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Comments: I've owned this model since 1992, used it extensively for group lesson/drills as well as a training machine for myself. It's very portable and extremely sturdy and reliable. Customer service at Sports Tutor is second to none. As one other person posted, they will even send stuff to you free if possible. Great people and a great machine. I did upgrade to another machine back in 2006 that has the throwing wheels that are vertically stacked (thereby allowing you to achieve topspin/backspin) as opposed to horizontal side by side configuration that my $995 Sports Tutor machine features. Lastly, if you are a DIY'er, the case is easy to open and all internal components are easy to access, adjust, fix or replace. Great job Sports Tutor and thanks for actually caring about your customers. (unlike another well known ball machine company that I wont mention!)
From: John, 4/16

Comments: Quality machine and great customer support. Owned for 4 years and I use it about 1-2times a week. Had several minor cosmetic service issues which were resolved is one phone call and parts sent without charge even after warranty expired. Only maintenance required is internal cleaning and throwing wheel sanding about 2-3 times a year. Still have the original battery and never had a problem with the controls or machine functionality. A little bit on the heavy side if you have to carry it up steps to the court if not the handle and wheels work well on flat surfaces.
From: Jeff, 7/14

Comments: I really love this machine. Do me a favor, hit 50 forehands cross court and down the line, do the same with your backhand. Do the same on a slice, then hit a 100 volleys (split between your backhand a forehand) and you will notice a difference in your game the next time you play. This will help your timing on balls, making sure you are getting good extension on your swing, and repetition is a great thing!
From: Will, 8/11

Comments: I have owned a Tennis Tutor Ball Machine since 1994. In the beginning, I had some problems with the throwing arms, the company immediately sent me some replacement throwing arms. I agree this Tennis Tutor is a great machine to have and use. My game has really improved after I started using the machine on a regular basis.
From: John, Voerendaal, The Netherlands, 10/10

Comments: Great machine -- very portable, and gives you a good workout of all strokes. The company, Sports Tutor, is great too. After two and a half years, a part broke and I called for help. Though my warranty had expired, they sent me the part and instructions for installing it -- at no charge.
From: Jeff, Spotsylvania, VA, USA. 06/09

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