Kirschbaum Touch Turbo 16 (1.30) String Customer feedback

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Comments: I've been testing a lot of polys lately and my absolute favorite is this one by a milestone. It has very good power, good spin and the feel is just outstanding. Control is very good too as I was able to get the ball in areas where even fast opponents couldn't reach. I'm a very aggressive player and a hard hitter and this string was perfect. I don't play very heavy topspin but these strings were giving me enough to keep the ball in on longer and faster swings. The only real problem is that they lose tension ver very very quickly. But even after losing tension they play amazingly. Btw I use a Wilson BLX Pro Open strung these at 56 lbs and hit a one hand backhand.
From: Abdul, 4/14

Comments: This is the best string I've tried so far (out of about 20 different ones). It has the best combination of playability, power, and durability. It feels great when you hit the ball, has very good spin potential, is easy on my arm, and lasts a long time. I also used to like Luxilon Big Banger. It was a bit stiffer and perhaps allowed a bit more spin. However, my arm couldn't take the shock from those strings. Other strings I've tried that come to mind: Gamma: TNT, Live Wire, Marathon, Infinity, Rough, Polyextra, Syn. Gut (with and w/o wear guard), Zo (about every type), and a few others I can't remember; Wilson: NXT and a few others; Kirschbaum: Super Smash Honey and Spiky; Prince: Topspin, Syn. Gut, and a few others. I can't remember any others right now, but I've tried just about every poly string out there because my kids and I break strings in less than a weak with anything else. We string our own, but it's still a pain when you do it every week.
From: Paul, Knoxville, TN. 9/09

Comments: Yeah I agree with you guys... this turbo touch string helps improve my game and keep on winning.
From: Julacs, Riyadh, KSA 08/09

Comments: Ok let me explain as best as I can. I play with lots of topspin on both sides. And I usually play at a high tension on my racquet (around 62-65lbs ). These strings are no good for heavy topspin players because I think it is too soft for polyester. Although is has lots of power, my shots that are usually 3-4 ft inside the base line, are going right at the line barely. Even at 62lbs, these strings feels too soft. I guess that is good for 80% flat hitters. Talking about reducing the tension by 4-8lbs, I think you should increase the tension by 4 lbs. I will stick with the Pro Hurricane Tour for now till I find something better. Hope this helps
From: Le, Atlanta, GA 06/09

Comments: I use the head flexpoint prestige mid with the touch turbo 1.25 and its pretty good. I would compare it to Luxilon big banger alu power except with a softer feel. It has decent power and pretty good spin. I think the spin is due to how fast it loses tension. Even though it loses tension I think the touch turbo strung lower is a good idea because then you get the spin right away. The draw back to that is before it breaks (which is about every 1-2 times every 1 and a half) the tension is even lower than if you strung it higher. Over all its a good string but if you like a firm stiff poly string that offers good bite then I would definitely go with Luxilon big banger alu power rough.
From: Mooney, Oneonta, NY, USA, 07/08

Comments: The best string I've ever played with! I love this string! Believe it or not, this string improved my game so much! It has perfectly balanced spin, control and power, everything a player needs! Although I'm not that hard a hitter, I believe the other comments on how durable it is. The best part is, the strings stay in place and never, EVER MOVE!! No wonder so many pros use Kirschbaum strings.
From: Mark, TX, USA. 2/07

Comments:All has plenty of bite for a 16-gauge string. It's also quite durable. I use the Head prestige tour, which has an 18x20-string pattern and was very impressed. Good power, good control and barely lost any tension after the first day or 2. I'd buy it again!
From: Bill, Tallahassee, FL, USA

Comments: Excellent power, playability, durability & spin in a thick 16 gauge (diameter does not decrease much from tensioning), would recommend tensioning a little less than normal in the 130. Feels good, but not great like a higher end multi, arm suffers a little. Would probably recommend the 1.25.
From: Dudley, NJ, USA. 12/03

Comments:I just switched to Touch Turbo 2 months ago and it does feel a lot smoother/softer than the Super Smash Honey which I used for the last 2 years. Kudos to Kirschbaum
From: Boris, Seattle, WA, USA. 12/03

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