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Comments: I too am having an issue with the oscillator turning on. It still does but I have to hit 'on' at least ten times before it works. So once I get it turned on, I'm afraid to turn it off. This means the battery runs down much quicker because I keep it on while gathering balls. I suppose I should make sure to turn the speeds all the way down while gathering. Not sure how much difference that will make though. Also the back flap quickly was ripped off by a ball. I would imagine that must happen with everyone. For now I replaced it with cardboard and duct tape, which works. Despite these issues it has still been pretty good. I've had it over a year and probably used it 40 or 50 times at least and it still works. Has been great to practice things I'd hate to subject another person to. I suppose one other issue is that there is a random variation in the degree of spin on the ball. Sometimes it comes out flat, sometimes with considerable backspin and you have to have good eyesight as opposed to watching an opponent's swing if you want to hit a decent shot on a ball that is still on the rise. Not a big deal though in my opinion. It would be nice if it shot them out with topspin. Was thinking maybe if I had the ball immediately hit the ground when it came out, I could get some topspin that way.
From: Jay, 12/15

Comments: I have been using the Tennis Cube ball machine since early 2012. I initially had issue with the charger not being able to recharge. Once I had a replacement this issue went away. After a few months, the oscillator sometimes cannot start, but again, when a motherboard was replaced, this issue also went away. On an operational basis, I haven't had much issue except for the occasional jamming caused by damp balls. With a trusty screwdriver, one can easily removed the jammed balls. My only real complain is really that it is not easy to set the elevation as compared to the Tennis Twister. One also has to synchronise the frequency of balls and the speed to minimise jamming.
From: CCH4Tennis, 12/12

Comments: I would not recommend this machine. The first time I used it, the balls began shooting out at high rates of speed, without me even pressing "start", causing several injuries to myself.
From: Arthur, 9/12

Comments: I would like to know the basic "wear expectancy" of this basic tennis ball machine, if well maintained, verses others…I would appreciate your guidance since they are expensive. Thanks so much.
From: Mary, Kennett Square, PA, USA, 02/11
(Mary, please write into or call our friendly customer service agents at 1-800-883-6647 in order to get a detailed response to your question.--TW Staff)

Comments: This ball machine is worth the money. It really got my kids off the sofa and playing outside. easy to set up and slick design looks great in the garage. does not clutter the garage at all.
From: Bill Danskie, Port Hill, New Mexico, USA. 06/10

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