Weiss CANNON TurboTwist 17 (1.24) String Customer feedback

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Comments: Good strings in a hybrid with Volkl Power Fiber II. They lasted about two weeks (16 hours) and I got what I was looking for: power, control, soft on the arm and durability. I recommend! Weiss Cannon TurboTwist in the mains at 50 lbs and PF in the crosses at 52 lbs on my Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid.
From: Chris, 9/11

Comments: Spin, pop, comfort, control and feel were all excellent for the first 45 minutes. After an hour or so they started to die out on me. I snapped them in 3 hours. I love this string and would consider using it for matches.
From: Atticus, Denver, CO, USA, 4/11
NTRP Ranking: 5.0

Comments: This is a great string, a real workhorse. I have it strung on one of my racquets at 62lbs and with my other racquet I experiment with many different strings. During a match I usually find myself going back to the racquet strung with Turbo twist. It has good spin, great control and feel and is very durable and maintains its tension very well. The 17g does not have quite the spin of the 18g but it retains its tension better. This string is different than most polys in that you string this string at the tension you would a gut or a multi otherwise it will be too powerful.
From: John, Riverside, CA, USA, 01/11

Comments: This string is way too powerful for serious topspin players. For people who don't use topspin or beginners, it's a fine string.
From: Peter, USA, 10/10
String Type and tension: Gamma Zo Power 62 pounds, 4.5 player
NTRP Ranking: 4.5 player

Comments: Strings up easily despite strong recoil memory. Only mild playing it in a Head Microgel Extreme Pro and Prince Ozone Tour Pro. Very good string for control and spin. Durability is off the charts. Have been unable to destroy the string in over two months of play. Tension loss is mild over 6-8 weeks, but I will restring after that period to bring that great level of control back to top form. Strung at 60 and 62 lbs. For this type of string it is remarkably easy on the arm as well, even strung at 60+. An added bonus, if you hate strings that move around after every shot, this string will put an end to those worries and bothers. Not to mention that it appears to be impossible to break. This is my string of preference and the one I recommend to solid players. $12-13 cost is worth every penny.
From: Roger, Colorado Springs, CO, USA, 09/10

Comments: Finally, my search for the perfect string is over. I've tried too many to list. This is high quality stuff. Tons of spin, not too much power, and good control...high spin to me means a little loss of pinpoint control, at least until you get your tension right and play with the string for a while to dial it in. It has more durability that any high spin rate string out there.
From: Mike, Warner Robins, GA, USA, 08/10

Comments: We have professional stringers workshop here in Macedonia and sell high quality strings only, we already tested so many strings Babolat Hurricane, Pro hurricane, Top Spin, Luxilon, Tecnifibre etc, I must admit that recent product in Weiss Cannon line Turbo Twist is something completely different, With this string you get longevity, playability and stringbed stiffness it's simply awesome. I recommend it to all player who break their string regularly and need more durability, once the stringer put this string in action there is no more question about when is time to change string. 3-4 months and beyond is minimum time for club player's, they can use this string long long time. There is no other string that can beat this beast.
From: Igor, Macedonia, 08/10
Sokolovski Ersa Mrt stringer, PTR ITF coach level 2

Comments: This is awesome string! I think this is the best synthetic string I have used next to Pacific X Force 18. It has lots of control, lots of spin, and great slice control. I give this string a 9.5 on a scale of 1-10. I have a BLX tour 18x20 weighted at 13 ounces, previous strings I have used in this racquet Pacific X Force 18, Tecnifibre Black 17, Wilson Enduro pro 18 & 17, Klip lightning 17, Luxilon Adrenaline 17, Luxilon Timo 18, Solinco 17, and Weiss silver string 18. This string is the best value for the money; try it you won't be disappointed! It lives up to all the hype. Strung 54 mains, 52 crosses Babolat Star 5.
From: Christopher C, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. 05/10

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