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Comments: I bought the 3 pack because I rarely carry around more than 3 racquets. I thought it was well worth the money; it had a pocket for balls, and another one for me to put my lunch. It was well worth the money.
From: Jake, Beloit, WI, USA, 01/08

Comments: I love the 6-pack because of its features: lots of pockets, space, shoe compartment, handles and the bottom sewn-in strap. I', totally satisfied as far as tennis bag design. I hope it is durable as well. I don't see why it won't be as I used it for a month now without noticing any problem areas so far.
From: GCL, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA. 12/07

Comments: Held up well for quite a while. One of the straps clippers fell off, then recently the other strap clip broke, so now the one good strap is crossed over to the good clip. Overall, lots of room, I use it to travel usually since I like to take my rackets with me.
From: Steve, 09/07
Blue 9-pack

Comments: It came as a free bonus when I purchased two racquets. It outlasted the racquets. I abuse the bag with lots of travel. It has held up for over two years. Routinely this bag carries three matched racquets for in the center container; on one outside compartment are: one leaded racquet for warm ups and a recreation os to play with kids along with exrta shoes, two pairs of socks, athletic tape, wide ace bandages, an ankle braces, and extra set of gel insoles, and a first aid kit; in the other compartment I keep a rolled up pair of sweats, and two extra shirts and two extra set of strings. Mesh lined outside compartment holds two sport towels, and the other one sometimes holds a shower towel. This bag is used 3-4 times a week plus weekends (where even more stuff is "over-packed" - Never lost a stitch. All zippers are in fine working order. No cracked frames. Nothing lost or spilled out. Everything is found fairly easy. It looks smaller than it holds and the backpack straps help when it is heavy. Love it. Great Bag!
From: Gary, Plymouth, MA, USA, 09/07

Comments: Great price but by nature, a tennis bag isn't meant to have to be treated delicately. Treat this bag with any harshness and it tears easily on the inside. After one week the whole zipper pull assembly fell off and was lost. After one month I noticed that the inside compartment was ripped even though the bag was treated gently and never abused in any way. I appreciate TW's attempt to give us a low cost bag with lots of great compartments but they just don't hold up too well.
From: Bill, Chattanooga, TN, USA, 05/07

Comments: I really liked the bag, but the shoulder strap on the bottom of tore after less than 2 months of use. I'm not hard on my equipment at all either. Having said that, I'm a faithful TW customer and will continue to spend my money with them, I just won't buy another one of their branded bags.
From: Adam, 03/07

Comments: I am on my third bag because the first two (last year) had handle ripping problems. The problem appears to have been corrected. I keep coming back to this bag because of its size and its many pockets, which make it easy to organize my stuff, so I don't have to hunt for it. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and there is a ton of room for a change of clothes, a towel and toiletries when playing right after work. The front end handle makes it easy to pull out of the car or to hang up on the fence.
From: John, St. Louis, MO 09/06

Comments: Itís a good bag overall, but I am not too thrilled with the quality. The handle seam ripped within two months. But itís a big bag, with some nice accessory pockets. It will definitely fit all your gear.
From: Jay, Ashburn, VA, USA 08/06

Comments: I've actually had great success with this bag. I even use it as luggage when I travel and it's held up. Perhaps I just got lucky with getting a "complete" bag, but Iíll definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a bag.
From: Bobby, San Francisco, CA, USA 08/06

Comments: You get what you pay for. Not well made at all. I have had three of these bags now and each of them within two months have started ripping at the seams. I keep taking them back, and will keep taking them back. Not bad for the price though.
From: John, San Jose, CA, USA, 07/06

Comments: I've had this bag for about a year now and have no complaints about the construction quality. It appears to be well made and I've not had the problems that other reviewers have had. Then again, I don't throw my bag around either and in general, treat my possessions with respect. I usually carry six rackets with me to the courts. Three in each outer pocket, the center of the three within a racket bag, (so that the rackets don't scratch each other). They all fit fine, despite what the product description states. I save the center racket pocket for all extra gear that I carry to the courts, such as towels, hats, rulebook, small water bottles, sunglasses, etc. I keep my terry cloth wristbands in the outer mesh pockets and small items in the small center pocket (such as a tape measure (to measure the height of the net), extra change, USTA card, etc.). The outer small pocket carries my wallet, cell phone, and car keys when I'm on the court. When this bag wears out, I will most likely purchase another one. At the price it is sold, it is a bargain. I especially like the shoulder straps and the grab handle at the end of the bag. Highly recommended!
From: Simi, SoCal 06/06

Comments: You get what you pay for. I purchased my TW 6-pack bag at the beginning of the summer. Observations:
- This sucker is big! Bigger than any of the 6-packs I've had over the years. In fact, I would almost say it's too big, but that's just my opinion.
- My experience is consistent with those of the other negative reviewers: the bag is poorly made. The first week I had it, the buckle on the shoulder strap broke. Shortly thereafter, the seam adjacent to the handles ripped.
- I paid $15 for the bag on special with the purchase of a racquet. Probably wouldn't buy it again.
From: Steve, Washington, DC, USA. 10/05

Comments: This is a nice bag with a lot of cool features. The bag is not made well though. I have had it for about 2 months and it is already ripping at the handles. That is probably why it is so cheap. Other than that, it is a nice bag.
From: Jacob, Mechanicsville, Va, US 06/05

Comments: I bought this bag because it was cheap. I got it a week ago and have slowly discovered all the great things on it that the first reviewer mentioned. I was only expecting one webbed pocket on the side, having so many pockets and compartments means I can really organize my things, dry accessories one pocket (hair bobs, granola bar, etc.)and wet accessories (sunscreen, flexall, etc.) in another, wet used ickiness (I always find the wet towel and wristbands)in a pocket where it can get a little air, dry up, and/or not be forgotten. I love it so much I have started customizing it!!
From: Alaine, Austin, TX USA 06/05

Comments: Well, I received my racket bag from TW today. If you don't want to read any further, read this - they got it right.
Now for the details.
I got the 9-racket bag. I like big bags. The TW bag looks smaller than most 9-racket bags I've owned and its shape is a little different. When you open it up though, it's just as roomy. It is also chocked full of nice things.
First, my bag is the red one. It has a TW logo on either side. Both logos are situated on top of wet pockets, one per side. The wet pockets are generous in size, and having two is even nicer. There is a 3rd wet pocket located on the bottom of the bag, more on it later. The bag is conventional in that it is divided into three (3) large compartments, each zippered with a double pull arrangement.
Directly behind one of the side wet pockets is a zippered pocket sized for wallet, cell phone and keys. I always like a pocket that I can empty the contents of my shorts' pocket into and one that I can locate these things quickly.
To the top of the bag where the three compartments are. From left to right, between compartment one and two is another smaller zippered compartment that could be used for the same thing as the one on the side. This one is slightly different in that it has a webbed pocket and would probably be good for wet wristbands, etc.; or, your wallet and such.
On either side of the center compartment are a couple of carrying handles. There is one shoulder strap that runs the length of the bag from compartment three to the bottom of the bag and ties off at compartment one. The shoulder strap has a padded section on it that also has the TW logo on it and looks very good.
Turning the bag over to look at the bottom, one finds hidden straps that allow the bag to be carried like a backpack. Like the top strap, the shoulder straps padded section has TW on it, three times per strap. Like the top strap, it looks good. In the center of the bag is another wet pocket (aforementioned) that you could put your shoes in.
I don't think this bag is a thermal bag, I don't know that it would offer any heat protection in other words. Then again, I don't know that any bag ever made really offers thermal protection to rackets. I offer this paragraph to Deuce since I know that he was looking in that direction. I can also say that it gets hotter here than where he is, and my rackets are ok without it.
Finally, on the short end of the bag (the end where the grips of your rackets would be), there is a quick pull to lift the bag by. I've found this feature very handy on some other bags and appreciate it on this bag.
So, the final count is: 3 compartments big enough for frames, towels, balls, all your gear. Two zippered pockets on either side of the outermost compartments that are for wet storage. These are easy to get to, and very functional. They also have webbing so you can see there is something in there. (There is absolutely nothing worse than finding a T-shirt that's been in your wet pocket for a week....) There is a bottom compartment that could be used for wet storage, or shoes, or anything that you don't need to get to that often. There are handles on top along with a single shoulder strap and hide away backpack straps on the bottom. There is a quick pull at the short end of the bag.
Looks like I've found a new bag.
From: Rabbit, From Talk Tennis message board. 2/05

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