Tourna Poly Big Hitter Black 7 String 16 Customer feedback

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Comments: Strung at 57 lbs in my PS 97 with a smooth poly as the cross. I'm a 4.5 all-courter. Great spin, power and softness. The softness does lead to notching. Perfect poly if you string for yourself.
From: Spiderman, 12/15

Comments: Tried this string for the 1st time 3 days ago on a 16x16 racquet. Used in in the mains and a slick round true poly 16g in the crosses for better snapback at 48 lbs and the poly at 48 lbs. The positives: enhanced powerful spin on groundies and serve. Seems to become more spin-powerful as time wears on. The snapback is very good till the end. Softer on the arm compared to a full poly setup. The negatives: it is Softish and notches quickly. It popped in the center at about the 5 hour mark. Overall, I like this co-poly -- it's very fun to play around with tension wise. The lower you go with this string, the more spin/fun you get. During the 5 hours of use I spent 1.5 hours serving and 3.5 hours on the ball machine. It may not last as long on an open string pattern. I would compare it to Dunlop Black Widow 16g, both have about the same spin potential, but Black Widow will last longer, but could also bother one's arm. If you want more spin and you don't want to get a sore arm, then Big Hitter Black 7 strung in the 40s (or lower) is for you! Have fun with it!
From: JohnnyMack, 3/15

Comments: I found this to be too lively and powerful in a hybrid setup (with Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex 16 in the crosses). The hybrid setup was very comfortable and plush with zero pain issues, but I couldn't keep the ball in the court. Switched over to a full bed of Big Hitter Black 16 in my Babolat Pure Storm and it felt dialed in from the first hit. I have about 6 hours on the string so far and it still feels good. Tension has dropped slightly but seems to have stabilized now. Very comfortable and predictable string, unlike RPM Blast which changes personalities each time you hit with it. One thing I noticed about Big Hitter is the sharp "edginess" of the string seems to smooth down somewhat in the hitting zone after a couple of hours of hitting, but it does not seem to affect the bite at all. Bites into the ball exactly like Solinco Tour Bite, but it's not as harsh and uncomfortable as the Solinco. I would rate Big Hitter Black a solid 9/10.
From: Anon, 7/14

Comments: Strung in the Biomimetic 200 plus at 56 lbs. The Tourna strings were absolutely electric for the first 3 hours of use then lost some, but lost all of its playability after that. Great string if you buy the reel and do your own restringing, otherwise not as good as Volkl Cyclone or Weiss Cannon Silver string when you factor in performance over time.
From: Joe, 5/14

Comments: Great string for the first 2 hours of heavy hitting. Very soft with average power. It's so soft that my syn gut crosses notch almost immediately during hitting. You can put the ball on a dime with these strings with a full swing.
From: Bill, 4/14

Comments: I love the Big Hitter Blue and Silver so much that I was super stoked to try out this string. Personally, I don't like these strings at all. I play mainly at the baseline but will come in with a semi-western forehand, eastern 1 handed backhand in the SoCal men's Opens. These strings have a a lot of power but feel isn't quite there compared to the other Big Hitters. I also strung these strings myself so I can just feel how stiff they are. These strings might work for strong college guys that can literally rip the ball but I would not recommend to anyone who cant rip clean winners 5 feet from the baseline. There is just better stuff out there for most people such as Big Hitter Blue and Silver. Also, make sure to string 5-10lbs looser than your regular co-poly tension.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: I just put this string into one of my player's racquet and I noticed that they were hitting a heavier ball but had to work harder to produce the spin and speed. Their serve was under powered and I am always concerned with the development of arm problems. I will drop the tension to 45 lbs. The edges bite into the ball and give a little more feel at the net which is a plus.
From: Paul, 11/13

Comments: Love this string! Great balance of power and bite. As somebody mentioned, kick serves are amazing. I get good feedback on how much spin I put on the ball. When I really fire the wrist, it feels like I'm ripping the felt off the ball. I don't lose that much power compared to multis, so I don't need to string hybrid. I go mains and crosses with this string at 50lbs. Tried just about all the shaped polys. This is my fave.
From: Eddie, 4/13

Comments: This was my second time around with this string, and all I can say is that I was so impressed the first time that I bought a reel. This string has me hitting some killer kick serves and thunderous ground strokes. The bite is just awesome. I strung it at 54lbs. It's definitely a keeper. That's what you get from German engineering.
From: Pete, 10/12

Comments: I recently tried this poly instead of my Technifibre Biphase on my Prince EXo3 Black at 53 lbs, and I do not regret it. It has good bite and access to spin, with decent power and control. I'm a weekend warrior/recreational club player. It doesn't feel stiff like other polys, and it's a good price too. I will keep using it and recommending it as long as I have this racquet.
From: Caesar, 8/12

Comments: Awesome string. Pretty sure it is the same as Dunlop Black Widow. I've been playing Black Widow for the past couple of months and then saw this. Tried it out side by side with BW in a ProKennex Redondo Mid at 63lbs. Couldn't tell the difference so I switched to the much more economical BHB7.
From: Corey, 7/12

Comments: Great strings. Just tried it on my AeroPro Drive Cortex at 53lbs. Tons of spin and nice pace. Highly recommended - will buy more!
From: John, 6/12

Comments: BEST strings I have ever put on my racket bar none. Used 16 gauge at 55lbs. They simply ROCK!!! I am all in.
From: Bill, 6/12

Comments: Very Nice. Better than Babolat RPM Blast.
From: Chris, 5/12

Comments: I tried on a whim because it was cheap and I loved it. Plenty of bite on topspin shots and kick serves. I strung it at 55 lbs on my Babolat AeroPro Drive.
From: Clayton, 4/12

Comments: Tried this string out in a hybrid in the mains with Wilson stamina in the crosses. I string at 63 with Technifibre pro red code and decided I wanted to go back to a hybrid and heard great things about this string, so I gave it a try. Awful. No feel. It literally felt like plastic. Some people told me it feels better at a lower tension but I'm not going to alter my tension to make a sub-par string feel better. If you prefer stringing on the tighter side, ie. in the 60s, I recommend looking elsewhere.
From: Brett, 4/12

Comments: I have tried this string in the 16 gauge and the 17 gauge and I think it a great string. The 16 has less power, feel and bite than the 17 (of course) and it is a little more durable. But with the edges, you get great bite on the ball. The power is perfect with 16, a little more in the 17. One thing that I noticed was the 17 was a good deal more springy strung at the same tension. Not sure if the machine wasn't calibrated correctly, but the 16 was perfect in the Babolat Pure Storm at 60 lbs. 17 felt more like a few lbs looser. So I am going with the 16. This is my new string choice due to playability, power and price. My son was a raving fan of Babolat RPM Blast but played with this and liked it. Buying a reel because it is about the same as RPM but half the price. Great string! Try it!
From: CF, 4/12

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