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Comments: Works great and stays in pretty well. Because it is wide, it can be used with open string patterns. Give it to customers and they still have them in their racquets a couple of years later.
From: Renzo, 8/16

Comments: Very good. They do their job. But on harder hits and off center shots they tend to fall off. 50 cents is a steal compared to $5 for 2.
From: Kevin, 2/16

Comments: Very good dampeners. Bought 4 just to have in my bag. No issues. They have yet to "pop out" of my Head Graphene Speed Pro MP after 20+ sets of play.
From: Patrick, 11/15

Comments: There are two types of people in this world: 1) people who will wisely just spend .50 for something that does the job it is needed for; and 2) people who will spend 1400% more to just look cool. I am proudly the #1 type. Even if I win the lottery, I would still get this dampener, that's just me. Don't get the worm type, it will break, this won't break.
From: Meako, 7/15

Comments: Annoying because it keeps flying off my racquet. But for 50 cents, who am I to complain?
From: Bahud, 4/15

Comments: This is a great dampner and the best to use. I have used various ones and liked the Sampras prior to using this one. This one seems to hold it shape and ability to dampen shock longer. The price is awesome, these will be the only ones I use. Thanks TW for making a solid dampner for a fair price.
From: Eric, 11/14

Comments: For the price, these are great. They do what they should and mine, so far, have stayed in place just fine. I grabbed a few and keep them in my bag. Honestly for .50, can anyone really complain?
From: Matt, 8/14

Comments: These dampeners are as good as anything on the market. They stay on the racquet better then most and absorb better then most. The price is great. I've used Head, Babalot, Prince, Gamma and many more. Buy these -- you won't be disappointed.
From: Sam, 7/14

Comments: Easily my favorite dampener. The only other one I use is a Pete Sampras circle dampener. It stays on very well. And I've never had one break on me. To all who have this problem I say watch the ball more so you hit the ball on the sweet spot instead of your dampener. That is the only reason they break. This is also a fast switch between my racquets when switching the dampener into a different frame.
From: Ryan, 10/13

Comments: This really is a great dampener. I just bought new Pure Drives and didn't want to spend the $6 or $7 for their dampeners, so I thought I'd give these a try. It's great. It works great and the fact that it displays the name of my favorite tennis retailer is a definite plus!
From: Anon, 9/13

Comments: This dampener works great! It looks fantastic on my racquet and on top of that it doesn't fall off like all of the other, more expensive, vibration dampeners that I have had in the past. It does it's job, and on top of that it looks awesome, thank you Tennis Warehouse!
From: Josh, 11/12

Comments: They worked well for a while, and they are a great price. After about one week I noted that the dampner had warped. It had split hafway. I had to replace it. I had a similar experience as (Sam, Mesa, AZ, USA, 03/11)
From: Anjan, 9/12

Comments: Love these dampeners, as good as anything else on the market but by far the best price! Every time I order from TW I always add a few to the order to have extras or to give away to friends. The oval design is great, makes it easier to install and remove and stays in the strings much better than round it square ones! I highly recommend adding these to any order. Can't say enough good things about them...
From: Dan, 4/12

Comments: It's a really good damper, and it's 50 cents - that's even better. Mine has never fallen off my racket or cracked.
From: Anon, 2/12

Comments: The TW dampener is overall great for the price, but only above decent compared to other dampeners. It's made of a stiffer rubber material compared to the softer Wilson and Babolat dampeners, but it still gets the job done. For 50 cents, you can't complain. Overall 8/10
From: Brian, 1/12

Comments: I have been using it everyday for a month on my racquet and it hasn't popped off or cracked. I did put it on sideways because that was the only way it fit. Great vibration dampener and for only 50 cents.
From: Jake, 11/11

Comments: All the reviews say it pops off or cracks in half. I bought a Head racquet, and the shock absorber came with it. It has been a year since I've had that dampener, and it has yet to fail me. Still, for only $.50 it is worth a shot.
From: Justin, 8/11

Comments: I think this is one of the best dampeners out there. It is tight and does not fall off!
From: Aaron, 7/11

Comments: Worst dampener I have ever used. It falls off every time I play and a have broken 3 in half just from hitting. Great price, poor quality.
From: Broc Horning. 7/11

Comments: Good price but same quality as the price.
From: Tolga. 5/11

Comments: They feel good. Just like any other dampener. Unfortunately, they crack in half. I had one on my racquet for about a week when I looked down and noticed that it had warped and was no longer adhering to the strings; sure enough, the plastic had ripped straight through. Great price, poor quality.
From: Sam, Mesa, AZ, USA, 03/11

Comments: Seriously, why are some dampeners 3 or 4 bucks a pop? The TW dampeners are as good as any dampener I've ever played with--and are .50 cents each. Seriously, really a no-brainer peeps...
From: Ohno, San Francisco, CA, USA, 03/11

Comments: It's ok I guess, really stiff and big, it bows out the strings a lot that it goes in between.
From: Chris, Nashua, NH, USA, 03/11

Comments: Not such a good dampener; came with my tennis racquet and broke off, my friends have it and it comes off when you hit with it.
From: Raul, Seattle, WA, USA, 02/11

Comments: Came with my racquet, hey it feels good and its cheap. If you buy something you should just add a couple to your order and reap the benefits.
From: Javier, Sunnyside, WA, USA, 02/11

Comments: this was the best dampener ever.
From: Philip, Westbloomfield, MI, USA, 01/11

Comments: Very good dampener! Came on my AeroPro Drive GT already attached when I purchased it. There is no need for those other fancy dampeners :P
From: Alden, Lake Forest, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: Simply the best vibration dampener ever. Before I put this on, I was just an average player... After I put this on, I was hitting 170 mph serves, my groundstrokes were un-returnable, and my slices had so much spin that they just rolled after they made contact with the ground. Unfortunately, none of those things happened, but this is a cheap, good quality dampener. No complaints. Thanks TW!
From: Ronak, Tucson, AZ, USA, 01/11

Comments: The best dampener ever. It came on my Babolat Aero Storm Cortex and works great!
From: Josh, WA, USA, 10/10

Comments: It was hard to fit on my racquet, pretty stiff plastic construction. I didn't like it, and did not dampen well I thought, but for the price you may as well try it.
From: Will, Perth, WA, Australia, 09/10

Comments: Really good shock dampener.
From: Harry, Southend, Essex, UK, 09/10

Comments: This one (and the Volkl) seem to have the best "feel" to me. It muted the strings more than any other one I have tried. Note: I placed this one vertically on the stringbed. With it being white, if I ever shank a shot and it pops out, it should be fairly visible.
From: Anon, New York, NY, USA, 08/10

Comments: Came on both my Aeropro Drive GTs and these are by far the best I've had. They stay on and do a pretty good job damping the vibrations. For 50 cents apiece it�s a steal. The only time they come off is when you are getting a new string job.
From: Duoc, Irving, TX, USA, 08/10

Comments: This came on my Drive Cortex ordered from Tenniswarehouse. It works well and doesn't pop out. For the price its the best value around except for the SpongeBob dampeners.
From: Ron, Chicago, IL. 8/10

Comments: I really liked it. Not only does it look good in the racquet, but it does a good job of dampening the string vibration. It makes a nice sound when the ball is struck cleanly. Limited use, but didn't seem like it was going to pop out, it does fit quite securely. Definitely worth the price as it does as well as any dampener I've used.
From: Jim, Auburn Hills, Mi. USA. 07/10

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