Weiss CANNON TurboTwist 17L (1.18) String Customer feedback

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Comments: This string has been the answer for me. I wanted a poly for spin but could not find anything easy enough on my arm until I found turbotwist. Good spin, power, control and durability. I'm surprised that most people have never heard to it, even my stringer and he does a lot of pros and college teams. I string it as a full bed on a Radical OS at 50 lbs. The most comfortable and effective set-up I've ever had.
From: David, 12/16

Comments: Great combination of power and control. Spin potential is average for polys. Full bed strung at 52 lbs in a Blade 98 S gives a nice crisp feel and controllable power.
From: Anon, 11/14

Comments: I use this string in a full bed on a Dunlop M 3.0 and this string plays great. Nice feel, power, control and no arm issues.
From: Ramky, 7/13

Comments: Turbo Twist is a great string with good directional control and feel. It's also powerful and soft. In fact, it's softer than some of the stiffer multis. I love it in the mains with a stiff multi in the crosses at 50 pounds. Great job Weiss Cannon!
From: Christian, 6/12

Comments: I use this on my Yonex Ezone 100 with Technifibre NRG 18g on the crosses. Nice access to spin and control. Easy on the arm. Highly recommend!
From: Jackie, 4/12

Comments: I use turbo twist as the cross stings with Babolat Tonic Feel (17g) in the mains. For me, this combination is comfortable, durable, and provides a nice blend of accuracy, power, spin, and feel. The strings never move out of place, and my shots are very consistant. I can't afford to have my rackets restrung with Champion's Choice every 8 games like Roger, so this is my cost effective alternative. I use a Volkl PB10 and string at 59 lbs mains, 57 crosses.
From: Rob, 4/12

Comments: This string is phenomenal! I tested some of the textured poly strings Babalot RPM, Lux savage, Solinco Barbwire & Tour Bite, Technifibre code black & code rough, and WeissCannon blackstar & Turbotwist. Out of those strings, I love the Turbotwist the most for feel, spin, and power. I use Wilson Juice Pro BLX. For spin, the best is Solinco TourBite but Turbotwist is right behind it. However, for the comboination of great feel, awesome spin-potential, and controlled power, Weiss Cannon TurboTwist wins.
From: Lee, 1/12

Comments: This string is very comfortable and exceptionally playable, it has a bit of a flatter feel but I use this as a cross string with BB Ace and it is awesome, I also have a racket with it in full bed and it is very good also, NO need to drop tension 10% it is soft and fine with your normal multi tension. Strung BB Ace 53 / Weiss Cannon TT 55 on Wilson BLX 18/20.
From: Arne, Canada, 02/11

Comments: I had been searching for a good string combination that could give me the feel, spin, power and control for my game. I tried several polyesters like MSV Focus Hex hybrid with several synthetic guts and soft multifibers. I also had a tennis elbow problem several months ago. Found good combinations out there but tension loss and durability was a recurring issue. My last hybrid was a WC Turbo Twist 17L 59lbs on mains and Mantis Power Synthetic gut on crosses at 57lbs. Again tension loss and durability by the soft cross was disappointing. A string specialist suggested I tried a full bed of WC TT 17L at 58 lbs on my Volkl PB9. I was reluctant due to my past elbow issues but got a pleasant surprise.
WC TT 17L in a full bed is AWESOME! It plays wonderful providing lots of spin like good textured strings, feel is comparable to multifibers, power is there, control is amazing. Durability is off the charts and tension loss is minimum. My elbow is fine and the quality of my game has increased significantly. Indeed, this is the kind of string that gives you the confidence to try all kinds of shots. Outstanding with drop shots and backhand slices. Bottom line, it does everything well. I agree, this is a different category of a string.
From: Adrian, Queretaro, Mexico, 11/10
Racquet: Volkl PB 9 WCTT 17L 58/58

Comments: This string gave me the confidence I was searching for months. It plays wonderfully in the crosses with Babolat VS team gut 1.25 in the mains on a Yonex RDiS 300 racquet. Great for tennis elbow.
From: Vlady, Paris, France, 10/10

Comments: I have played already with Babolat Pro Hurricane, Pro Hurricane Tour, Topspin Cyber Flash, Signum Pro Tornado, Luxilon BB Ace, Timo, XP, Alu Power Rough and based on advice from stringer of Czech Davis Cup team (Radek Stepanek, Tomas Berdych,...) Richard Sodek I have decided to give a chance to weisscannon strings. Finally, I have decided for combination of Weisscannon Turbotwist 18 and weisscannon explosive! Guys, Mr. Weiss, owner and engineer of his brand is just genius!!! Such a combination of feel, spin and power!! How the hell is it possible? It bite the ball with such as ease and then plays flat balls and slices with comfort of multifilament! When I have tested it for the first time I have been comparing it to signum pro tornado (with the same crosses). Even the sound coming out of the stringbed was so different, and power and feel confirm that. This string is just amazing and anyone who likes sweet feel when the ball hits the stringbed should definitely try this beauty. Weisscannon strings are definitely undervalued comparing to Luxilon. At least for me, they are at completely different class.
From: Vladimir, Puchov, Slovakia (formerly part of Czechoslovakia). 5/10
Racquet: Head Flexpoint Radical MP, 56/54 lbs

Comments: For the past few weeks, I've been testing a few poly strings for I want to add more power and spin to my game. Out of the few strings that I've tested, such as Tecnifibre Black Code 17, Lux TiMo 17L, and MSV Focus Hex 1.18, Weiss Cannon Turbotwist 17L was the best. It gave me lots of spin, power and feel. Also, stringing it wasn't that difficult. Thus far, this string is on top of my list.
From: Hoang, Seattle, WA. 4/10

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