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Comments: This racquet is good for spin and my groundstrokes. My groundstrokes feel effortless with this racquet. I strung it with full co-polyester at midrange tension and used a leather grip from Babolat along with an overgrip. After two weeks of tennis, I still cant seem to find the sweet-spot on my serve without altering my service motion. I switched from the Wilson Blade to Yonex hoping for a new experience. Overall my Wilson BLX Blade Tour and KBlade Tour is balanced and weighted better. The Blade overall weighs less too. I feel that this Yonex needs more weight at the head, but i guess their V-Core system puts the weight distribution all in the throat. I will probably add lead tape to the head with hopes that this doesn't put too much stress on my arm.
From: Xiong, 2/13

Comments: I bought this racquet used from Tennis Warehouse and I'll definitely be buying used racquets from TW again in the future. The racquets (B-grade and above) look practically unblemished and cost about 70% of the original price. About the VCore 95D...I demo'ed a 98D and decided to buy the 95D unseen. The 95 is less forgiving than the 98 in terms of sweet-spot size and can be temperamental depending on the string configuration (as the TW video review also explains), but with the right combination for my particular play style, I found the 95 to be just as agile as the 98 and provided more control. One important piece of information I'd like to pass on is that the factory grip is thinner than most aftermarket grips, so think ahead about picking a size. I bought a 4 3/8 racquet which, after replacing the grip, felt closer to a 4 1/2, with the thinnest aftermarket grip I could find.
From: Mirus, 9/12
String type and tension: Gamma Live Wire 17g @ 56 lbs

Comments: Having played with Fischer MPRO n1 for years, and switched to Yonex RDis 100 MP, I wasn't getting along with the high stiffness. The frame was crispier than I liked, but my game had improved with it, so I decided to remain married to Yonex but with another frame. I just wanted a racquet with a softer feeling than the 100 MP, and finally found a winner when I hit with the VCORE 95d. It was love at first forehand, and after 5 minutes I was completely sure I've had everything I wanted. I like to be aggressive most of the time, have a good serve and volley game and don't like rallies that last more than 10 shots, although I can rely on my baseline game when it's needed. The VCORE 95d has even more power than the 100 MP, but it falls short in the spin department. It's quicker in the air, with a shorter sweetspot. And the feel... killer sweet! I strongly recommend this racquet for anyone missing the buttery feel of 6.1 classics, who like to hit hard and feel comfortable at net. If you have a western grip, go somewhere else, for this is not a spin frame.
From: Fabio, 6/12

Comments: I bought this racquet after trying out my friend's. I absolutely love the power and control that I get on my shots. With my old Yonex racquet the more I went for power the less control I had with my shots. Since I got the 95 D I can put as much power as I want into the shots and not lose control. I'd highly recommend this racquet to anyone for a demo or for a new purchase.
From: Andrew, 6/12

Comments: I had the 98d at first, great racket but for me fell short on the stability front, and eventually my elbow became sore due to the stiffness of the frame. I tried various other brands, like the wilson pro tour, head radical, as well as babolat, but to no avail. I couldn't find the same feeling I was looking for, the same feeling and playability as the 98d, and my friend who has a link with Yonex suggested I try the 95d and oohhhh man I would never have though that I would be able to use a heavier frame and a smaller head size in the same way I used the 98d. The 95d is a brilliant racket great stability, maneuverability, feel, control, and power all rolled into the one racket, I've found what I am looking for. Don't be put off by the weight and head size if you can play and have a decent technique give this a try you will be very very very surprised. Also having read other reviews I think that if you find a low powered racket to powerful increase the string tension by a few pounds it will work for sure.
From: Davie, 5/12

Comments: Yonex VCORE 95D or WilsonBLX Pro Staff 95? Well I was recommended this one. I demoed the 2 and the Head Prestige IG MP. No doubt VCORE 95D is the racquet in all categories. There is more free power per square inches on this racquet than all others. This is really the best 95 square inch racquet out there. Thanks Yonex for making this racquet, even though I picked it up it late (only this year) but it has helped me a lot. My serve is more precise than ever, powerful with control, top spin and controlled flat shots are amazing, real nice feel on volleys. I can't really say much, it is just one heck of a racquet and I also would recommend this for demo. My first Yonex, why it took me so long!
From: Don, 4/12
String type and tension: Yonex Poly Tour Pro, 52/49 lbs

Comments: Divider in the third compartment is not a good design because you are use to opening the the compartment wide and the divider is restricting it, so in time the divider will tear away from the compartment side.
From: Jay, 4/12

Comments: I think this is an extremely well made racquet; and it fits my game extremely well. Could do anything I wanted without the racquet "getting in the way." I am used to a larger headsize so a smaller head is really the only hurdle I look forward to getting past. Strung with NXT 16 at 50lbs.
From: Adam, 4/12

Comments: Just took it for a hit. I compared it with my YT Prestige MP, to which it should be quite similar spec-wise. Well not quite, it had a lot more power and spin but seamed heavier in swingweight and less headlight in balance than advertised. Bottom line, a good racquet but not for me. It had good power and spin as well as stability from all areas, improved my net game and added a lot power and spin to my groundstrokes. I recommend a demo, but I would always pick the control and feel of YT Prestige MP over it.
From: Joe, 11/11
String type and tension: Luxilon M2 16g at 50 lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I tried more than 30 player's racquets from all the brands on the market and this one is a KEEPER! I sold my 2 Prince Rebel 95s -- bye bye, don't need anymore! This racquet is great in ALL the categories. Arm friendly too. 9.5/10 because I feel too shy to give a 10!!
From: Stef. 10/11
String type and tension: Babolat Pro Hurricane 1.25/17
NTRP Rating: 4.5

Comments: Wow! There is so much power, control, feel and touch! I found this to be the best quality player's racquet on the market today! Try it you'll be impressed.
From: Alexander, 8/11
String type and tension: Yonex Pro Tour at 52 lbs
NTRP Rating: 6.0

Comments: I have been dealing with elbow issues for about six months with my old racquet but when I tried this one, my arm felt the difference almost immediately. No more pain!! Yes the stick is some what muted but if you like to tell the ball where to go then you should be fine. Serves are effortless and top spin ground strokes are good. However, I feel like when you try to flatten out a shot you have to really go for it otherwise you will hit the net every time. Overall I would say it's a consist racquet for the grinder in you.
From: Nick. 7/11
String type and tension: Gama TNT2
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Recently got this as a demo in my quest for what to move on to after my RDS 002 Tours die. I agree with Chris' comments in the video review. This stick has a bit too much power for me, made it tough to control depth. Typical Yonex feel, though, and I was left thinking that this could be a fun racquet to have around with a full bed of shaped poly for those days when I feel like hitting with extreme topspin. It should allow you to keep the ball really deep with tons of spin. Since I play mostly doubles, though, those days are kind of few and far between.
From: Sam. 6/11
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: I have been waiting for the review forever as I was considering, but a friend knew I was interested and picked me up one upon losing a bet. I have played a few times and have to agree with Pete, it lacks something to love. I would describe it as a Volvo, boxy but good. It feels boxy, a bit club like really, but does have good touch, good, power, just better than good control/precision, good spin, and good serves. But into the third set the weight / balance gets a bit nagging. Does everything it is supposed to well but doesn't really stand out anywhere or do anything great. The build quality is good but nowhere near a Volkl or Becker build quality. After using it, I called up TW and wanted to get their feel on some other sticks. This should tell you despite the good performance there just wasn't anything to hold onto. Playtester Chris was sitting beside the lovely person I was talking to and based on my former racket likes and style directed me to a Volkl Powerbridge 10 mid. Chris, as Monica says you really do know all! It was a perfect fit, plow through, precision, spin and touch. It is heavier than the Yonnex but plays and feels much lighter. If your interested in the 95D V-Core you really need to try the Volkl Powerbridge 10 mid (93 head size with large sweet spot). I also recommend the Solinco Barbwire or Pacific X-Force both in a 17g.
From: Greg
NTRP Rating: 4.0

Comments: Just finished play testing this frame. This V-Core offers everything it's supposed to. Isometric string bed, nice plow through, good balance, slightly heavy swing weight, and predictable manageable power. I'll report that I thought I'd like it better than I did however. This V-Core lacks soul somehow. It felt muted and kind of boring to me. Perhaps this V-Core could find its soul with a different string set up or perhaps some lead tape. I liked the 98 version of the V-Core better but feel that frame lacked something also.
From: Pete. 5/11

Comments: This is definitely the most balanced racquet I have ever tried. I come from BLX 6.1 tour 90, K Factor 6.1 95, Yonex rdis 100, Volkl PB 10 Mid, Babolat Pure Storm GT LTD and a few Head player's racquets. This is an awesome product from Yonex. Serving has never been so easy. The mass is lower than average but the frame is so utterly balanced that it seems like you are playing with a 340 gram stick.
From: Luigi. 5/11

Comments: The racquet is a great medium between RQiS 1 tour and RDiS 100 Midsize. Not too stiff like the RDis and now too flexible like the RQiS. Reminds me of my old RD Power 7 Long. Swings well and it also has some mass.
From: Jay, Brooklyn, NY. 5/11
String type and tension: Head RIP 16 gauge
NTRP Rating: 4 to 4.5

Comments: Yonex got this one right! Wow! Finally something with a little more flex, but not too much. Control is some of the best I ever felt & trust me, I have been known to change my racquets more than I should! I think I'm finally done looking.
Serving was the BIG surprise with this frame. I expected the control, but the usable power is awesome. You name the brand and I've tried it...three times! I keep coming back to Yonex. With this one, I'm here to stay! Even if you have never been a fan of Yonex or their head shape, this one is a keeper!!!
From: Scott, Valley Twp., PA, USA, 03/11
String type and tension: Wilson Champion's Choice @ 57lbs
Headsize: 95
NTRP Rating: 4

Comments: Does this racquet come with a traditional racquet cover or a pouch?
From: Jim, San Fransisco, CA, USA, 02/11
String type and tension: Babolat RPM Blast @ 55lbs
NTRP Rating: 4.0
(Jim, this racquet comes with a black Yonex racquet satchel.--TW Staff)

Comments: Just tested this racquet today. I've never been a big fan of Yonex frames, but after some others had tried it out at work (& spoke highly), I thought I'd give it a go. What a surprise: such a comfortable stick with very easy power & spin.
Although, I can't make comments based on match play, was only used for a few hours whilst coaching, it was a pleasure to have in the hand. The stock weight was very nicely balanced, volleys crisp & serves a breeze with very easy pace and spin on kickers.
I'm just not sure, due to the style of the trial how it will stack up against some big hitting especially in regard to stability. However, I was so pleasantly surprised with it as it was, I thought it worth these comments. And that without my favourite poly setup & any additional weight.
I'm not so sure I'd give up my current frames Dunlop 4D 200 Tour, but for those looking for what I'd consider to be an excellent all round frame this might just be the stick for you?
I also tested this racquet without a vibration dampener, something I always use these days, so suspect it would even have a more comfortable feel than in the demo frame. I should have checked on the strings, not really familiar with Yonex types, but they may have been the new hybrids from Yonex. Makes sense really given the frame!
Yonex may not be the most fashionable brand in racquets these days, but it seems they still make excellent frames & I'd assume the quality very high (made in Japan).
Happy testing!!!
From: Mark, Qld, Australia, 02/11

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