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Comments: I used this in two hybrids in a 2015 Wilson Blade 16x19 with VS Touch Gut 16 in the mains at 51 lbs and Quasi Gut Armor crosses at 53 lbs, and Quasi Gut Armor in the mains at 51 lbs and Tourna BH Black Zone 16 in the crosses at 45 lbs. This string has a wax-like texture and is very soft in feel (as in to the touch, not in playing). Easy to work with while stringing except for when running cross string on a smooth poly like Black Zone. It seemed to stick to the crosses requiring some manipulation of the cross string to straighten them out. Both hybrid setups lasted approximately 7- 8 hours before the Quasi Gut Armor broke. I am a 4.5 player and hit hard with above average topspin and slice, but also hit flat when necessary. Both hybrid setups played soft, with control, much more power than a full poly setup, and above average spin. The Quasi Gut Armor/Black Zone setup seemed to have better control and more spin, although both really worked well. Both setups were very comfortable and soft. Quasi Gut Armor is not going to last long, whether hitting spin or flat because of it's super soft texture. At approximately 3-4 hours of hitting I noticed the string began to flatten out (bruise) where it crossed the opposing string. More like mashed down than serrated. Still got 3-4 more hours of playing. If you need a soft string and string your own racquets, this is a solid choice. Otherwise it is not going to be cost effective. I wanted to try them to compare with other Tourna multis. Tourna Quasi Gut Armor lasts the least when compared to Quasi Gut and Irradiated strings.
From: Vascao, 11/16

Comments: Really enjoyed these strings. I developed fairly severe tennis elbow so have been looking for arm friendly strings. These are soft, yet crisp unlike natural gut which is very muted. They generate good power and decent spin. Downside is that they move a lot and I tend to break then after 6-10 hours of playing. Anyone know strings similar to these and won't move?
From: Mike, 10/16

Comments: Playing with this string in a Volkl Organix 4 -- I play with multis and this is hands down the best multi I have ever played with. It is an "internal hybrid" and another great product from Tourna. I was looking for a multi that holds it tension well, and is not as powerful as X-One Biphase, more of a control oriented multi. This strong offers a very comfortable feel, loads of touch and controllable power. This is a performance string, not just for people with sore arms from playing polys - - best multi I have ever played, love this string!
From: Rich, 9/14

Comments: I've been playing with Wilson NXT 17 gauge for about a year now, mainly because of elbow issues. I heard about this string, saw it's half the price of NXT and decided to give it a try. It's slightly more comfortable than the Wilson string, plays quite well, and seems to be holding tension well, too. Not sure about durability yet. The increased comfort is probably worth any durability or playability issues, though.
From: Andy, 4/14

Comments: Very good string but it is so soft you can't even feel the ball on the strings. If you have any type of arm problems hands down the best string for comfort. I liked it a lot power was good no problem with spin and serves had some nice pop. I can see 17G will not last that long for big spin hitters. I am going to try the 16G to see if it hold up any better. I would say if you are dealing with arm issues and want a cheaper string then other brands buy it.
From: Rocky, 2/14

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