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Comments: I have owned three Tennis Tutor ball machines -- a Model 2 Plus, a Model 3, and a Model 4. To me, the Model 3 is the best of them because it has what I want without costing more that necessary. The plus machines (with spin control) are simply too cumbersome. If I had a private court or could leave the machine wherever I played, I'd want one again, but lugging it in and out of my car is just too much hassle (since it doesn't really fit in my car, I have to fold down the back seats). The two-line function of the Model 4 is great for what it's advertised to do - feed balls to two lines of people. If I were a coach feeding balls all day, it would be great. But keep in mind that it doesn't hurt to have the two-line feature, since you can have it randomly oscillate or turn off the oscillation altogether. Here's what I like about the Model 3: 1) Heavy duty battery. Trust me, your arm will not outlast the battery, and it doesn't matter if you're 16 years old. Six hours is a long, long time. 2) Remote control. I cannot overemphasize how useful the remote is. I think it's almost mandatory for any ball machine. It's great to be able to stop the oscillation at any point to work on one stroke, or to stop the feed to change a setting (e.g., ball speed, feed rate, pitch elevation) or to pick up balls around you so you don't step on one. Another "pro" (and this applies to all Tennis Tutor ball machines) is that the company is just fabulous to work with. Everyone I've dealt with (James, Ben, and Peter, so far) have been just the greatest people you could hope to work with. They're honest, don't try to sell you things you don't need, super helpful, completely fair, just terrific in every way. Also worth noting, the machines are brilliant in their design, in part because they are so simple to work on. I think 90% of the machine can be disassembled with two allen wrenches, a Philips screwdriver, and two sockets. Smart.
From: Dan, 12/12

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