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Comments: Top notch design and features. Unfortunately, the build quality is lacking. I have a six and a nine pack bag and both have had the ventilated pocket zipper seams come un-stitched. A real shame because I really like the nine pack bag. The handles and straps have been solid, as have the other zippers (note: a light application of silicon oil makes them super smooth). It's just those pesky vented pocket seams that failed in my experience.
From: Philip, 7/15

Comments: Like the 9-pack bag, but the small compartment in the front tore the first day out (with a cell phone and wallet inside). Only bought it due to it's low price, in spite of warnings on workmanship on previous models. The napsack model is fine (have had that for a few months), but will go with a Head/Technifibre bag in the future.
From: Alan, 4/15

Comments: I am very impressed with this 3-pack bag! I was looking for a bag for my son's high school tennis. Our criteria was: 1) it had to fit 2 racquets, a pair of size 13 shoes, and a water bottle; 2) had to have at least one extra compartment for a snack, phone, bus pass, etc.; 3) had to fit in the school locker; 4) couldn't be too expensive. This bag satisfies all of our requirements. In fact, we could have fit more stuff in the back, like a ball can, clothes, water bottles, a towel, etc. It's really roomy and versatile. I also bought a similar Head bag for comparison, and it's more compact than the TW bag, and much smaller -- 2 racquets hardly fit in it, so it is going back.
From: Ilona, 4/15

Comments: Here's a quick update on my TW Tennis Backpack after a few trips and flights. The handle on top has come unstitched and pulled away from the bag only holding by a few stitches. I plan to fix this as best I can because overall the bag is still great and I think for the money you can't go wrong. I do think TW needs to look at better reinforcing the stitching around the top handle since it's what is going to be used to pull and lug the bag around. I hope my patch/repair job works, if not I would still consider buying another as the bag design and features are great.
From: Matt, 4/15

Comments: I bought this backpack based on price and room inside; plus for $10, you cannot beat it. It carries everything I need for my Men's Double's night, or when I work with the ladies from my wife's tennis team. I am not playing many tournaments anymore, so if I ever get back into that, I will buy something bigger. Until then, this is great!
From: Alan, 4/15

Comments: This 9-pack bag is great for the price. I bought this to use for my high school tennis team. It holds two racquets, a blanket, shoes, balls, and a bottle. The bag is half my size -- it is really big and looks cool too.
From: Emily, 4/15

Comments: The backpack is very smartly designed, much better than any other brand's bag (regardless of price) that I have had through the years (I have been playing since 1980). But could have been built (stitched) better especially at the compartments seams. I had to reinforce the stitches at the earliest sign of defraying which happened within a month of purchase. Reinforced, it lasted intact the whole five months of summer's tennis season (June to October) used everyday (yes, being newly retired, I played everyday). Deceptively compact, it has ample room for two racquets, a pair of shoes, towel, extra shirts/clothes and all the basic tennis necessities/accessories (two cans of balls, two water bottles, wrist bands, overgrips, chips/fruits. first-aid kit, eyeglasses container, etc.). Thanks to strategically placed pockets, I know exactly where my tennis permit card, wallet, phone, blackbook, tablet, pens, and loose change are. Additionally, the racquet stabilizers convinced me this bag was designed by a recreational serious player like myself (yes, only players know what they want and do not want in a bag). This bag's designer aced it. I am buying another (maybe the black this time) for insurance incase TW stops making them.
From: Antonio, 3/15

Comments: The black Backpack Bag I just got seems great. I wanted something secure to hold two racquets while riding a scooter. The straps hold the sticks in the bag very nicely. The whole thing looks well made (no loose threads running wild). I cannot speak for the hold out of the zippers, time will tell. For ten bucks, this thing is a steal. Lots of room, many pockets and compartments (maybe too many?). I think this will work out just fine for me.
From: Davis, 12/14

Comments: This is for the TW 9-pack bag. Pros: it's very cheap and has a lot of pockets. However, the bag is much narrower than its specification. It's really crowded to put 3 racquets into any of its racquet compartments. I also do not like that the bag doesn't hold its shape.
From: Mike, 11/14

Comments: I needed a new backpack mostly for travel but when a tennis buddy showed me this one I was impressed with the quality. Recently took mine on a family trip to Hawaii and it was great! Held my racquet, can of balls and on plane needs (iPad, Kindle etc). I don't think I could have gotten a better quality bag for this price. Great quality and impressive design. Great job TW on this bag.
From: Matt, 11/14

Comments: I was really pleased with my 9-pack racquet bag when I first bought it. Plenty of room, sturdy construction and a great price. It was interesting the way they put the "shoe pocket" on the opposite side of the bag, it takes up space inside the large center pocket. This was my favorite feature of the bag until the zipper pull slid off, as I kept sliding the pull back on somehow the thread holding the zipper in place began unraveling. End result, that pocket is now unusable. Not a terrible loss as the space is still available in the center pocket. I've simply pinned the pocket closed and still feel it was a decent purchase for the money.
From: Tony, 10/14

Comments: Just got the 6-pack bag delivered today. A great buy for $15 versus the $79 Volkl bag which was my next choice. The only draw back with the TW bag is that it doesn't have true back pack straps like the other bags. You can make do with the other strap to create a backpack but it's not the same thing. Other than that it has plenty of room for all my racquets and then some. I'm not a pro and paying a lot of money to advertise a brand on the side of my bag isn't my ideal situation. So save your money on a bag and use it towards a new racquet! Always serve and volley.
From: Rod, 10/14

Comments: I bought the 9-pack bag for $20....twenty bucks! It is well made (I think it's made in USA to boot), sturdy zippers, strap, shoulder straps and handle. Plenty of pockets. You can't go wrong.
From: Mike, 10/14

Comments: I got tired of having to gather up my racquets, balls, and equipment to go to the court. I bought this 3 pack bag and it holds all my racquets (three), several cans of balls, and my personal equipment with ease. All I can say is wow! Great bag for the price. Much better quality than I expected for the price.
From: Marv, 8/14

Comments: This may be the best $10 purchase you can make for tennis! I'm currently carrying 3 racquets in this 3-pack bag (two in the racquet pocket and one outside the pocket) with all the handles secured to the center with the clever elastic strap. There are 4 cans of balls and a few loose ones in the main compartment as well. Packed like this, I can still get a pair of size 10.5 tennis shoes in the other large compartment, and it easily fits two towels when the shoes aren't in there. The smaller pockets hold my Tournagrip and spare vibration dampeners, along with my wallet, keys, cash, and phone while I'm playing. I recently took this on vacation with me and put one racquet, a laptop, and my iPad all in the racquet pocket, and had plenty of room for tennis shoes and power cords. Very versatile bag! It would be a great bag for a student with a laptop and text books, even if they don't play tennis. You can't go wrong at this price. Anyone looking for a racquet bag for the courts should give this $10 gem serious consideration.
From: Dave, 7/14

Comments: This backpack is amazing! It holds two racquets and pretty much all your stuff, tennis and otherwise. For $10 I was expecting a sub quality bag I'd have to replace often, but I'm absolutely amazed at the quality and the large size. I see a lot of tennis bags at the club, and this one, by far, is the best.
From: Sheldon, 7/14

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