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Comments: This came prestrung on the Wilson BLX Tours that I purchased and in the first few minutes I was not impressed at all! But after playing for an hour or two the strings finally settled in and played like Sensation but with a bit more bite. Don't expect amazing performance right off the bat with this string.
From: Alex, 11/11

Comments: This string has slightly more pocket ability (therefore slightly more feel and control in my opinion) than Wilson Sensation. Strung at 56 lbs in a Wilson N 6.1 95. Given the price point, I may settle for Sensation, but absolutely loved how soft they felt. So much pop and touch at the same time. However, after a long one-day tournament, strings are beginning to move in upper hoop. Hmm, durability is questionable, but the string never claimed to be that durable. 8.5 / 10 overall score - another great from Wilson for me!
From: Dave, 8/11

Comments: Absolutely without a doubt, the worst string I have ever used. No power, no feel, and no spin. Why would anyone use this over basic syn gut is mind-boggling. There isn't one redeeming quality about Hollow Core or Hollow Core Pro. This stuff is horrible. Why Wilson chose to bring this failed string to market is puzzling. Wilson sells some very nice strings, but Hollow Core and Hollow Core Pro are not part of Wilson nice strings. Instead try NXT, NXT Tour, or NXT Control. Hollow Core is a complete failure. Ask any stringer who has actually hit with it, and they will direct you to something cheaper and much better in everything you want from a string. Forten Sweet, Gosen OG Micro if you are tight on funds and basic syn gut will do. X-One Bi-phase, NRG2, Prince Premiere LT, or Solinco Vanquish if you want an outstanding multi, or Wilson NXT Control (blending with poly fibers). Hybrid any of the multis with a co-poly and you get everything Wilson wanted in Hollow Core but failed to deliver.
From: Greg. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I find this string very forgiving; spin is good especially for a newbe. Too expensive.
From: Bernard, Stockbridge, GA, USA, 11/10
USTA 3.0, Wilson BLX Open @63lbs

Comments: I think this string feels very good in all areas, except for durability and tension over time. However, I don't understand why people do not like this string. For me a great feel until break.
From: Mike, 09/10
nrtp: 5.0

Comments: I found this string to be very arm friendly. Good feel, control and spin on a "freshly" strung racquet. However, it loses its tension much too quickly so the string bed ends up with a major trampoline like feel. Much too elastic and springy. Every good characteristic about it then goes in the toilet. I am back searching for another like string that will hold - maintain its tension longer.
From: Mike, Philadelphia, PA. 09/10

Comments: First of all I strung this on a Wilson (k) Pro Open @59Lbs, and a Hollow Core Pro 17G on a Wilson BLX Six.One 95(16X18)@57Lbs. I don't know where all the negative comments are coming from. This is NOT the terrible string that some of this people are saying. I have 20 hours of playing time on my Pro Open and the strings are just fine! No tension lost that I can detect, and the strings are just fine; no fraying! Ok this are not the best strings, but then again they are not the worst either! I got good spin and was comfortable. Don't blame the strings if they don't last. Blame YOU, and the way YOU play! If you're a string breaker you have no business playing with multifilaments. Stick with co-polys. If you use heavy topspin, use co-polys. As a matter of fact, based on my perspective, my experience, and my opinion, the Hollow Core 16 is crispier, has more feel, has more pop, and has more power, than the ALL-HOLLY RPM Blast. Maybe I have a hell of a stringer, but that's the way I feel.
From: Wil, Dallas, TX, USA, 07/10

Comments: I loved hitting with them but they lasted about a week...wouldn't buy them again. They don't last long enough. I'll probably try Babolat Hurricane next
From: Mitch, U.S.A. 4/10

Comments: I strung the set on my Babolat aeropro drive at 60lbs for 2 hours and it feels horrible. I have more spin in my strokes, but also lost a lot of control. I'm a 4.5 player. Next time, I'll try Babolat revenge 16g.
From: Jaime Madrigal, Villahermosa, Tabasco, MEX 03/10

Comments: This string has a very nice feel to it. The main thing I did not like about the string is that it lasted about two days for me. I would not recommend these strings to a frequent string breaker.
From: Scot (JUCO Player), Hattiesburg, MS, USA 03/10

Comments: Not a bad string at all, very typical synthetic gut. If I had to comment further I would say that I am able to generate a lot of spin and power but this string offers no durability (I don't think it would last me 2 matches)...it would last me 3 days at the maximum. And for some reason I always break crosses. Anyone else experience this? But all in all I think string is string to a certain extent...I won plenty of junior tournaments playing with 3 dollar gamma string Lol. Don't kill yourself over string.
From: Randy 5.0, Jacksonville Fl 03/10

Comments: I have an old arm and I'm not a string breaker I like to use VS 16ga at 56lbs in my prostaff 88's and K90. I purchased a new BLX and had it strung with NXT2. I purchased a second BLX Tour and it came with Wilson Hollow Core. I discovered I really hate the NXT2 it's stiff and buzzes on contact with the ball. I was ready to hate the Hollow Core but it hits real nice and comfortable. It somehow slides while pocketing but the hit is very nice. I like it!
From: AP, LA, CA 02/10

Comments: This string suits a stiffer racket. It's pretty spin friendly for a syn gut, but if you want spin, you're better off with almost any other poly. There is pretty good long lasting feel though.
From: anon. 08/09

Comments: I have strung two frames with this string a Kpro Open at 58 and a Kpro Tour at 56 lbs. The Open was just a bit too jumpy - the combo of the string and frame - too lively but the Tour at 56 has good control and a lot of zip and good spin I have also strung same rackets with SuperSpin - good in Open - a bit dead in Tour.
From: Leslie, Edinburgh, Scotland. 04/09

Comments: I tried this on the mains at 63 lbs, and Luxilon m2 on the crosses at 62 lbs on my Babolat Aero Storm Tour. This seemed to work for me. I hit the ball hard and this gave me control and feel. The only bad thing is the price, as this is a costly hybrid set but you get what you pay for, I am playing better than ever, and that is priceless.
From: LUKE, CHARLOTTE , NC , USA. 04/09
NTRP Rating: 4.0 baseline player

Comments: I strung this as crosses with Babolat Pro Hurricane and it works pretty well for me. Prince O3 Speedport Black 56/58
From: Mitchell, CA, USA. 3/09

Comments: Overall this is a good string. Compared to sensation their is very little difference other than the price. With that in mind I strongly suggest you save your wallet or purse and buy Sensation.
From: Jordan, USA. 3/09

Comments: I got this as a free promotion several months ago and strung it in a full job at 65 lbs in my Microgel Radical MP. It takes some time to soften up and break in, but then for about 15-16 hours of play it pockets the ball great, and feels great on the arm. Touch shots could be better. You can generate pretty good spin from the baseline if you swing fast enough across the ball -- same thing for serves. Similar feel to Prince premier with softflex.
From: Alex, Tennessee, USA. 2/09

Comments: Hollow Core plays soft and comfortable. I agree with Daniel in that they initially played great but seemed to pick up power after a week of play. Decent spin but not as much as I would have liked.
From: David, Los Angeles, CA, US. 2/09
USTA 4.0, Wilson Triad T5 @ 60lbs mains and crosses

Comments: I can't quite explain what I like about this string all I can say is that it is awesome. Nice ball pocketing and control. There is some nice controlled power there, too. I've never had tennis elbow but this string is comfortable coming from Luxilon TIMO, so yeah give it a go. This hollow core technology was a good innovation.
From: Kevin, East Hartford, CT, US. 1/09
Strung on a K Six One Tour @ 55lbs

Comments: I strung it as a hybrid with Luxilon alu power as the main and they initially played great. However, after a week my shots were either too powerful or too weak. Not very stable but spin potential and serving aspects are good. Don't hybrid it with Luxilon because after a short time they feel "dead."
From: Daniel, La Crescenta. 1/09
nrtp: 5.0
style: strong serve and defensive tactics

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