contact. Hard slices were just wicked and well as kick serves. Control: Very impressed with the control on this string. My unforced errors were reduced and I could swing out with very little concern for overhitting. The firm and crisp stringbed combined with the great spin production enhanced control. While drilling the ball seemed to be on a string and I was going hitting closer and closer to the lines with confidence. Nice ball pocketing in general at the start of the testing cycle but as the stringbed became softer, ball pocketing moved to the excellent level. Serving: Enjoyed serving with this set-up. As mentioned above, spin based serves were a strong point of this set-up. A bit more effort was involved for me in hitting flat serves. As I worked my way into my hours with this set-up I was getting more out of the flat serves. The string bed did soften and that improved my efforts.
From: Anon, 1/12

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