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Comments: I love this grip! Whenever I buy a new frame I immediately strip off the slick new techno grip and apply one of these TW 22mm leathers. Easy to apply, lasts forever (with an overgrip), and gives that classic feel that fancy new grips cannot replicate. For what it's worth, I'm a 4.5 all-court player and I like to customize my racquets: this grip weighs 26 grams out of the box, but once I fit it to my racquet and cut it to spec the total weight of the grip was 22 grams. Considering the weight of the factory grip (16g), I added 6 grams of weight to the handle of my racquet by switching.
From: David, 12/16

Comments: I used this as a replacement grip for a Wilson K-Blade 98 (I'm a mid-range 3.5 player). The grips are traditional, fairly dry, non-tacky leather and I ended up with a level of forearm fatigue I have never experienced before. I was playing in a tournament, and had to swap out my racquet after the first set to be able to last the remainder of the match, but by that stage, the damage was done. I had played a much harder game the previous week with the old grip with no arm fatigue at all.
From: Andy, 6/16

Comments: I really like these leather grips. I ordered the 1.3mm -- 32 grams one. With an overgrip on top, I can really feel the bevels. The added feel is nice. I would definitely recommend trying these if you enjoy leather grips.
From: Erik, 5/16

Comments: This grip provides a good feel to the racquet. I did notice that the wide leather grip was a little hard to wrap, which is understandable since it's new leather. I immediately applied an overgrip, and I am very satisfied at how the grip improved my racquet balance but especially the feel.
From: Peter, 12/15

Comments: Best and worst grips ever. Inconsistent quality. Out of the 3 I have ordered the quality varied greatly. I order one 25mm x 1.5 and two of the 22mm x 1.5 grips. One of the 22mm grips was probably the best leather grip I have ever installed, it went down smoothly and the edges feathered beautifully. The 25mm had really thick edges and would not lay flat, I could not get a clean overlap no matter how much I tried and it looks more like an over-grip than a replacement grip. The second 22mm was somewhere in between, not horrible, but the edges still didn't feather well. It's too bad, I really like the texture of these, they do not slip like many leather grips do, but the hard edges on two of the three just throw the feel off for me. I added overgrips to those two, but that defeats my purpose, which was to have a durable grip I could use without an over-grip.
From: William, 10/15

Comments: I was skeptical at first considering the cost, so I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of this TW leather grip. I purchased two (2) 22mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm grips. The feel is quite nice -- soft and supple. Texture of the grip surface has a nice fuzzy feel, kind of like a peach skin. The only downside for me is the color. Mine came in a very light dullish brown (almost yellow like). Ugly to me, but others may like it. Installation was fairly easy, but I really had to stretch it to get the feel of the bevels sharp. Once installed, grips are nice and firm and just enough cushioning. I also like how they are unbranded, so you can apply it to any racquet brand. Other brands I have played with are Head and Fairway, and this is a good buy. Anyone into leather grips should try it. If you don't like it, it only cost $7.95. Can't go wrong!
From: Geoff, 9/15

Comments: Excellent grip! I have tried others before (Volkl and Wilson) and see no reason to pay more for them, the TW grip is just as good. The adhesive backing makes install easy. Nice, firm leather feel. Great value!
From: JH, 5/15

Comments: After trying out variety of leather grips, I would recommend these if you want to save money. I ordered the 1.3mm version and it worked well for me. Although it can't beat the Fairway ones, which are the best leather grips that I have tried. But these would do the job that a leather grip should. It's slightly sticky out of the package, but I use an overgrip and that wasn't an issue for me.
From: Al, 4/15

Comments: Absolutely the best leather grip available. Another home run for TW. Easy to install, fits great with a remarkable feel. Every product I have purchased from TW with a TW label has been first class. Great company!
From: Bob, 11/14

Comments: I bought two pieces of a larger grip and unfortunately I did not measure, but I think the specs indicate that the weight in the TW product details are wrong . If the grip is 22x1300x1.3 mm (37.18 cm3) it weighs 28g, the 25x1300x1.5 mm (48.75 cm3) should weigh 36g. Also, the intermediate measure grips have basically the same volume (42/43 cm3) and does not justify such different weights. Well -- the quality is good, price is ok and feel is great!
From: Agusto, 11/14

Comments: Is it Finest Calfskin or Fairway quality? No. Yet, it doesn't cost $25 and there are many options. It's a good value leather grip. Remember, work the leather before installation and pull tight! They're better than the branded leather grips available to the general public.
From: phishbicuists

Comments: A little disappointed with this grip. I have been using the Head leather grip and I wanted something thinner so I can get better feel of the bevels but after putting this grip on, it feels thicker than 1.30mm and i cant feel the bevels any better than the head leather. Like another player has commented, I find this grip harder to install than the head leather especially at the bottom where I had to really stretch it. Also it seems like the color/top layer fades easily if you try to reinstall the grip leaving white marks underneath but since I use an overgrip, it shouldnt really affect playability too much. After trying it out and hitting some rallies, I find the grip too tough on the hands and my hands actually started aching which is unusual. I know a lot of people like this grip but it's definitely not for me.
From: Anon, 4/14

Comments: The best leather grip there is. Compared to several others I've used, it is the easiest to install and can be one of the thinnest. I always purchase the 22mm x 1300mm x 1.3mm size. This makes the grip size smaller and also adds some weight and balance, just what I'm looking for. I have nothing bad to say. I always use an overgrip, so can't comment on the quality of the leather by itself. This ones a no-brainer.
From: Ay, 3/14

Comments: Absolutely loved the feel and finish of my Pure Drive Roddick after replacing it with the 1.3 x 25mm TW leather grip. Didn't know replacing the grip could make such a big difference where I felt absolutely connected to the racquet. But I couldn't get the grip to lay flat against the bevel near the edge of the handle no matter what I tried. Will exchange for the 1.5mm after speaking with TW.
From: Jeff, 12/13

Comments: Pros: The adhesive backing makes it easy to wrap; 1.3 didn't seem to affect grip size; exposes bevels beautifully; great price. Cons: Fairly slippery when dry and wet -- so I consider this more of an undergrip that gives you great feel for the bevels, but requires an overgrip.
From: Stockton, 11/13

Comments: Just replced my grip with the 1.5 x 22mmm TW leather grip and it's great. At first, I was worried it would have increased the grip size a bit, but once I installed it, it was just perfect. The grip size did not change at all. However, if you go with the 1.3 I would guess it changes.
From: Tmano, 10/13

Comments: I just replaced a Head leather grip, which is not a bad grip (it was a replacement for their Finest Calfskin one), with the TW grip. It fits better and has more all-around quality. Also works much better on an XL (708 mm) stick which has a grip of almost 9 inches. A top notch product.
From: Don, 10/13

Comments: I have been interested in trying a leather grip for sometime. I started playing tennis more regularly (stopped playing after burning out in college) and wanted a slightly smaller grip. Rather than buying new racquets, I purchased the 25mmx1.3mm leather grip. I have been very impressed with this grip, from installation to performance. I was a little worried about how my hand would hold up but after 3 hitting sessions and a match, I have not noticed anything starting to blister. I don't know how much it reduced the grip size, but I am not playing with my normal tourny grip because I like the feel a lot. Great value!
From: Patrick, 9/13

Comments: Great grip. I have been using them for years without an overgrip. The application is easy and gives me that old school feel from the 80's which I prefer.
From: Lambert, 5/13

Comments: I needed a replacement for my Head Calfskin and ordered the 25mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm and I am very satisfied, but I always use an overgrip, so I can't tell the real difference in feel.
From: Anon, 8/12

Comments: Well, I bought 2 of these grips (1.5mm 22mm version), and I'm a little disappointed. I first started using leather when I got a Prestige Pro (which comes with the Head Leather Tour grip). I thought I'd try this since so many people said they were great quality. I put my first one on and these are my observations: 1. I've put Head Leather Tour grips on many times (trying different types of wrapping, replacing dry grips with new ones before I learned how to recondition them, etc.), and I found the TW label grips much more difficult to install than the Head leather grips. 2. One reason is that they seem much stiffer leather, where as the Head Leather grips seem softer and more pliable. The TW grip was a nightmare to stretch over the butt. Once on, the TW leather doesn't show the bevels as much as the Head Leather, and it feels slightly thicker in my hand. I think it is a little thicker and a little stiffer than the Head Leather grips. Maybe the 1.3 would have been closer to what I'm used to.3. The Head Leather Tour has a really nice taper on the sides of the grip, so you can adjust your overlap and either get it to lay flat, or get nice valleys between the wraps if you overlap it less (which is what I've been enjoying lately. The TW leather grip doesn't taper as much on the edges, and while it isn't hard to get it to lay flat if you want, I couldn't quite get it to give me the valleys I wanted, it's just too thick on the edges. But I was able to get it to lay flat pretty well. I just looked at a cross section of each grip. The center thickness is actually very close (closer than I would have guessed based on the installed feel), but the Head has a more gradual taper to a sharper edge, while the TW leather had a more sudden taper and didn't taper to as fine of a point on the edge (edge is a little "blocky"). 4. After using the bare Head Leather Tour grips for long time (which never gave me blisters, even from the beginning), the TW starts giving me hotspots on my hand within about 10-15 minutes of play. It just isn't as comfortable using the bare TW leather as it is the bare Head leather. I thought maybe after getting used some it would soften up and smooth out a little, but it didn't seem to.
From: Anon. 9/11

Comments: I bought 3 for all my current sticks, size 22mm x 1.3mm. Just what I had in mind, they are firm, lay very flat, and really brings out the bevels. I pulled firmly on installation and the quality seems very good. I am very satisfied!
From: Erik, 8/11

Comments: I added the 1.5mm leather grip to my AeroPro Dirve GT, and I can say it is an amazing grip. I first played with just the leather grip and it was a bit harsh and ungrippy for me. But once you add an overgrip like I did - I added the Wilson Pro Overgrip - it adds alot of cushion and tack while still getting that amazing bevel feel from leather grips.
From: Jonathan, Seattle, Washington, United States. 4/11

Comments: I ordered 2 of the 25mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm. When I put it on my racquet it felt more like the 1.3mm (thickness & weight). This batch is different from the the 25mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm I bought from TW last year. I think the leather grip quality of the one I bought last year is much better.
From: Andrew, OR, USA. 4/11

Comments: This really is the best. I am not someone who sweats a lot. I do live in So Cal. and these overgrips last forever. For me, they stay tacky and I have never shredded one. If you take care of your things, and treat the game and your equipment well, these are the best. I used to teach and work in pro shops, I really feel if you want a nice soft, tacky feel, these are number #1. Add a leather grip with a Wilson Pro Overgrip and you're good.
From: Max, Newport Beach, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I bought 2 of these leather grips from TW after being disappointed with these "high-tech" replacement grips I bought for my Prince Spectrum Comp 90's (oldie but goodie racquets). It just didn't "feel" right. After putting on the TW leather grips, it was perfect and I had a much better feel for the racquet. These grips are underrated!
From: William, Los Alamitos, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I was waiting for the Volkl leather grip in brown, which was out of stock. I have Volkl leather on 2 of my racquets and use an over grip. I decided to give the TW private label a try and used a Yonex Supergrap.
After using up two Supergraps I decided to give the leather a try with out an over grip. The bevels where even more pronounced with out an over grip (it's given) and there was no loss of comfort or security. When I've used a bare leather grip in the past (w graphite 90 si racquet & syn gut), the grip would feel a bit slippery and the feedback was a bit uncomfortable. TW Private Label paired with a multi filament was very enjoyable. The grip felt very tacky without it feeling too gummy. It is only the beginning of March in SoCal and I wonder how the leather will feel/play when the warmer months come around. Until then, I'm a fan of the TW Private Label leather grips.
From: Nathan, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: I just replaced a Pacific ATP grip (1.8mm on the package) and a layer of athletic tape with just the 1.5mm leather. They ended up being the same thickness and weight. That was perfect from my perspective. Nice looking product. It feels a little more cushioned and less precise that the 1.3mm leather as you would expect.
From: Mike, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, 12/10

Comments: From my last review I just got the 1.5mm grip. I put it with my head extreme soft overgrip and I can tell you that I love this combination. The 1.5mm grip offers more cushion than the 1.3mm and it is more comfortable on my hand. The balance is perfect between stability and the whip needed when you want to spin a forehand or a one backhand.
From: Gilles, Montreal, Québec, Canada, 09/10

Comments: Excellent product, very nice leather and a very good idea to make a 1.3mm and 1.5mm thick to complete the market that usually offer 1.7mm or 1.8mm. I play actually with a Babolat leather grip that is 1.7mm thick with a extreme soft overgrip from Head. A good mix. But I found my grip a bit too thick and I tried a the TW leather grip 1.3mm and I clearly felt the difference. My one-handed backhand has improved with capacity to make more whip. I will try soon the 1.5mm, which I think will make the perfect balance.
From: Gilles, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 8/10

Comments: This is a very high quality grip. Most of the leather grips in the market are too solid for me, I was looking for something that have a little of softer feel. The 1.5mm tenniswarehouse leather grip fit my need perfectly, it has the good leather grip response and also easier to the hand (when compared to the other brands). So that I can play way longer and not having pain on the hand while benefit the good things about leather grip.
From: Jack H, Denver, CO, USA, 08/10

Comments: I'm honestly not surprised that this turned out to be a great product. Everything TW touches is gold, and their leather grips are no exception. I've only purchased one so far, so I can't comment on consistency, but I'm very happy with the product I received.
From: Mike, Riverside, CA. 6/10

Comments: I purchased the 25mm and found them wider than the standard leather grips, so I ordered the 22mm which wrapped around the handle better. The TW grips are leather and not calfskin like the Fairway grips I've used in the past. The TW grips are well worth the price, especially if you use in combo with an overwrap. If you like the feel of leather, I'd try one of the other brands TW carries. Do they make Fairway grips in England anymore?
From: Dudley, San Ramon, CA USA 03/10

Comments: Absolutely love em'! Nearly every racket in the arsenal is equipped with the 1.5mm thickness TW grip. I love the weight, feel, quality, and touch.
From: Jeff, Chicago, IL, USA 08/09

Comments: I have the 22mm x 1300mm x 1.5mm - 30 grams. It is great on my Prince Ozone Tour with a tournagrip on it. I can really feel the ball and the bevels. I like how it is heavy as well. Top notch quality.
From: Anon, Norcal, USA. 06/09

Comments: I've used several of the 22 mm by 1.5 TW leathers. I have found the following in my experience. They seem to be pretty close to feel and thickness of the Gamma leathers, which I have also used (even though the Gamma is 25mm width). Compared to the Fairway leather on my Wilson prostaff TW and Gamma leather is much softer, not as hard. These are definitely good quality and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new/replacement leather grip.
From: Ryan, San Jose, Ca, USA. 05/09

Comments: I bought a bunch of different widths and thicknesses. Maybe this was just in my order but I thought the 1.3mm had a better quality supple leather than the 1.5mm. I don't think this is my imagination but maybe the padding and thickness is not consistent throughout (on both 1.3/1.5mm). The current Wilson leather grips have a more consistent thickness on the leather and padding so feels flatter. Compared to the Wilson leather grips these are more supple (both 1.3/1.5mm), so they feel a little 'mushy' in the hand, while Wilson has a harder firmer leather; I guess its a matter of preference but I like the feel of the Wilson's better (except for the fact that Wilson's is wider than the 22mm version). Compared to the Wilson's, the 1.3mm felt a little thinner and the 1.5mm felt a little thicker. I personally like the 22mm width better since there are more ridges for your fingers to fall under. I was pretty satisfied with them except for one of the 22mm/1.5mm versions, which had imperfections in the leather and had to return.
From: Nori, New York, NY, USA. 3/09

Comments: Really great! To be offered in different widths and thickness is can experiment to find that perfect feel for you! I've tried a lot of different brands of leather grips, but thanks to TW, I'm done looking.
From: Chris, Clearwater, Florida, USA. 1/09

Comments: I have to say I was very surprised when I first put it on. I loved the option for the thin grip because it would not increase my grip size. After putting Wilson Pro over it, I haven't noticed as much weight change as I expected. If it plays as well as I think it will, I will not hesitate to recommend it to my tennis friends and use this on all my racquets.
From: TT Member crazy8tiger, CA, USA, 11/08

Comments: What a great grip! It comes in all different sizes and shapes to fulfill every desire of your hand (no pun intended). The bevels and grooves are all there and the overgrip fits great on it.
From: Patrick, Federal Way, WA, USA. 10/08

Comments: Great grip and easy to install. It is unusable after about an hour because it just simply slips, but the reason I like it is because it gives the overgrip you put on it a great feel.
From: Anon. 7/08

Comments: I recently purchased the 22mm/1.5mm to replace the original grip on a K-Blade 98. The switch gave me more feel of the bevels, which is what I was looking for. I've also played with the K-Blade Tour, which comes with (Wilson) leather, and I found TW's grip to feel much better as it wasn't as hard. Perhaps the thickness of TW's was the reason. Installation was pretty simple considering it's the first time I ever replaced a grip.
From: Mike, New York, NY, USA. 5/08

Comments: I got the 22mm thick version of the TW grip, and it's definitely a bargain. Compared to the Babolat leather grip, TW's is thicker so it has more cushion. It feels great with a fresh Wilson Pro Overgrip on it. I tried it without an overgrip too, and the leather itself also has pretty good grip. Compared to the Wilson Leather grip, TW's is a bit wider and maybe a little bit softer. The Wilson one felt harder and more "packed," but that might be because it's older. Overall, I prefer the TW grip. Note: when I put the grip on, I try not to stretch it.
From: Derek, Berkeley, CA. 3/08

Comments: I bought both 1.3 mm and 1.5 mm TW leather replacement grips to try out both, and see which I liked better. Both have a great, direct leather tactile ness, but there are differences. The thinner one (1.3 mm thick) really lets you feel the bevels of the handle of your racquet. It accentuates the sharper angles, but doesn't give much "cushion" to your hand. The grip feels rock hard. The thicker one (1.5 mm) softens these bevels a little bit, but to my hand offers a bit more cushion. The 1.5 mm also accentuates the ridges and valleys of the grip, which I like to feel. If I had to do it again, I would go for the 1.5 mm grip. The 1.3 mm one is good, but just a bit too "hard" feeling for my hand, plus I prefer the more pronounced ridges and valleys. Hope this helps.
From: Gene, WI, USA, 01/08

Comments: Great leather grip. Easy to install, feels great, looks great. Great price also. I highly recommend it.
From: T, San Diego, CA, USA. 12/07

Comments: I was running low on my supply of Fairway grips when I decided to give the 22mm TW grip a try. I have to say it is a great grip. It's a little narrower than the Babolat and Gamma but is better quality. It feels almost as good as the Fairways. Great product, highly recommended!
From: Barry, Orlando Florida, USA. 11/07

Comments: The post from "ProStaff Legend on Talk Tennis" helped me tremendously in my decision making process. I ordered the 22mm width and the thicker 1.5mm for additional cushioning. The 22mm width is hard to come by. Most brands (e.g. Gamma, Babolat, Volkl) come in 25mm. The exception I know of is Wilson. I have many vintage wood racquets with dark original leather grips, so a replacement grip with a modern branding in GOLD doesn't quite complement with the vintage- ness of the racquet.
From: Sean, Sacramento, CA, USA. 10/07

Comments: TW has a winner here. I have purchased both the thick & thin, and both are terrific. Easy to install and they look as though they were peeled from the seats of a Bentley. There isn't a grip made that plays better than quality leather. Highly recommended!!
From: Mark, Bucks County, Pa., USA. 10/07

Comments: TW leather grip looks great, classic look but I've covered it with a Wilson pro overgrip. I ordered the thin width and thickness; great feel for the bevels and about a grip size smaller than my fp radical tour's original grip and an overgrip, which is what I hoped for. Great solid feel and contends with any leather I've used.
From: Matt, Fredericksburg, VA, USA, 09/07

Comments: Okay, I've put the leather on my racquet. I have 2 racquets, one with TW leather and one with Gamma leather, both are 4 and 1/2. Here are the comparisons:
Even thought TW lists their leather as tan, its actually more of a brown while gamma leather is a golden yellow
Gamma leather is tackier
The TW leather is definitely thinner. At least 1/8 grips thinner than Gamma
Gamma is a touch bit rougher in texture while the TW is a bit smoother
The gamma is also wider. When wrapped on the handle, gamma measures @ 21-22mm while TW measures @ 19- 20mm.
Perhaps it's because I chose the thinner version and the Gamma being stretched, they seem to be the same in terms of firmness
These are all the comparisons I can think of right now. I'll answer any question I can. if anyone else has TW leather, all your comments and comparisons are welcome.
The plain leather with no branding looks awesome. A black leather would also be good I chose the 1.3mm thickness and 22mm width. It is definitely thinner, even though the Gamma I've used has been well stretched.
From: Posted by: ProStaff Legend on Talk Tennis. 8/07

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