Kirschbaum Touch Turbo 17 330 Reel (1.25) Customer feedback

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Comments: I love this string. I have been using it for two years. Nice feel, spin potential and it never moves around. The power is moderate but no bad. It takes long time to break. I recommend to any player 4.0 and plus.
From: alex, canada. 7/08

Comments: This string has been the best I've ever used. It has amazing durability, great control, good power and spin. I first used the 16g at 62lbs in my old nSix-two, and was more than happy with its performance. Now, in my nBlade I am using the 17g at 57 lbs to compensate for the tighter string pattern, I'm getting near identical performance, the epitome of excellence. Plus, the orange color is pretty sweet too.
From: DJ, Kirkwood, NY, USA. 6/08

Comments: Strung my Price Graphite Classic Mid. with the 17 GA version and broke the main within first 10 minutes of hitting. This might have been a fluke just as one of the previous comments indicated. Maybe it was the open pattern of the PGC, maybe my hitting since I like to take a big swings at the ball (6'4" and 200lbs). Reading and listening a lot about these strings over the last few years I was under the impression that the durability was much better. Nevertheless it was a great feel and lot of power while it lasted.
From: Bob, Costa Mesa, CA, USA. 11/07

Comments: This is the softest playing poly I�ve played with and I�ve tried them all. It�s softer than Luxilon ALU Power and more like Monotec Supersense. The durability is great and tension maintenance is OK - better than the 17 and 17L versions. Not as comfortable as most synthetics, but more so than the majority of polys.
From: Steve, Orlando, FL, USA. 2/07

Comments: This is a great string! I played for about 3 hours today for the first time with them and won both matches! They have really nice feel and great control. I think they even add a bit of power to my game! I would definitely recommend this string to anyone looking for more control.
From: Aaron, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA. 2/04

Comments: I've been playing with Luxilon Big Banger for the last 2 years, but I wasn�t satisfied with it, because of its lack of feel. So I've tried the Touch Turbo and one thing is sure. I will play with this one from now and for the next decade. It has everything a player can ask for. It�s powerful (even more than the Big Banger), but it gives you all the control that you need to play the kind of tennis you want to play. From the baseline or at the net, the feeling is the same. You can do what you want. The greatest string ever made is born. It�s cheaper and better than all the others in its category.
From: Chris, Paris, France. 1/04

Comments: I just switched from Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power and can't say enough good things about this string. It has all the positive qualities of the Luxilon, i.e. power, control and durability, and vastly surpasses the Luxilon in the areas of spin potential, comfort and feel. Also, it is much cheaper, to boot. I have played at least 10 matches with two Head Liquid Metal 4 racquets strung at 59lbs and they still play the same as day one. Plus, the strings show no wear, amazing.
From: Matt, Gurley, AL, USA. 1/04

Comments: I have tried every Luxilon and most of the polyester strings and I would have to say that this is the best string I have ever used. It is powerful yet control oriented. It is much easier on the arm than other similar strings. I'm sticking with this one.
From: Danny, Pacific, USA. 9/03

Comments: I have tried well over 20 different types of string, and this is by far the worst string I have ever tried. Absolutely no feel or control at all. The instant you make contact with the ball it sends the ball spraying all over the court. If you like polyester strings, stick with Super Smash Honey, at least it has some feel.
From: Phil, Cleveland, Ohio, 7/03

Comments: Great strings, nice feel, power, and durability. I play with a Wilson 5.3, Midplus or Head Heat, Midplus generally strung at 63lbs. But, I string these racquets at 56lbs and 55lbs using Turbo, respectively. Because of coil memory, it takes more time to string a racquet, but the performance of the strings justify the extra few minutes.
From: Ray, Rockville, Maryland, USA. 7/03

Comments: I just started using the Touch Turbo string and I can say it was a tremendous choice. The Touch Turbo provides more power for my Dunlop 300G. It has a much livelier feel and provides excellent spin for various strokes. The string has a surprisingly soft feel to it as well. I've gotten 6 hours of hard hitting tennis out of it already and it is playing as well as it did in the first 30 minutes. The Strings have barely moved. Without question, this is Kirschbaum's best string for playability and power. I've used Head's Intellitour 17 gauge and the Gamma Live Wire. This string is clearly superior and costs much less as well. For the money, you can't do any better.
From: Tom, East Fallowfield, PA, USA. 6/03

Comments: I have the Dunlop 300G and have used just about every string out there from Bablot VS Team to NXT Tour nothing compares to Touch Turbo it has the best power, control and feel. Plus, the strings don't move at all! It has so much bite for spin. I got 15 hours out of my first set strung at 63 pounds when it broke it played like the first hour I installed it. I feel like this string is better than natural Gut.
From: Frank, Chattanooga, TN, USA. 6/03

Comments: I have played for about a week with this string and love it. I get good control and feel, power is moderate and the durability is excellent. The strings are still in good condition with only slight notching on the mains. Even though I hit with heavy topspin on my groundstrokes, these strings do not move at all. Touch Turbo may just become my new favorite.
From: Pikey, CA, USA. 6/03

Comments: After an hour and a half of hitting, I loved this string, as good as my first impressions of TiMo, yet different because I have already played with TiMo. Turbo has the control of TiMo, without the stiffness (felt amazingly soft), had more power, basically same spin potential. The "softness" felt a lot like Lux Supersense, but without the "springiness" and lack of control I felt, a nice soft /muted feel, yet excellent control and very nice power level for me. I felt I could really hit out like with TiMo, which I really like. I could not consistently play with TiMo (even hybrid) because it just eventually hurt my arm. This is only one hit, but arm felt very good after the session, and I did string an all Touch Turbo job. I use a Yonex 1500, strung the TT at 60 mains, and 57 crosses. From my first hit I would recommend that Poly/Lux lovers really give this string a try, one of best I have hit with. After playing 4 sets of dubs, I have to say this Touch Turbo stuff has me impressed. I'm getting ready for our last 4.5 USTA match this weekend, we win we go to sectionals, we lose we don't go. Anyway, the more I play with this string the more impressed I am. Its got spin, nice power level, control, comfort and feel. Strings don't move, maybe I just had a good day and I would have played well with anything, but at this time these strings rock. Definitely all around better than TiMo in my opinion.
From: Drak. 6/03

Comments: I got about 14 hours out of my first set, I broke a string on a very hard hit at the top of the racquet. The string broke in the grommet at the curve. I think this was a fluke because the strings have no wear at all and still don't move, at the moment that it broke they felt just as powerful and controlable as the first moment I installed them! I would swear that the sweet spot is better and much bigger now with this string than any other I have used in my Dunlop 300G. I have used these strings at leastst two times each -- Gamma XP16 and 17,Gamma Professional 1SOO Speed ProLaser fibre Supreme, Laserfibre Pro stock, most everything from Tecnifibre, most everything from Prince ect. I know it sounds like I work for this company (for the record I do not!) I just feel that this string is the answer for most Players 4.0 and up,maybe some 3.0 or 3.5 as well when I was at that level I couldent tell the difference.
From: Frank. 6/03

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