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Comments: I purchased the Tennis Tutor Plus Player back in May from Tennis Warehouse, and I am extremely pleased with it. I have tried other ball machines over the years, but this is by far the best one out there. I have wanted to try switching from a one-handed to two-handed backhand for a while now, and using this machine has made that possible. I now have a crisp two-handed backhand (with serious topspin!), and I have to give most of the credit to this machine. Seriously, this machine is great for any drill you want to practice (ground strokes, net volleys, lob smashes, whatever), and it is also great for an overall aerobic workout. (Actually, this thing can run your butt off if you want it to! The two-line wide mode is great for practicing running down wide balls and trying to crack them back cross court.) The simulated "player" modes are also fantastic, much better than I expected, and they really add variety and a real challenge--definitely worth the extra bucks. I was not sure that I really needed the 2-button remote, but it is also definitely worth the extra bucks. Lets you start and stop the ball feeds, and also allows you to stop the oscillation and "freeze" the machine wherever you want in the middle of a drill, like if you want/need extra forehands or backhands, etc. The remote is smaller and lighter than I expected, so it is okay in my short's pocket during a workout. Of course, this machine is not a "perfect" machine (none of them are), and I would maybe like to see added precision in the elevation control, like if it had a number gauge like the speed control rather than the ten-step led display, but this is still hands-down better than the other machines out there. Great machine, well made, rugged construction, well designed. Very pleased!
From: Michael, 8/11

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