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Comments: What would otherwise be a great product, it got off to a rather lousy start. Seems that no one put much thought into the ball feed mechanism. It is great for exercise though, turn on machine, run to other side of net, shuffle back and forth, wait, shuffle some more, run back to machine, rearrange the balls, return to aforementioned spot, shuffle, hit a couple of balls, wait, shuffle, run back to machine. Seriously, you can expect to do this an average of 12.2 times per full load of balls. The balls jam against each other and the side of the bin, bringing a $2,000 investment (with the balls of course) to a complete stop. And here's the truly ridiculous thing. My 13 year old son and I fixed the jamming problem in under five minutes. Let that sink in. A 13 year old solved a problem that all the paid professionals available to the Tennis Tower makers could not come up with. And they know it is a problem; it shows up in their manual as a "work around". As in (paraphrased) "if the machine does not feed balls, restack them so that they do not jam." Not the intelligent design you would expect from a machine costing this much. So, after the fix the jamming problem has been solved. The sides of the ball bin could still be redesigned so that they direct the balls to the feeder -- but at least we have reduced the return trips to the machine to rearrange balls down to 2.7 times per load. My 11 year old is working on that solution.
From: Stephan, 7/16

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