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Comments: Wow, what do I agree with other about this machine? Well, the consensus is correct about the sensitivity of the height adjustment control. This is also an affordable choice because the better and higher end version of this was just too expensive! I like the compact look and the mobility on this Tennis Tutor as opposed to a Lobster which reminds me that I have to blow my lawn because it looks like a leaf blower. Nevertheless, this machine can use some serious upgrades. Please consider the recommendations made by users to greatly improved this and other products. I would like to suggest that this Cube machine be equipped with a remote control that will adjustment the height, speed, spin and rate of feed. I know it can be done and all of this for roughly the same $600-700 price range. You will sell more units and provide a better service thus increase your profit.
From: Stan, 9/16

Comments: Very disappointing product. If you're looking for a reliable machine that can help you develop your strokes, look further. It's worth the additional $600 to get a decent machine. As other reviews of this machine have commented, adjusting the angle of the ball out of the machine is annoyingly difficult. Combine that with very little power and you find yourself frustrated with how much time you will have to spend just setting this machine up so you can get a few decent shots to hit. And that only compounds the main problem with this machine -- consistency. You will only get a few decent shots to hit out of a whole batch of balls. If you want a machine to give you a consistent ball to hit, you won't get it with this one. A combination of low power and small wheels will give you drastically different feeds. On one shot you will get a moonball two feet past the baseline, the next will be a three bouncer that just barely makes it to the line. The lack of power is very frustrating, because even on the highest speed you will have to angle it so that you are hitting moonballs if you want to catch a shot in only one bounce. The result is you will find yourself hitting unrealistic balls that will mostly float and die by the time you take a swing at them. Try to adjust the angle for a more realistic flight path and bounce, and you will end up with two or three bouncers and half the feeds hitting the net. I can't even imagine hitting off of the lower speeds. That dial is completely useless. This machine can't hit through the court on its highest speed. The flaps on the top are extremely weak. In the first day of hitting (less than 200 balls) I managed to catch one with a backhand and it broke clean off. The oscillator is the best feature, but there's no markings that help you make sure it is lined up. This isn't a problem, but it is just another thing that makes setting it up unnecessarily difficult. I had high hopes for this product, but ultimately I wish I would have just spent the extra money on its big brother. I'll continue to use it to work on my volleys, but it's next to useless for developing groundstrokes.
From: Chris, 10/14

Comments: Just a complete and total disappointment. The machine regularly got jammed, hardly threw as fast/hard as it stated, and the elevation control was laughable at best (just a screw and dial). If you're considering this machine, do yourself a favor and save your money, then get something else. I wish I had.
From: Derek, 7/13

Comments: My first ball machine, I thought the height adjustment was sensitive. Good for beginnings to intermediate, good to use this to practice groundstrokes, and volleys... haven't tried overheads yet. I would recommend to people who don't have someone to hit with and just needs to hit.
From: Anon, 02/11

Comments: This is my first ball machine. IT works well for me! The height adjustment is very sensitive but once you get used to it, a very economical and good machine. Easy to carry and store!
From: SHAY, Homeland, CA, USA, 12/10

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