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Comments: I like the button one and it is half the price. This one breaks.
From: Meako, 7/15

Comments: This absorbs lots of vibration. With this dampener, I was still able to feel the shots which enhanced the control. Many other dampeners absorb too much vibration that you often do not get the proper feel that is needed for the control. Now this is my favorite dampener.
From: Jon, 4/15

Comments: Great dampener for $1 and it lasts a long time if you don't misshit or over stretch it.
From: Vu, 6/14

Comments: YES! They finally got them back in stock. I was told they were discontinued and that might have been one of worst days of my life. I am beyond happy these little cheap plastic pieces of heaven are available again. Head makes a similar dampener but these are just superior in every single way. Last long if you don't mishit and break it. If you do break it, hey it's only a dollar.
From: Lenkee, 5/14

Comments: Actually, it's really good! But it breaks easily so get a lot of them just to be safe, mine has only broken twice.
From: Anon, 5/13

Comments: Just like they said, this is my favorite dampener and it only costs $1.
From: Pawel, 2/13

Comments: Great dampener for a great price. Head sells this exact dampener for $3.00.
From: Kevin, 1/13

Comments: This is a great price - who can beat $1? Problem was, it lasted less than one match before it broke.
From: JC, 9/11

Comments: I used to use the Gamma goo filled dampers, but this one is 1/4 the price and looks and performs great! As the other guy said, you can adjust the damping depending on how tight it is. Looser absorbs more, tighter for more "ping". I'll look no further as long as these are available.
From: Erik, 8/11

Comments: Great dampener, doesn't move much, all the other ones keep falling off my racket, probably due to my mishitting it. As the other person commented, if you mishit the plastic it will break, which I did do. But I put another TW worm on, my favorite dampener indeed! $1 is a great price.
From: Lillian. 6/11

Comments: Given the price to performance ratio, this is the best dampener I've used. Great.
From: Tolga. 5/11

Comments: These are great. They are an excellent value at $1/each and works just as well as the Forten Worm.
From: Jack, Lynchburg, VA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Awesome dampener. Stays on the racquet and only cost a dollar. I guess if you mis-hit one right on the plastic piece, it might break but that's feedback on what might happen. And it only cost a dollar (am I repeating myself) so get yourself a few of these and quit messing with dampeners that pop off or worms that squirt messy liquids all over the place.
From: Mike, Warner Robins, GA, USA, 08/10

Comments: These are the absolute in vibration dampeners. No stupid liquid to deal with, they stay on your racket, and it dampens a lot. You can hook it tight or a little loose depending on your vibration preferences, and for $1, you can't go wrong. I wish I had a few more, will order next time.
From: Andrew, Methuen, MA, USA, 07/10

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