Tourna Tac Overgrip XL 30 Grip Reel Pink Customer feedback

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Comments: To update my comment - the grip is not bad at all, but comparable quality and durable tac grips are available with a more friendly and practical design. Just trying to be constructive and suggest tapering and better wrapping and finishing tape.
From: Anon, 4/13

Comments: As much as I want to support American made products, it is difficult to choose this grip among the competition. Tourna demonstrates what resting in the laurels means by not making the effort to taper the grips like everyone else. It is difficult to tear the plastic to access the first grip without scratching and tearing the grip. The finishing tape is only accessible through the very corner to peel and that can test your patience between games. I rather pay a few more bucks and use Yonex Super Grap. Tourna Original grip shares all those flaws plus it peels from the very first few stokes. Not durable at all. It is absorbent all right, but so is a towel.
From: Eric, 4/13

Comments: I really like the feel of this grip in my hand. It feels dry no matter how sweaty my hands are. I can play the whole set without having to switch racquets like I used to because of the sweaty grip. Prior to using this grip, I broke two of my racquets (Wilson K6.1 Tour 90) because they flew out of my hand while I was serving. Now with this grip, I don't have to worry about that problem any more. This grip is cheap too when I buy 30 packs.
From: David, 10/11

Comments: Great tack, decent absorption. I would recommend these overgrips to anyone in any climate (despite being marketed as only for cooler climates). Go Vika! (This conclusive comment may seem somewhat random, but Vika is on the packaging and she uses these grips).
From: Patrick, Charlotte, NC, USA, 03/11

Comments: This is the best grip ever. Good feel and durable. I will continue using this grip for long, long time. This is the grip of my tennis life. Good product, excellent price
From: Mauro, Dolores, Hidalgo, GTO, MEXICO, 02/11

Comments: The first 3-4 hours of play has a great feel and great tackiness, but it goes away quickly and it's getting slippery. Not very durable and I'm a disappointed. This overgrip is like a thicker version of the Wilson Pro Overgrip.
From: Albert, Montreal, Qc, Canada. 6/09

Comments: I seriously have used every grip out there; if you play somewhere that isn't too hot or you play inside or your hands just don't sweat-then this grip will treat you right. It is soft and tacky yet it absorbs a moderate amount of sweat-not like the regular Tourna Grip though. The white tacky Tourna is actually a little softer than the tacky O.G. color of blue-purple (like on Sampras racket), and it lasts longer. I will continue using this grip indoors and as long as the temperature stays moderately cool, but once the warmer weather comes around I will switch back to the O.G. Tourna Grip or the Babolat VS Grip, which are both the most sweat absorbing grips I have tried.
From: Joplin, Longview, WA U.S.A. 2/09

Comments: Great the tacky feeling!
From: Mario, Chicago, Illinois. 1/09

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